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To Never Grow Up

A child was born in the world today
who should grow up loved and always be happy
That child was born with a disease called aids
that will haunt her for life though short it may be 

Her life will be hard her friends will be few
and prejudice she will know all to well
This disease called aids is no longer new
but the fear of its wrath surrounds her life still

She is shown all to soon a world hateful and cold
at an age when her life should be starting
To know so much pain and yet still be so bold
when to soon from this world she'll be parting

She tries to go on with the love she is shown
always there with a smile on her face
Still even now that the child has grown
her heart though so full has an empty space

She longs to grow up in this world so unkind
though she is aware this will never be true
Yet in her sleep she can always find
a life without torment her dreams let her view

As years they go by and the little girl has passed
 so sadly she has taken her very last breath
Bound to never grow up taken away to fast
she has finally found peace in the form of her death

Author: Sharon Schafer
For Eliana
©  Copyright

Most of us never even consider the impact AIDS can have on a life, because it does not directly touch us. AIDS entered and deeply touched my life in the form of a friend I met on the internet.

A courageous woman who adopted a baby who was left to die alone and unloved in a hospital in Puerto Rico. Rosa's story begins in July of 1982 and does not end even after her daughter's death. Through a book called "Shadows and Sunshine" Rosa will tell the story of fighting for the rights of her daughter, Eliana, and the legal battle that finally allowed Eliana to attend school even for a short time. 

A lot of people still consider AIDS to be a "Disease sent from god to punish the gay people". Ignorance breeds fear and runs wild in the minds of a lot of people when it comes to this deadly disease that knows no boundaries.  Children are the most innocent victims of this disease.  Born to parents who are infected with AIDS, hemophiliacs, blood transfusions and much more, they suffer in a world of prejudice and a lack of accurate knowledge. 

God sent Rosa directly to Eliana because he knew that none would love her and care for her as much as Rosa could. Please take the time to visit Rosa's web site which is a beautiful tribute to Eliana and has parts of the story she is telling in her book. Shadows And Sunshine

I have yet to visit the site and not have my heart go out to Rosa and her family and to see how truly  blessed Eliana was to be part of their world. (Just a friendly tip~bring tissues)

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