Sadly, many people no longer feel the need to have their September 11th tribute pages active. While checking links to be sure what is and is not working, I discovered many webrings were no longer working and many of the sites in the ones that are still active, were no longer working. I have chosen not to send people to broken links and have removed all of the
webrings for September 11th from my site as well as any links that are no longer working.

That was a few years ago. Today, November 24, 2011, Thanksgiving day <G> I am checking links again and even more
sad is the fact that there are only two, of the original 20 pages, left. I will be doing a search to see if I can get more on
this list of links. I hope American isn't forgetting.

A Prayer
For America
A National
September 11th

911 Memorial
America Attacked
September 11, 2001
In Remembrance
911 Families For A Safe And Strong

Around The World
911 Memorials
World Memorial

Today is May 15, 2014 and I am happy to report that ALL of the links I have had on this page since 2011, are still valid, working links.

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