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Name:      Sharon 
Birthday: December 13, 1963 was a Friday.
Eyes:        Blue
Hair:          Brownish blonde
Height:     5' 4"
Weight:    Moving right along to the next bit of information <G>

I've been married to Marc since July 15, 1995. We have one son named Michael, who we are very proud of. He turned 30 this year, 2011.

Sadly, we lost our last two pets in the year 2014. We made the decision that we will no longer be getting any more pets. We miss having a pet, but we will get fish!

I'm screaming at the top of my voice...WHAT'S GOING ON??????

Give me my computer and a page needing to be built and I am happy. I prefer to be by myself, so if you see me in a theater, don't come sit by me. I am content with my small buttered popcorn and my large Coke with a lot of ice in it. I don't like to talk to strangers on planes. I like my quiet time alone, I love a hot bubble bath. I do not like rain, but, like to go outside after it rains. What can top that "after the rain" smell? I love to dig in the dirt and make things grow. I love to turn off all of the lights in the house at night, except the fish tank light  and watch the fish swim around in the tank. I prefer a nice plant over fresh flowers. I love to take pictures of (almost) every and anything. I love to surf the World Wide Web for fun and interesting sites. I do not like sports on television, NONE OF THEM. I have my religious beliefs and will make you a deal, don't try to convert me and later tonight, I won't poke pins in a VooDoo doll with YOUR name on it...HA!'s a JOKE Ed!!!  (or IS it?)

Today is February 20, 2015 and I decided to update the graphics on this page and to update the information I give. In the past four years life has taken ten of my human family members and four of my furry family members. Life has brought a lot of unexpected illness and heartache into our lives lately and we're ready for that to change. We are told that God will never send us more than we can handle and there's a saying "God must think I'm a badass", well, he REALLY must think I have a family full of badasses because we've been through it and continue to travel through a journey that takes us further into heartache than we have ever been.

I know that we will come out the other side of this journey and we'll all be okay, the final "prize" will be the day we are all together again in a place we call Heaven. To all of those I love who have gone before me: I'LL SEE YOU WHEN I GET THERE!

"And a rock feels no pain...And an island never cries"

Simon & Garfunkle & ME

Here is a little bit about me, things I love, things I hate and some of my favorites...

I really LOVE...

1.   God and Jesus
2.   My son
3.   My father & Mother
4.   My 7 brothers and sisters
5.   My countless nieces and nephews
6.   My In-laws (Hmm??)
7.   Watching my Son succeed
8.   Angels
9.   Working with children
10. Pumpkin pie
11. Peanut butter cookies
12. Waterfalls
13. Fresh off the clothesline sheets on the bed
14. Sleeping with the widow open  on a breezy night
15. The OCEAN :)
16. An ice cold diet cherry  Coke.
17. Sleeping in
18. My TRUE friends on and  off line :)
19. The promise of something better after this life

Things that make me happy:

1.   Hearing a child laugh is  one of the greatest 
2.   Spending an entire day out at the ocean and
      staying in
the water all day with my nephew until
      we can't feel
our legs  <G>
3.   Watching funny movies
4.   Getting cards for any occasion
5.   Doing an internet search for Angels and seeing
site is number one in the search engine  <G>
6.   Writing poems
7.   Working on my web site
8.   Singing along with any of my C.D.s, .But,
with Amy Grant
9.   When I create a graphic that looks FABULOUS
10. A box of Lemon Heads candy brought to me by
      surprise by my nephews
11. Finding a true and lasting friendship on or off line
knowing from the start that is going to be a
      great friendship!


Peach and some greens


I am torn between two movies at this point in time. I love them both equally. "Man On Fire" and "Mystic River


Amy Grant ~ Vince Gill ~ Jewel ~ Billy Joel  ~ Kelly Clarkson ~ Josh Groban ~ Britney Spears ~ Adelle

T.V. Shows

Everybody Loves Raymond ~ Haven ~ Flipping Out
E.R.  ~ Roseanne ~ Dharma & Greg ~ True Blood
Ghost Adventures ~ Army Wives ~ Ghost Hunters ~ The Mentalist ~ 30 Minute Meals ~ Down Home With The Neeleys ~ BIG BANG THEORY


Vin Diesel ~  Liam Neesan ~ Noah Wyle
Bruce Willis ~ Adam Sandler ~ Eriq La Salle ~ Paul Newman ~ Nicholas Cage ~ Al Pacino ~ Haley Joel
Osment ~
Morgan freeman - Jim Parsons


Essence <~~Click to see it!
If you do not know Luzette, you  NEED to <G> She's
the sweetest little ghost you will ever want to meet.

Anything by John Saul or John Grisham, James Patterson

The "Sookie Stackhouse" series of books by
Charlain Harris


Creed ~ The Eagles - Daughtry

I really HATE...

1.   Long car trips
2.   Shopping for food
3.   Large crowds of people
4.   Rudeness
5.   When a child gets hit in public...and worse, the
      parent then
says "Stop your crying or I will
      smack you again."
6.   When ANY child gets hit for ANY reason. Hit your
      child in
  my presence and you'll regret it.
7.   Spinach, peas, greenbeans, cabbage, onions,
      sour cream

8.   Snow on the road
9.   Dog hair on my clothes
10. Those car stereos that you can them blocks
       before you can see
them.  (My son has one of those)
12.  Darkness
13.  Being forced to wake up every day. When every
       day is painful, either physically and or emotionally
it's hard to be excited about putting both feet on the
       floor and getting out of bed.
Things that make me sad:

1.  Hearing a child cry
2.  Seeing a child get hit
3.  Missing my kitty 
4.  Sad endings in a movie
5.  When good friends move away
6.  Writing poems
7.  School yard bullies
8.  Being sick
9.  When I work hard on a graphic and end up
      HATING the way
it looks
10. Fake people
11. Animal abuse
12. Hospitals
13. Funerals
14. Baby graves
15. Graves without flowers
16. Sad songs on the radio
17. A sad movie


7 ~ No reason ~ I just like it! 


Treasure by Gary Chapman
"There's a treasure at the end, of this narrow road that I've been trying to travel and it gives me a purpose for my life. Jesus is my treasure, he's the reason that I am living. And he's gonna be my reason...when I die"


Anything about Gardens. .I love gardening and seeing some of the most beautiful gardens in the world through magazines.


Spaghetti but only if I make it or if my mother makes it ~ Alaskan King Crab legs ~ A really good cheese pizza and more recently, beanless chili dogs.

T.V. Movies

"In The Name Of The Child" Basically almost any true movie.


Drew Barrymore ~ Jenna Elfman ~ Melissa Gilbert ~ Kelly Martin ~ Julianna Marguiles ~ Queen Latifa
Dakota Fanning


Dogs ~ Cats ~ Black Panther ~ Dolphins and whales, My favorite whale is the Balooga.

At our nephews graduation and at Bruneau Canyon.

At my brothers wedding.

That's our son...doing what he does best. Would that be enjoying the view?
Angry birds? Texting?  Gotta love him!


On  vacation with our son...he loves his mama! He's such a good boy!


A little old man and his walking stick...taking some breaks!

"In The Deep"

Thought you had, all the answers to,
rest your heart upon
But something happens don't, see it comin now
 you can't stop yourself

Now you're out there swimmin
In the deep, in the deep

Life keeps tumbling your, heart in circles
'till you, let go
And you shed your pride and you
climb to Heaven, and you throw yourself off

Now you're out there spinnin
In the deep, in the deep, in the deep, in the deep
Now you're out there spinning
Now you're out ther swimming
In the deep, in the deep, in the deep, in the deep

If you want to be given everything...
give everything up.

Bird York