Welcome to my "Child Abuse Prevention Quilt". This is an online quilt made up of squares that people have sent me, I have made for certain pages or I have see on pages giving permission to add their square to pages. If you have a site with pages dedicated to stopping or educating people about child abuse, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I do have a few "musts" in order for a quilt square to be added to this page. You can read them below.

Here are the "musts" in order for your square to be  on this page.  Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Your square MUST be 130 by 130 pixels.

Your page MUST be related to child abuse. That is not to say that your entire SITE  must be related to
      child abuse, however, there must be pages related to child abuse within your site.

Your square MUST and will be linked back to the pages on your site which are related to child abuse.
      Please send the address of the page with your square.

Your site, your ENTIRE site, MUST be family friendly in order for me to use your square and link it
      from my site. This means no nudity or offensive things of that nature.

If you do not have a quilt square for your site, but, would like one, please e-mail me with the address of your site and I will be happy to make one for you and then link it from my site. If you have a square and would like it added to my site, please send me an e-mail with the page your square is on and I will grab it from there and put it on this page.

Again, your site MUST have pages about child abuse on it. ONLY sites with pages about child abuse will be listed on this page. If you have a page about any other kind of abuse, such as spousal abuse, I will be happy to add a link to my LINKS page, that leads to your site as long as it is a family friendly site.

At times I am searching the web and find a page that I would like to link to. If you see a link to your site here, on my child abuses pages, and you would like me to remove it, just send me an e-mail and I will remove it.

You can click on any patch of the child abuse quilt below, to view the page it links to.

Using the navagations below, you can go directly to the page with the names of all of the children on my site or you can
choose a selection from the pages on my child abuse prevention site from the table below or use the buttons at the bottom
to choose my site index and find another section to visit.

Child Abuse Intro
Child Abuse Links 1
It Is A Human Life

7 Steps To Prevention
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Child Abuse Poetry
Child Abuse Songs
Report Abuse
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Child Abuse Quilt