Cru Arepa & Christopher Ameka Kahui
March 20, 2006 - June 18 2006
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On March 26, 2009, Chris and Cru were born prematurely, at 29 weeks. They were two of three babies that should have been born, one did not survive. Born in the National Women's Hospital in Grafton, New Zealand, they spent their first six weeks of life in the Kidz First neonatal intensive care unit.

From the beginning, the staff had concerns and contacted the Department Of Youth And Family Services. Chris and Macsyna King, the parents of the beautiful babies, were not spending enough time with the babies and while that was not considered child abuse, it WAS something to that caused a concern for their well being.  Regular home visits were made and the babies seemed to be healthy and well fed. However, on June 13, Macsyna came home after being away for the night. She  found that both of the babies had injuries and bruising. Their grandfather, William Kahui, had performed CPS on both babies. Police would later say that he grandfather was not the only person in the house at the time the babies were injured. A member of the family said that a young relative had been taking care of the them on the day before they were fatally injured, according to MP John Tamihere. 

Macsyna and Chris took the babies to their family G.P. who immediately put them into the hospital. They didn't take the babies to Middlemore Hospital, which was only a ten minute drive away. They went to McDonald's and then went home. A few hours passed and they finally took the babies to the hospital. It was discovered by doctors that both babies had very serious brain injuries. The babies were sent to Starship Hospital and the staff there notified the police.

Both of the babies had suffered skull fractures from blunt force trauma and Chris also had a broken femur. An Orthopedic specialist said that in order for the femur to have been broken, it would have to bend at a 90 degree angle. It was ruled that this was not an accident. When nurses told Macsyna that her children were going
to need surgery and offered her a bed to sleep in for the night, she made it clear that she didn't care and was going home because she needed to get some sleep. Chris told police that his one year old son was to blame for the injuries to the babies. That claim would be proven false, in court.

The babies were taken off of life support and at 5:00 a.m., on June 18, Cru Kahui died. At 6:45 p.m. on June 18, Christopher Kahui died. Police had began an assault investigation which was immediately changed to a homicide investigation after they died. The bodies of the babies were released back to their family on June 21 and were taken to the Manurewa Marae for a funeral rite known as Tangihanga. They were laid to rest at the Manukau City cemetery on June 24, 2006.

During the time they babies had been in the hospital, police had removed their 12 month old brother, Shane and a six month old cousin, Cayenne from another house in which they had all lived. The children were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries which were the result of neglect. They were malnourished and dirty and though they were set to be returned to their family in September, neither of their parents or what was referred to as the "tight 12" family members, would be their caregivers.

The family was mostly uncooperative in the investigation of the death of the twins. They had agreed to talk to police on June 26, however, they never did. The co- leader of the Mori Party was totally disgusted with the behavior of the this family stating that they seemed more concerned with partying and drinking than coming in to help the police with the investigation. Prime Minister Helen Clark said that it was shocking for a family to hide behind the funeral of these babies while the rest of the country was shocked and disgusted by their deaths. Reports came in that some
gang members made threats towards them for refusing to talk to the police.

On June 27, the police went to their homes and at least four family members, including the mother and aunt of the babies, were escorted to the police station to be questioned.  By July 4, 2006, at least 20 extended family members had been questioned and 90 medical practitioners and staff who had attended the babies. By September, the police said that the family was no longer ignoring their questions, however, a prima facie case was not yet made. On September 17, a newspaper reported that the list of suspects had dwindled down to three and an arrest was  most likely going to be made. Nine days later, police issued a statement saying they knew who was responsible for the deaths of the babies and that other members of the family could still face charges related to their deaths. Macsyne's two half sisters said that Mascyne and her brother Robert had told them the name of the killer and that it was a male. The paternal grandmother said just the opposite, that it had been a female who killed the babies.

In the home where the babies had lived, there were at least nine adults as well. Eight of them were on social welfare of one kind or another. It is estimated that the amounts of money they each received was between $845. and $1,395. depending on their age and their circumstances. Work and Income of New Zealand started an investigation to be sure that these people were actually entitled to the money. In at least two cases, they found fraud. In the two months that the house had been the home of the twins, none of the neighbors even knew they lived there. There were parties every Tuesday and Thursday, the same days that the benefit checks were received. The parties were loud and often resulted in fights. A neighbor said that  one morning at about 3:30, a sixteen year old girl came to their home saying that a man had tried to sexually assault her.

On October 1, 2006, The Sunday Star Times reported that Chris Kahui had been interviewed by the police and he said that if they could not find anyone else to blame for the deaths, he would be the one:

 "I go down for something I didn't do"

On October 26, detectives had gone to several different homes looking for Chris and he was brought in for questioning. At 10:0 0p.m. that same day, police made an announcement that a 21 year old man had been arrested and charged with the murders of the twins. Police said the man would appear in court the next day. At that time, they said no other family members were facing charges. Though on December 31, 2006, The Sunday News reported that an unnamed source had told them that a second arrest was going to be made. It was also stated that four other family members, including Macsyna, were going to be arrested on charges that related to the babies an another child, those charges never came.

Chris Kahui was in the Number One court on October 27 for a two minute long hearing where he was formally charged with the murders of his baby boys. He was asked NOT to plead at that time. Outside of the court house, his lawyer, Lorraine Smith, stated that her client was going to fight the charges. Chris remained in jail until he was let out on bail. 

A second hearing was supposed to happen on March 21. This hearing was intended for his lawyer to be able to read the 60 evidence files that police had collected and so that an expert from Australia could be contacted. That hearing did not take  place because the defense was waiting on the expert from Australian to become available. The date was set again, for June 18 with a brief appearance being set for April 18, a date which was later changed to August 13.

On May 22, 2008, Chris was found not guilty after one hour and 20 minutes of deliberation time. Detective John Tims said that he was very disappointed by the verdict since there was no evidence to support anyone else having committed this crime against these two innocent babies. Chris's lawyer threatened to file a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority over the handling of the prosecution of her client. Macsyna has said that it was right for Chris to be found not guilty in relation to the deaths of her babies. She has also said she will not rest until who or whatever killed her sons, is found. WHO IS SHE TRYING TO KID?

What is sadly disgusting is that someone had gotten away with murdering these two little Angels. Their parents didn't seem to care about them from the beginning of their lives and even when they were told by a doctor to get them to the hospital, they ignored that and went for a burger, not taking the babies for care until they felt good and ready to do so. THAT alone should show authorities that these two people had something to do with their death.

After ignoring their children after they were born and in the hospital and after leaving them alone when they were dying, these two parents had the nerve to show up to the funeral, crying and acting as though their world had just come tumbling down upon them. Where were their tears when their children were just waiting to go to the hospital while they ate McDonald's? Anyone who believes these two people loved those babies, needs to go see a psychiatrist, FAST!

Below are some news articles I found and will put on the page just as they were printed. The articles were found here: Newstalk ZB

Kahui a father again
14/12/2008 11:08:07

Chris Kahui is a father again. Earlier this year he was acquitted the murder in 2006 of his newborn twin sons, Chris and Cru.

Now the 23-year-old has a two-week-old daughter. His lawyer Lorraine Smith says Chris is delighted, and is working closely with CYFS to ensure he does not put a foot wrong.

She says he does not live with his partner and the baby, and says the couple is committed to doing whatever CYFS tells them.

My boys are crying out for justice - Kahui
17/12/2008 13:12:32

Chris Kahui has spoken publicly for the first time since he was acquitted of the murders of his newborn twins in May this year.

He has also revealed photos of his new baby daughter in the article with an Auckland community newspaper.

Mr. Kahui told the East and Bays Courier that he does not know who killed his twins. He also criticizes the police investigation, saying his boys are still crying out for justice. He remembers the time he was arrested, saying he had never been in trouble with the law and felt shocked - like the world was against him.

Mr. Kahui is not allowed to live with his partner and two-week old daughter as CYF is monitoring the situation - but says he hopes one day that will change.

Kahui baby under CYF guidance
27/03/2009 12:16:10

Child Youth and Family has defended the actions it took before Chris Kahui's baby girl was born.

The 24-year-old became a father again in November, just months after being acquitted for the murders of his sons Chris and Cru.

CYF admits interviewing the mother of Chris Kahui's baby while she was in the early stages of labor, after concerns were raised about the well being of the child. Deputy chief executive Ray Smith says the couple had not been truthful in the past and doctors said there was no medical reason why they couldn't talk to her.

He says because the family agreed to a safety plan, CYF was able to avoid seeking emergency custody of the child through the courts.

In December of 2011, I received an e-mail from a woman who had this to say:

"I have been reading your pages for a few years now. They are more real than other pages I have read certainly. I feel you  need to correct some details with the Chris and Cru KAHUI page you have. So much of what we have been led to believe did not happen, and this has only come to light after the mother decided to publicly tell her story. For example, the story about McDonalds. They actually went before the dr visit, and Chris Snr refused to drive her. She needed help with two critically injured babies and she was left alone. If you need other info, I can contact the author of the book and ask him to forward to you transcripts, court reports etc. To begin with, I fully believe the mother had something to do with the babies' death. After boycotting the book, I decided to actually read it, and from the evidence presented in court, it is apparent that the mother wasn't even in the area, she was SOBER driving for her sister. The night before the twins were injured, the oldest child had been ill and she had been at Middlemore with him as he was coughing alot"

After reading this e-mail, I did a little more research and could not find any new information about the death of these two innocent little Angels. I was able to find out that the book that was written and being talked about was written in collaboration with the mother of the twins. For that reason alone, I will not be changing anything that I have written. All that I have written was found on the internet after it was reported by reliable news sources. I will say again that when I add a child to my site, I do extensive research before I actually start typing. I read hundreds of news stories and compare what is being said. If something doesn't sound right, I don't use in the story. In this case the things that I have printed sound right and were said on many news sites.  I do appreciate the person who> sent me the e-mail taking the time to do so and I hope that she will see that I am doing what my heart tells me is right. These two babies suffered terribly and they are now dead and no one has been charged. I don't know who did> it and the world probably will never know either. The facts as they were reported, don't change either from what I have read.

I read an article about the book in which it states that there are two possible scenarios put out there by the two authors of the book, one of which is the "mother" of the twins. What they fail to realize is that there are HUNDREDS of scenarios, not just two. Anything COULD have happened to those babies. Putting the blame on dedicated staff at a hospital? That's just wrong. If the staff had hurt those babies, it would have been known before they left the hospital. Let's not forget "Two can keep if a secret if one of them is dead". That many staff members could not have kept quiet about it. It would have to be true that the staff involved ALL agreed to allow the children to go home fully knowing they had been hurt, that implies deceptive practices of a whole lot of people. I do not buy it. I have provided a link to the story I read, below.

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