Jordan Amber Gonsioroski
January 27, 1996 - July 15, 2006
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For over four hours, Jordan Amber Gonsioroski lay in need of help, medically, and the people who SHOULD have helped her get it, didn't. Jason G. Gonsioroski, Jordan's father and Julie Ann Meier, his girlfriend who lived with them, put Jordon into a bathtub full of water that reached 148 degrees which caused her to suffer second degree burns over 73 percent of her body. When she was found by the police, Sheriff Bruce Anderson said she was in an altered and unconscious state and her body was badly burned.

Jason and Julie were arrested and charged with abetting second degree murder while committing child neglect or endangerment. Each of them was given a $1 million dollar bond:

"We know they both were aware that the girl was grievously hurt by the hot scalding water, 
and nobody did anything to help her" 
Blaine Police Chief David Johnson

Court papers reveal that Julie, who was a medical assistant, called 911 about 2:35 a.m. saying that Jordon was ill and had been vomiting. Julie claimed that  Jordon had given herself a bath around 1::00 a.m.. By midnight that night, Jordon was almost dead, already, according to the coroners report. Rescue workers were unsuccessful when they tried to revive her.

When police arrived at their home, Jordon was already cold and was not responsive to them. They attempted to revive her several times and were not able to do so. Court papers said that the burns Jordon had on her body would have resulted in excessive fluid and electrolyte loss and would eventually cause death. The Forensic Pathologist who performed the autopsy on Jordon said that if she had received the right kind of medical attention, she would not have died from her injuries.

The autopsy also showed that as well as the burns on her body, there were bruises on the back and front of her head and what was said by the Pathologist to be an acute scratch near her upper chest and neck. The autopsy also revealed that Jordon was most likely in an altered state of consciousness, if not already unconscious at the time she was placed in the tub. It was later learned that the water could reach a temperature of 148 degrees within two minutes of being turned on and that Jason and Julie were both aware of that fact.

Neither of these two people were cooperating with the police and Jason was high when he was found hiding in a shed, claiming he had a fear of the police. Jason was locked inside the shed with a padlock on the outside.

Also living in the home were three other children, ages seven, three and two. These children had apparently not been harmed in any way and they appeared to be healthy. An aunt said that these children were favored over Jordon and they were never punished the way that she was. Those children were removed and placed into protective custody.

What crime had Jordon committed in order to receive this death sentence? She was hungry so she stuffed chips into her clothing so that she could eat them later. At the time of her death, Jordon was found to be malnourished.

Jordon's life had apparently. never been an easy one. A year before she went to live with her father, Jordon was removed from her mothers home due to suspected sexual abuse at the hands of her mothers boyfriend. Amanda Johnson denies that anything of that nature ever took place.

Due to the fact that she died, the charges of rape, which Jordon had said happened to her at the hands of her mothers boyfriend, were dropped. Since Jordon was not alive and able to testify, Randy Johnson will never have to answer to the charges that he raped this little girl.

Removing Jordon from the home of her mother was something that was supposed to improve her living conditions. Had anyone bothered to ask Jordon, they would have found that life got worse for her when she went to live with her father and his girlfriend. Punishments included being spanked, doing jumping jacks and having her mouth washed out with soap for up to ten minutes at a time.

Life with her father was supposed to be better for Jordan Gonsioroski. Court documents say in the last year she was repeatedly punished with spankings, sets of jumping jacks and having her mouth scrubbed out with soap for 20 minutes at a time.

In July of 2006, Jason and Julie were in court showing no emotion at all for what they had done and what was going on. In court it was revealed that the water in the tub was so hot, Jordon's skin had peeled off. Julie's lawyer said that she was no involved in what had happened to Jordon, that she had been doing dishes at the time that
Jordon had been put into the tub.

Outside of the court, Jordon's family members were upset and crying about what had happened to her. At the hearing were the sisters of Jason. They were angry that Jason had not done anything to help his daughter get the help she needed:

"Jordan's been through more in her 10 years than I have been through in my 33 years. It was 
an awful terrible way to die"
Debra Gonsioroski


In August of 2006, Jason George Gonsioroski, who was 26 years old at that time and and Julie Ann Meier, who was 25 at that time, both plead guilty to murder, though each of them pointed the finger at the other claiming they didn't do what was done to her. A jury would decide their fate at a later date. 

The maximum sentence for second degree murder in the state of Minnesota is 15 years. Prosecutor Paul Young filed court papers to double that time to 30 years due to the aggravating factors. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling states that a jury, not a judge, would have to decide if that sentence could be doubled. Judge Lawrence Johnson
set at April 16, 2007 trial date. A 12 person jury would make the final decision regarding their fate.

In Court, Julie said that Jason had put Jordon into the tub and when Jordon told him it was too hot, he made her stay in for ten minutes any way. Jason said it was Julie who had put Jordon into the tub and that he was cleaning house and outside smoking pot with his friends when the scalding took place. Julie also claimed that Jason would not allow her to use the phone and that was why she didn't call for help earlier.

In court, Paul Young brought up the fact that Jason's seven year old son had commented to a therapist, who was treating him for post-traumatic stress, that his father and Julie had hurt Jordon that night and made her cry. Paul asked Jason if his son was an honest child and Jason said that he was.

On June 14, 2007, Jason George Gonsioroski was sentenced to 30 years in prison. However, under a stupid Minnesota law, he could be eligible for parole after only 19 years behind bars. Parole would be accompanied by ten years of supervised release. THAT'LL teach him! The sentencing judge said he didn't know who had been the one to actually submerge Jordon in the scalding water, he did say:

"It is clear Jordan was assaulted, and the defendant did nothing to help her or call for medical 
assistance that could have saved her life" 

On March 1, 2007, Julie Ann Meier, plead guilty to one count of second degree murder. Under her plea
agreement, Julie could serve as little as 15 years in prison. Paul Young could have asked for 30 years, though he did not say if he would seek that amount of time.

On July 23, 2007, Julie was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison, since she was given credit for 374 days which she served in jail after her arrest, she will spend about 15 years in prison and then be on supervised release for about seven years. 

(Thank you to Peter for providing me with this information)

It is shocking to me that the sentences handed down in this and many other cases involving these children who are abused to death are so light. In my opinion, ANYONE who kills a child while abusing them, should be in prison until the day they die.

"She was very happy, very smart, she loved being with me and Grandma"
Amanda Johnson

"She was the best, that's all I can say"

Obituary Posted Online: 7/26/06

Jordan Amber Gonsioroski was born on January 27, 1996 in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. She tragically died on July 15, 2006 at the young age of 10. 

Jordan is survived by her mother Amanda (Randy) Johnson of Braham; sisters Maranda, 3, Candance, 2, and Bailey, 3; brothers Braydin, age 1 and Jason Jr, age 7; grandparents Sharon and James Voigt of Isanti, John and Lila Johnson of Braham, Diane (Scott) Hengtgen and Richard and Susan Gonsioroski of Blaine; great- grandparents Duane and Shirley of East Bethel, and Melvern and Florence Cohen of Isanti; great-great-grandmother Ann Meyer of East Bethel; numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Mass of Christian Burial was held on Monday, July 24 at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Braham with Deacon Don Tzinski and Father Nicholas Zimmer officiating. Casketbearers were Tommy Voigt, Shawn Voigt, Jake Johnson and Jeff Leach. Private interment will be held at a later date.

Arrangements with Rock Mankie Burial and Cremation Service, Braham, MN.

Death Occurred in the state of Minnesota

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