Nicole Marie Embum
- May 10, 2001
Why did a drug addicted mother, who had been turned in to Child Protective Services for using Meth amphetamines among other things, get away with the murder of a beautiful, healthy, happy four month old baby girl? Because apparently the state Department of Social and Health Services and legal authorities feel it is perfectly okay to be addicted to Meth amphetamines, give birth while addicted, raise a baby while addicted and roll over on top of your baby and kill her while addicted and high.

Nicole's family tried to help her by calling Child Protective Services making complaints about how her mother was high again and that the baby needed help:

"We all knew something was going to happen. They wouldn't do anything" 
Eloise Pugh - Nicole's paternal grandmother

Caseworkers claimed they were not able to remove Nicole from the custody of her mother because they could not prove that she was neglecting her. How could that be? Two days before giving birth, Nicole's mother had been visited by CPS because she had bragged about using Meth amphetamines before her doctors appointment. CPS visited her, she denied doing drugs and nothing was done. What about a drug test? Why wasn't that done? 

After her birth, Nicole and her mother moved often, living with friends or relatives, whoever would take them in. Nicole's mother was no stranger to CPS, during her own childhood, CPS had visited her home at least nine times:

"She's not had a chance in her life either. She wants 
to change, but she needed protection, too"
Eloise Pugh 

When she was only three weeks old, Nicole was sick with a viral infection. Nicole and her mother moved in with Eloise Pugh who helped take care of Nicole:

Eloise Pugh with another of her granddaughters Justine:

 "She was a happy little baby. She laughed and played"
Eloise Pugh 

On March 13, 2001, Eloise called CPS and made a complaint about how Nicole's mother was using drugs again and was running around with a much older man. After making a few calls, the caseworker decided that Nicole wasn't in any danger. Three weeks later, Cody Embum, Nicole's father, called CPS and informed them that he had found a hypodermic needled in Nicole's diaper bag. Cody told them that he was worried that something was going to happen to Nicole. The CPS caseworker claims to have been unable to find Nicole and her mother:

"Certainly we were concerned. But we're at a disadvantage with people who are difficult to find"
Mike Crowe - Children's Administration regional administrator

On May 10, 2001, Nicole's family called CPS and the police to inform them that Nicole's mother was high and was refusing to leave her with them. Within a few short hours, Nicole would be dead. During the night, Nicole's mother, who was high, was sleeping on the couch with Nicole next to her. Rolling over on top of Nicole, she killed her. The next morning, someone noticed that Nicole was no where to be found. Rolling her mother over, they found her precious little body. Eloise now wants the truth of what happened to her granddaughter to come out:

"If it will save some other baby, we can't just let it go"

"We all knew something was going to happen. They wouldn't do anything"
Eloise Pugh

No charges were filed against the mother of this little Angel. The death of Nicole Marie Embum was ruled to have
been an accident.

The last reported news about this case, that I could find, was that Nicole's mother was pregnant again and wouldn't make any comments about the death of Nicole. NOWHERE have I been able to find the name of Nicole's mother.

Death Occurred in the state of Washington

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