Jaydon James Hoberg
February 9, 2005 - July 18, 2006
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While his mother, Billie Hilleary, slept upstairs, Jaydon Hoberg was suffering a terrible nightmare downstairs, at the hands of his mothers live in boyfriend of five months. Jaydon's face was smashed into a couch cushion while John White was raping him. Jaydon died of suffocation.

Interestingly, Jaydon had suffered a broken leg which brought CPS into his life. Though the broken leg was found to have been an accident, the CPS worker, obviously suspicious for some reason,  asked about sexual abuse and was told that nothing of that nature was taking place. CPS had investigated Jaydon's broken leg only two
months before his death:

"The investigation was related to a broken leg that was deemed to be an accidental injury"

Billie Hilleary has never been in any legal trouble and John White apparently was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor charge of theft in 1998 for which he served 100 days in jail.

After Jaydon died, John White was arrested and charged with the rape of Jaydon. John told paramedics that he had been taking a nap on the couch, which Jaydon and when he woke up, he found Jaydon to be unconscious and that his head was stuck under a pillow. Part of that conversation was heard on an open 911 line"

Paramedic - "How long ago did this happen, sir? 

John White - "I don't know how long. He was under there on his face. Then I woke up. It was probably about a minute and a half, and I was trying to work on him. Then I went and got his mom."

"He said, 'he's not breathing. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.  And he just kept telling me he's sorry"
Billie Hilleary

Billie said she looked at her son and realized how serious the situation truly was:

"He was just laying there. He was limp. His eyes were rolled back in his head"

A search warrant was given and the doctors taking care of Jaydon at Children's Hospital found evidence of a sexual assault. Evidence was collected from John White, genital swabs, oral swabs and fingernail scrapings were taken. In July of 2006 John White was charged with the rape.

Billie and John had met while both worked at Walmart, stocking shelves. In February of 2006, she and Jaydon moved into his home. On the day of the sexual assault, Billie had laid down to get some rest before she had to go in to work:

"I was upstairs asleep trying to get rest for work. When I went upstairs to lay down I even 
listened to them play before I fell asleep.
Billie Hilleary

Only one hour later, John woke Billie up with the news that Jaydon was not breathing. Jaydon was taken to Children's Hospital and the doctors were unable to revive him:

"When they couldn't revive Jaydon, he kept saying he was sorry and then the detectives 
came and took him off" 
Billie Hilleary

When Billie called 911, she told them that her sons head face down in the cushion of the couch and that he was not breathing. She told them that she had been living with John White for about five months following the separation from Jaydon's father. John eventually confessed to raping Jaydon after blood and semen were found in his diaper. Jaydon's death was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation:

"We were all taken aback by what we saw" 
Dr. Marc Leder

Helen Lake, the police officer working at the hospital that night said that she separated Billie and John. Billie was crying and John was not. Helen wanted to take their statements and she said that John was emotionless:

"He was not crying, I expected him to be crying as well" 

Assistant County Prosecutors Dan Hawkins and David Zenyen said that they were going to show John's two hour, taped confession at trial:

"This is the most horrific act to be committed against a child. He said, 'something came 
over him,' but it is reasonable and probable that because of his actions, that baby would die" 
Dan Hawkins

John was handcuffed while outside the hospital and taken into police custody. Billie would be told later that he had admitted to raping her son. John White was charged with the rape of a child, which is a felony and is punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole. Billie hoped he would get more than that:

"I want him to get the death penalty for what he done. Jaydon didn't even get to live his life" 

On December 9, 2007, John White plead guilty to the rape of a child and was facing trial for the felony. Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty in this case.

John's attorney used the defense that he had not intended to kill Jaydon while he was raping him:

"There is no question John committed heinous acts, heinous crimes. The remaining issue is 
simply whether John acted purposefully in causing the death of Jaydon Hoberg"
Defense Attorney J. Scott Weisman

So, we have ANOTHER messed up lawyer who believes that as long as you don't MEAN to kill a child while you are raping him, that makes the situation different? WRONG...I believe if you kill a child while abusing them, you should NEVER get out of prison. It's just sad that the world isn't run in such a way to stop rewarding those who commit these kinds of crimes.

Prosecutors David Zeyen and Dan Hawkins said that Ohio's lethal injection was the only sentence appropriate for what John had done to Jaydon.

In December of 2007, a panel of three judges decided against the death penalty in this case. John M. White, who was 28 at the time, was found guilty of aggravated murder and murder and rape of a child under the age of ten years old. A sentence of life without the possibility of parole was handed down. The decision was not a unanimous one, though. Judges Eric Brown and John A. Connor voted for the life sentence and Judge Timothy S. Horton voted for John to get the death penalty.

Deliberations took about three and a half hours due to their inability to vote unanimously to give John death. The case for death had been heard because John had waived his right to a jury trial.  The trial took four days and during that time is when J. Scott Weisman use the defense that John had not intentionally killed Jaydon. John denied that he had ever hurt his own child, a six year old daughter. Family members and even Billie said that John was a wonderful father. John's family also testified that he had only been in trouble one time before this incident and that he suffered from long term depression due to abuse he was given by his stepfather.

The judges ruled that the killing was committed with purpose since John SHOULD have know that the outcome of the attack on Jaydon was not going to be a good one. Kevin Mulrane and J. Scott Weisman plead their client guilty to the rape charge before trail and that carried a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Billie says that Jaydon loved to give kisses and wave good bye to people. Jaydon also love Winne The Pooh:

"He always brought a smile to my face, no matter how I was feeling. "I just keep wondering 
why (White) did it. What was going through his head to make him do that"

Jaydon James Hoberg 

A funeral service for Jaydon James Hoberg, 17 months, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Newark Chapel of Henderson-Van Atta Funeral & Cremation Service, with Pastor Mark Stone officiating. Burial will follow in Cedar Hill Cemetery. 

Jaydon died July 18, 2006, at Children’s Hospital in Columbus. He was born Feb. 9, 2005, in Columbus. 

He is survived by his father, Daniel Arthur William Hoberg (fiancee Celeste Morgan), of Newark; mother, Billie Rae Hilleary, of Columbus; paternal grandparents, Alice and Charles Lees, of Newark; maternal grandparents, Theresa Lees (Fred) and Raymond Hilleary, all of Newark; paternal great-grandparents, Robert and Susan DeBoard, of Newark, and Lunda Lee Sr. and Patty Hoberg, of Newark; maternal great-grandparents, Dorothy Biddle, of Newark, and David (Rose) Cocanour, of Baltimore; uncles, Dustin Hoberg, of Newark, and TJ Hilleary, of Columbus; great-aunts, Sue (Mark) Toothman and Patty (Dave), all of Newark, and Diana (Kenny) Moore of St. Louisville; great-uncles, Robert (Melissa) DeBoard, Jason (Monique) DeBoard and David (Darla) Cocanour, all of Newark, and Steve (Renee) Cocanour of Hilliard; many cousins, including Andrew Taylor Hoberg, Amy Roberts, Erin Morgan and Nevaeh Leigh Hoberg; and his loving babysitters, Kathy, Denise and Autumn. 

He was preceded in death by his maternal great-grandparents, Mabel and Paul Toma and Grandpa Biddle; and maternal great-great-grandmother, Thelma Vannest. 

Friends may call from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at the funeral home, 59 N. Fifth St. 

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