Malachi Magana
October 28, 2006 - May 9, 2009
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On the day before Mother's Day of 2009, Belinda Janette Magana wrote a message on her My Space page, it read:

"Happy mothers day weekend 2 all u mom's. Enjoy every moment with ur fam..."

The very next day, Sunday, May 10, 2009, MOTHER'S DAY, Belinda would call police and say that her son, Malachi Magana, had gone missing from the park. That would turn out to be a horrible lie!

Police and volunteers did a search for Malachi on foot and in the air. The search lasted all night and into the morning, they didn't find him. Eventually, the search was called off due Belinda and Naresh being suspected of lying when their stories didn't match up on what had taken place that afternoon.

Belinda Magana, who was 23 years old and her live in boyfriend, Naresh "Michael" Narine, who was 37 at the time, were questioned by the police who immediately sensed that they were both lying about what had happened. Police Lieutenant Mark Johnson said that as soon as they began to interview the couple, they began to doubt what they were saying was the truth. Early Monday morning, May 11, Malachi's body was found in a shallow grave, about ten miles off of Interstate 15 in the rugged terrain off of Lytle Creek Road. 

An autopsy would rule Malachi's death as a homicide though police did not release any information as for how he was killed.

Belinda and Naresh were arrested and held in jail with $1 million dollar bail, each. Belinda was arrested under suspicion of felony child abuse and being an accessory to murder and her older son was taken away and placed in protective custody. Naresh, who is not Malachi's father, was arrested on suspicion of murder, torture and cruelty to a child causing a death.

Police believe that Malachi was tortured and killed on Saturday, May 9th in the apartment where they all lived for about a month. Belinda and Naresh had been dating for only about five months, though on her My Space she referred to him as her "hubby". Friends who were in support of Belinda posted messages on her My Space, one of those comments read:

"Give it all to the Lord. God is the only one you need to cry 
out to. He is the only one that can and will comfort you at this time"
Robert Calvary

At a news conference after her daughters arraignment, Maria Salsida, Belinda's mother, said that her daughter was brainwashed by Naresh and that he is the one who is responsible for Malachi's death:

"She's being accused of something she didn't do. That man who is supposedly named Michael, he poisoned my baby. He abused her and my grandson, and now my grandson is dead" 

"He's abusive, he's abusive and he has a bad track record. And with my grandson, my grandson, 
he beat him, he killed him. Every evidence points toward him.

"A child is a child, he can't do no harm, my daughter didn't harm him. My daughter, my
daughter is innocent, I know her, I raised her, I raised her in the church. Anybody from our
church can tell you that's it's not her. He's a monster, he took her away from us, he took her
away from the family she was living with. He didn't let her talk to me at all.

Maria add that the police knew about the abuse and they did not act in time to save Malachi:

"The Fontana police knew about this because there was a report made earlier, two months 
back, and the Fontana police said they couldn't do anything unless something bad 
happened. I hope they're happy now because my grandson is dead"

Around 6:00 p.m., on Mother's Day, Belinda called to report her son as missing. Family had gathered at the park for a Mother's Day party. As soon as they were interviewed, investigators began to suspect that something was not right:

"Things just weren't adding up. It was learned that the child was never in the custody of the 
family while at the park It was also determined that the child had received injuries that were 
caused by both parties and was the victim of a homicide"
Police Sgt. Jerry Pawluczenko

Mark Johnson said that the location of Malachi's body was determined while conducting interviews with Belinda, Naresh and other people.

"This is a very critical stage in the investigation. We're still trying to get everything nailed down"
Mark Johnson

Naresh is no stranger to being in prison. In 2006 he plead guilty to grand theft. Naresh had a job as a repairman at a mobile home park. He took more than $100,000. dollars from the elderly owner and tried to hide it from him. Naresh was sentenced to five years in prison and was released early, in 2008, with a one year parole sentence.

During that time, Naresh's mother was also in prison after contacting and meeting with two undercover police officers in order to solicit the killing of her husband who worked as an officer at the California Institution For men, in Chico. She and her husband were trying to reach a divorce settlement. Yvonne thought that since another guard had been stabbed at the prison, that she could hire someone to kill her husband and it would not be traced back to her.

In court she testified that she never paid anyone to kill her husband and that she had been drunk when she spoke with the detectives. In 2007, Yvonne Narine was convicted of soliciting an undercover police detective to kill her husband and she is serving a six year sentence.

Malachi, on the day of his baptism...What a handsome little man!


Today is June 12, 2014 and while searching for updates in this case, I was not able to find anything new.

UPDATE: December 16, 2014 (Thank you to Tracey for this update)

In December of 2014 the trial was taking place. The Prosecutor said that Malachi was abused to death by his mother and her boyfriend and while it wasn't clear at that point who had poured the hot liquid over his head causing scalding on his head, neck and back, it was clear that neither adult had called to get medical attention for the boy as he was suffering and dying:

"This trial is really about the week of Malachi's life, violence, nightmarish"
District Attorney - Daima Calhoun

Belinda Magana was 29 years old at the time and Naresh Narine was 42 years old at the time when they were facing one count of murder, torture and assault on a child, causing death. The charge of torture would mean that the death penalty could be on the table if they were found guilty.

Testimony was expected to show that the couple tried to use diaper rash ointment on the burns that Malachi had sustained at their hands and that when this little Angel cried in pain or moaned, he was hit with a belt over several days because he was bothering the two monsters who caused his pain.

It came out in court that after Malachi died, his body was wrapped in a plastic bag and put onto the floor in the back seat of Naresh's truck, then they went to a party. The next day, Malachi was buried in the shallow grave he was found in, then came the 911 call in which they calmly said that Malachi was missing from a family picnic. Police, blood hounds and a helicopter using a PA system were letting people in the neighborhood know about the missing child. In fact the only two people who were not searching for Malachi, were the ones who knew where he really was:

"Everyone is frantically looking for Malachi except for Belinda Magana and Naresh Narine"
Daima Calhoun

Several hours later, Belinda started telling her version of the truth:

"She tells this story and takes herself out of it, blaming it all on Mr. Narine and
she led investigators to the boys body"

Ryan Markson, Defense Attorney for Belinda, said that Naresh had been controlling and he had taught her how use physical punishments on her son. Ryan said that Belinda had not been at home when Malachi was hurt and when she saw him, Naresh would not let her get medical help for him.

Michael Belter, Defense Lawyer for Naresh told a story of how Belinda had been an extremely neglectful and abusive mother and that her abusive behavior had gone back  to other relationships prior to the five months they had been living together.

Predictably, it was expected that there would be some testimony about how Malachi's four year old brother had possibly turned on the shower sending hot water all over Malachi's brother, causing the scalding that killed him.

Death Occurred in the state of California

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