Dominick Calhoun
October 17, 2005 - April 12, 2010
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In Argentine Township, Michigan, Dominick Calhoun sat on the couch eating his breakfast when he had an accident and wet through his pants and the onto the couch. Four year old Dominick would be beaten and the end result would be death, simply for wetting his pants.

Family members and friends describe Dominick as a happy, bright eyed little boy. Dominick stole the heart of those who met him and was referred to as an Angel by many.

The house where Brandon Hayes, Corrine Baker and her two sons lived, would become known to the police as a drug house. Dominick was dragged from his bed and beaten day after day by Brandon, for wetting his pants and the couch:

"This case goes beyond torture"
Genesee Country Sheriff, Robert Pickell

For four days, Dominick would pay the price, he would be disciplined for having an accident. Brandon would spend those days kicking and hitting Dominick and when his mother tried to help him, she was also beaten by Brandon. During the time Brandon was "disciplining" Dominick, he also poked him in the eyes and focused attention on his genitals when kicking him. Burns on Dominick's hands could not be explained. Police say that Brandon called Dominick a crack head baby who deserved to die.

A visit from Dominick's Aunts came to late to save his life. When bruises were noticed on Corrine, the Aunts informed Dominick's grandfather who immediately went to check things out. Wearing a t-shirt and training pants, Dominick was found to be unconscious in a bedroom in the house. Dominick was moaning and his breath was shallow.

At the hospital, doctors had to remove a portion of Dominick's skull in order to relieve the pressure from his brain swelling. On Monday, April 12th, Dominick was removed from life support with doctors saying he was brain dead.

"Little Dominick met his boogie man, and that ws the defendant Hayes"
Sheriff Robert Pickell

A sickening report states that a neighbor told police of hearing Dominick screaming for his mother to "Make him stop", yet the neighbor did nothing to help. When are people going to learn that in order to save a precious life, they NEED to step in and help when they can? What is even more sickening is that people had been to the house, seen Dominick and also didn't report anything. It seems all anyone could do is tell Corrine that Dominick needed help and when she told them she didn't want to report this and why, they just ignored his pain and suffering.

Not surprisingly, Brandon Hayes had served time in prison and had been release in July after a two year sentence for assaulting/resisting and obstructing a police officer as well as third degree fleeing a police officer. In 2004, Brandon was convicted of three counts of domestic assault and battery as well as previous drug counts.

Dominick's grandfather, Rick Calhoun, has stated that he hopes the criminal consequences that Brandon faces will help deter future child abuse. 

There’s a guy out there who’s going to try the same thing, but he’s going to see this and
he’s going to see what happened to this guy, and he’s going to stop,”
Rick Calhoun

I wish that were true Mr. Calhoun, unfortunately, there are thousands of cases before this one that have not helped to deter people from abusing and often times killing innocent children. As long as there are people such as Brandon Hayes in the world, children will never be safe.

Rick Calhoun said that justice for Dominick will making him happy, however, helping other children has become a main priority for his family:

"It's going to change a lot peoples perspective on what they're doing to their children"
Rick Calhoun

Police say that a phone call could have saved Dominick's life. The preliminary hearing for Brandon was set for April 27 at 9:00 a.m.. The charges against him are many: Torture, felony murder by torture, first degree child abuse, felony murder by child abuse, first degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, delivery of marijuana to a minor, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of Hydrocodone.

Dominick's mother was taken into custody and then release after police ODDLY determined that she had nothing to do with his death. I'm sorry, reports say that she left during the beatings and didn't call police or get help for Dominick, that is CONTRIBUTING in my own opinion. NO ONE would beat on my child and then when I got away from them, I would NOT call police. This mother is as much to blame for the death of this child as Brandon is, in my own opinion.. The state of Michigan filed paper work to take custody of Corrine's eight year old son away from her. I hope they are successful in taking him away and putting him with people who will NOT allow him to be beaten, tortured and murdered.

Reports say that Corrine had been ordered not to contact her other son at all and she was also not allowed to attend the funeral of Dominick. I hope those reports are true!

On April 23, 2010, Corrine Baker was charged with second degree murder and second degree child abuse in the death of her son Dominick. Her arraignment would be on April 26, 2010. Though she never actually beat on Dominick herself, police know that she had plenty of opportunity to get help for him during his four day beating and she did not do it. Visitors to their home said that she told them she didn't want to get CPS involved because she didn't want police to think SHE was abusing Dominick and arrest her for violating her probation.

Brandon's lawyer was trying to get a mental evaluation done on him to determine if he was mentally fit to stand trial. In June of 2010, Brandon was found to be competent to stand trial. Dominick's half brother, Tyler, was going to testify in court.

Corrine was in court in March of 2011 for a motion hearing. Fred Meiers, her lawyer, was asking the judge to throw out comments she had made to police about the death of Dominick. Corrine and her lawyer were saying that she had felt intimidated by police who took her alone into a locked room at the court house to question her, when she was only there to see Brandon, she said she was not read her rights.

"At the time, I talked to her she was the mother of a deceased child and a victim of domestic violence. I wasn't talking to her as a suspect"
Marcie Mabry - Genese County Prosecutors Office

Fred Meiers argued that any statements made during that time should not be admissible in court since Corrine was not aware of her rights as far as obtaining and attorney before being questioned. The judge also heard testimony about evidence against Brandon. James Piazza, Brandon's lawyer was present and asking that his confession be thrown out since he is not mentally capable of making a confession. The judge said he would make a decision at a later date.


Dominick Richard Calhoun

CALHOUN, Dominick Richard - Age 4, of Linden, died Monday, April 12, 2010 at Hurley Medical Center.

Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Friday, April 16, 2010 at The Freedom Center, 2473 W. Shiawassee Ave., Fenton, Pastor Jim Wiegand will officiate.

Visitation will be held from 10 a.m. until the time of service Friday at church.

Dominick was born October 17, 2005 in Grand Blanc.

Surviving are: father, Eric; brother, Tyler Baker; grandparents, Richard and Judy Calhoun, Lisa and Rick DeLong, Martin and Julie Baker; great-grandmothers, Clara Barnanski and Elaine Baker; great-grandfather, Richard White; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Tributes may be posted on the obituaries page of


In August of 2011, Corrine Baker plead guilty to second degree murder and second degree child abuse.  The
recommendation from the Prosecutor is that Corrine should serve between 13 and 30 years. Corrine has agreed
to testify against Brandon Hayes and her sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 24, 2011.

13 to 30 years? A small price to pay for the suffering she allowed her helpless child to go through.

On September 11, 2011, jury selection was under way for the trial of Brandon Hayes. A change of venue motion
had been filed by Brandon's lawyer and that request was denied. As soon as a jury is selected, the trial is
expected to begin.


in February of 2012, Judge Richard B. Yuille sentenced Brandon Hayes to two life sentences for killing Dominick, he would never get out of prison alive.

Corrine Baker was sentenced to 13 to 30 years after testifying against Brandon she was also sentenced to two to four years for second degree child abuse.

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