Funeral held for Dominick Calhoun, 4-year-old boy who died after beating in Argentine Township
By Laura Angus | Flint Journal

The 50-year-old Fenton woman gently rested her hand on his tiny white casket and cried as she kissed its surface.

She, along with many others, said goodbye Friday to four-year-old Dominick Calhoun.

The Argentine Township boy was found severely beaten on April 11 after days of torture, allegedly at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. He was removed from life support the following day after he was declared brain dead.

Dominick’s death made national headlines and a Facebook page in his memory — Justice for Dominick Calhoun — had more than 15,000 fans as of Friday afternoon.

Friday, Dominick’s casket was surrounded by teddy bears and a toy dump truck as children no older than him played in the aisles during the funeral service and punctuated the tearful silences at the Fenton Freedom Center.

“It comforts me to know this: That regardless of how awful his last moments were, the very next moment, he saw ... the face of God and he was safe, and he was healed and he was loved,” said the Rev. Jim Wiegand, through tears. 

Family members spoke about the little boy they loved, saying he “stole pretty much every girl’s heart,” and they talked about the man they imagined him growing to be.

His aunt, Christine Baker, 16, spoke during the service and apologized to Dominick that his “Aunt ’Stine” was not there in time to help him.

“This bond and love we shared is something I’ll never have again,” said an emotional Baker.

She called the boy her angel and said he had an irreplaceable spot in her heart.

Other family members recounted humorous stories about the little boy who loved to make people laugh, including a time Dominick asked an aunt if her boyfriend was the mailman because he visited so often.

A family friend, Aaron Nash, brought laughter from the crowd when he said that Dominick
“definitely knew how cute he was and he used it to his advantage.”

>The boy was known for his bright blue eyes, blonde hair and big smile.

Nash remembered a time when he wasn’t feeling well, but Dominick wanted to play basketball.

“‘You better cheer up, Aaron, or I’m going, I’m going to beat you up,’” Nash recounted Dominick’s threat. “I’m sure you can all imagine how scared I was.”

Nash said the little boy then flexed his “guns” to show he meant business.

Wiegand praised Dominick’s fearless spirit and said he was a little boy who always wanted to “do it, and do it fast.”

He said Dominick’s life was short, but “well invested” as he pointed to the outpouring of grief following his death.

That outpouring was visible Friday as a sea of people wearing blue ribbons for child abuse awareness month and blue hats with Dominick’s name stitched on the front followed his casket out of the church after the service.

“We should all grow up like him,” said Wiegand. “He was a brave little boy.”

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