Ethan Jonathan David Stacy
September 22, 2005 - May 11, 2010
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Once again I find myself wondering how a mother could put a man before her child. Stephanie Sloop did just that when she allowed her son to be tortured to death by her husband, Nathan, her sons stepfather. In May of 2010, Nathan and Stephanie sloop were in court to hear that charges against them in the death of Ethan Stacy.  In a town called Farmington, located in Utah, the couple was in court and was formally charged with aggravated murder, second degree felony child abuse, obstruction of justice and abuse or desecration of a body. Stephanie was crying, probably for herself rather than for her dead child and Nathan showed no emotion at all as they were lead out of the courtroom. Nathan did whisper I love you to his mother as he was lead away. Prosecutors were trying to figure out if the death penalty would apply in this case.

Those who knew and loved Ethan best, say he was a wonderful little boy. Ethan's father had done all he could do to prevent Ethan from going to visit his mother. Unfortunately, the courts have all the power and Ethan was made to go and he paid the ultimate price for the failings of the court system.

The documents stating the charges against the Sloop's state that Ethan was abused for DAYS, during which serious injuries were caused due to being beaten, burned, drugged, malnourished and being left alone while suffering though all of this. The Sloop's were facing the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole for what they did to Ethan.

As it tuns out, Joe Stacy had tried to give warnings that Stephanie was unstable and had even abandoned Ethan
in the past. Joe was concerned that if Ethan was allowed to go to Utah to visit his mother, she would never allow him to return home to his father. The divorce decree stated that Joe and Stephanie were to share custody of Ethan. Ethan was supposed to spend the Summer in Utah with his mother. He would never make it home alive.

Police records show that Ethan was beaten for days before his body could take more and he died. Ethan was tortured, he was burned in scalding water and his mother forced human feces in his mouth. Ethan had been with his mother for less than two weeks when he was already dead and his body was buried in the mountains of Eden, Utah. Nathaniel Sloop had beaten Ethan so badly that his face swelled up, so he and Stephanie locked Ethan in a room and left him there while they went to get married, that was on May 6th. Stephanie and Nathaniel thought
that the swelling and bruises might alert people to the truth 
about Ethan being abuse, so Ethan was left at home.
On May 9th, Ethan was found dead and rather than report it to the police, he was beaten with a hammer on his face and teeth in the hopes that he would not be able to be recognized and then they took his body into the mountains and buried him there. Stephanie would report her son missing to police, claiming he had sneaked out of their apartment. Nathaniel and Stephanie were not telling the same story to police and of course this cause them to become suspicious. A search was taking place and attention was focused on a place where a possible burial site had been seen. At 5:00 p.m., in Wolf Creek Canyon, Ethan's bruised and beaten body was discovered.

Stephanie would tell police that she knew Ethan needed medical help but she was afraid to get it for him out of fear that her husband would hurt her. I see, Stephanie, it's okay for him to hurt your son, just not you. Worse than that is the fact that Stephanie had been taking pictures and video with her cell phone. In letters to a local news, Stephanie said the following, she was being held in isolation in prison at the time:

"I had no idea about the hammer, I wasn't there when Nate buried my son. I was in the car and
Nate never told me he was burning Ethan. He said he wanted the fluid for the grill when he got home."

"He never showed signs of being sick but he died of pneumonia and Nate giving him Xanax.
Nate already admitted to abuse when I wasn't  there." 

"It's obvious that they haven't released the medical examiner's report yet but Ethan's death was
ruled ACCIDENTAL, that go public with."

Stephanie also reveals in her letters what her life is like behind bars.

“Sleeping…the only thing I will say is that I wake up screaming, sweating and crying."

 "If I could trade places with Ethan I would…I loved my son more than life, he was
mommy’s little man,
he was so smart and happy…the reason I woke up, the reason
for breath, life isn’t worth it, without him.""My heart is broken and because of the
negative media, I am branded a horrible person."

Joe Stacy, Ethan's father had this to say:

"Stephanie is a bad pathological liar… If she wanted to trade places with Ethan, she should have.
Stephanie knew that Ethan needed medical attention but didn’t do anything about it.”

I couldn't agree with Joe more since Stephanie had the chance to trade places with Ethan and by her own selfish,
evil  admission she said that she DIDN'T for fear she would be hurt by her husband. Shelby's

Shelby's Law

Prosecutors are looking into the possibility of asking for the death penalty for Ethan Stacy's death under Shelby's Law. Passed in 2007, it makes child abuse deaths involving reckless indifference a capital offense.

Kimberly Hale came to court to support the law named after her 10-year-old daughter Shelby Andrews. Shelby died in 2006 after being abused by her stepmother and father. Hale says Ethan Stacy's case brings back bad memories, but she's grateful Shelby's death was not in vain.

Hale said, "We knew that Shelby was put here for great things. Unfortunately, it was her death that brought about those changes. So, it's kind of a bittersweet moment."

The county attorney's office has 60 days allowed by law to decide whether or not to seek the death penalty.

Hundreds of people come to support Stacy family

More than a hundred people packed the courtroom Friday. Many of them are strangers to the Sloops, but they wanted to show their support for four year old Ethan Stacy.

One of them was August Teusher. She was collecting signatures for a petition for a new law regarding parental custody.

The petition for Ethan's Law has also been going around online.

Ethan's Law looks at stricter standards to ensure a non-custodial parent takes proper care of their child during visitation.

"I think that kids are getting failed every day, and we as a people have stand up for what we believe in to make their lives change," Teusher said.

Several others who attended the hearing were carrying signs in support of Ethan. One sign said, "An eye for an eye," while another had the word Sloop with nooses making the two "O's."

The demonstrators say they were not part of any group but felt compelled to make a statement for justice.

"I'm hoping the justice system will do the right thing," said Dennis Turner. "But if they are proven murder charges against these two individuals, I don't want them locked up for 20-30 years, because Ethan didn't even have a chance at life."

Another Ethan Stacy supporter, Jennifer Jory said, "We just wanted to come out and support Ethan, and hopefully get some justice for him, if there is any to be had."

When asked if she had received any threats, Pam Sloop, Nathan's mother, told KSL Newsradio that she did, but she didn't want to go into details.

Ethan's body was uncovered May 11 near Powder Mountain after Layton police say theSloops reported him missing the night before. He had just been in Utah for 10 days with his mom, who had summer visitation.

Ethan's body was returned to his father, Joe Stacy, and buried last week in Virginia.

Memorial walk for Ethan Stacy
By Richard Harker

A memorial walk will be held later this morning for 4 year old Ethan Stacy.

On May 11, Police found Statcy's body in a shallow grave in Utah Canyon near the down of Layton which is near Salt Lake City.

On Friday, Stephanie and Nathaniel Sloop were charged with aggravated murder, child abuse, obstruction of justice and abuse of a body in the beating death of Stacy.

The Sloops are in a Davis County Utah jail without bond. A conviction on the aggravated murder charge could result in the death penatly.

The memorial walk for Ethan will begin at 10: am at the Grundy Community Center.

Representatives from the Trupoint Bank will also be there to collect donations for the Ethan Stacy Memorial Fund.

Thank you to Brenda for making me aware of this story and allowing me to honor Ethan's memory.

UPDATE: July 29, 2014

Text messages came out that had been sent between Nathaniel and Stephanie Sloop:

'I told you we had a pit bull on our hands, but they learn,'
Sloop messaged Stephanie on May 3, 2010.

'Just like Mommy LOL,' she replied.

'I told you we had to break his ego,' Sloop texted.

Sloop replied they 'had to figure out how to keep him in his room'.

To see two, full grown adults talking about a child this way, sickens me. How could ANYONE get such obvious pleasure from planning and carrying out a plan to torture a child?

In February of 2014, Nathan Sloop, who was 35 years old at the time, plead guilty to aggravated murder, but said he was mentally ill during the time he committed the crime:

"That boy died on my watch and I'm horribly sorry"

Nathan stood in from of Judge Glen Dawson and said that his mindset had been "reckless indifference" at the time and that he wanted to take responsibility for what he had done and then he apologized again. Joe Stacey and his wife were in the courtroom to hear the sentence of 25 years to life in prison on the murder charge and one to 15 years for the aggravated assault:

"It was a very traumatic experience for them to come on a plant and come to Utah. He felt
the need and desire and the want to be here for his son"
Tray Rawlings - Lawyer

The plea deal that was struck would stop any appeals that might have been filed. It was said that while he had been mentally ill while he was committing his crimes, Nathan was no longer sick:

"I do not think that Mr. Sloop wanted Ethan Stacey to die or intended for him to die"
Richard Mauro

Richard Mauro said that Nathan being mentally ill and taking prescription pain killers as well as other medications had been what lead him not to care about the suffering Ethan was going through. Once again it sounds like someone is saying that as long as you don't MEAN to kill a child while you are ABUSING that child, then you should not pay a high price for the DEATH of that child. Talk about the very definition of INDIFFERENT!

At the same time, Stephanie Sloop, who was 31 years old by this time, was charged with first degree felony aggravated murder as well as other charges, had her trial postponed because her Lawyer, Mary Corporon informed the judge about information that the Prosecutors were supposed to have that could exonerate Stephanie. At that time, the information was not released to the public:

"There is a competing constitutional claim as to whether that can be released or not"
Mary Corporon

Troy Rawlings said that Prosecutors were willing to hand over the new evidence, but that Nathan's Lawyers had a problem with them doing so:

"Corporon has accurately stated the dilemma. We disclosed it. She ought to have access to it.
Quite frankly, the state of Utah also would like to seek an order from the court ordering us or
allowing us to turn the material over"

Judge Glen Dawson was not able to make the decision, but was going to set up a hearing to involve Nathan's Lawyers and Mary Corporon said that they would waive Stephanie's rights to a speedy preliminary hearing.

I don't know what new evidence they could have but it should be good because this woman KNEW this boy was being abused, She KNEW he needed medical care, she KNEW he was dead and she LIED to Police about the situation! I am not totally convinced that she didn't participate in the abuse!

Stephanie would next be scheduled for court in September of 2014 and then the trial was supposed to start in November of 2014.

I want to thank the anonymous person who sent me these updates.

UPDATE: January 27, 2015 (Thank you Betty for sending me this update)

In November of 2014 Stephanie Sloop was 31 years old when she stood before Judge Thomas Kay after pleading guilty to aggravated murder and obstructing justice. Stephanie cried as she said that she was sorry for her selfish behavior that lead to the death of Ethan:

"I abused prescription medications to the point I was unable to make sound
choices and decisions, thus causing me to be reckless and indifferent with
my Ethan's life. I am entirely responsible because I was his mommy"

Stephanie was supposed to appear in court for an evidence hearing, however, she chose to plead guilty and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

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