Ethan Stacy laid to rest

 5/20/2010 2:43 am | Published:5/19/2010 11:34 am

Written by:Dan Metcalf Jr.
Contributor:Robert Maxwell

GRUNDY, Va. (ABC 4 News) - Funeral services were held for Ethan Stacy, a 4-year-old boy whose body was found in a remote Utah mountain area last week.

The service follows a wake held for Ethan on Tuesday night in Grundy, Virginia near the home of Ethan's father, Joe Stacy.

More than 250 people attended the service inside the funeral home, and most followed a procession to the Clinch Valley Memorial Cemetery in nearby Richlands, Virgina for the interment.

Many at the service did not recognize two attendees, who kept to themselves and stayed inside their truck during most of the interment ceremony.

They were Stephanie Sloop's parents, John and Katrina Busby from Florida who stepped out of the truck to console Joe Stacy at the cemetery.

Joe briefly spoke with the media after the service, saying he was angry about Ethan's death and the abuse he suffered. Even so, Stacy said he put his anger aside for the day to honor his son.

Stacy expressed gratitude for all the support he's received in the past week, saying he, "...never realized how many good people there are in the world."

Joe Stacy also said he's having a difficult time facing the reality of Ethan's death.

Ethan's mother and stepfather, Stephanie and Nathan Sloop were arrested and face charges related to the death and alleged abuse of the boy.

Ethan's body was found in Weber County near the Powder Mountain Ski resort last Tuesday after the Sloops called police claiming the boy had wandered off.

Charges against the Sloops are still pending as they wait inside the Davis County Jail.

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