Kyleigh Mae McDaniel Robinson
March 9, 2009 - March 18, 2010
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Kyleigh Mae McDaniel Robinson was a cheerful child who was always smiling and happy. Kyleigh brought so much joy to her family and those who loved her. What could have caused someone to harm her in a way that would kill her?

I can't tell you how much I long for the day when I WON'T have to read ONE more story about a boyfriend or girl- friend or stepmother or stepfather who has killed a child. Alexander Stolte would call Kyleigh's mother three times on the night of her death. He would call McKenzie to tell her that one of Kyleigh's eyes looked droopy, then to say that she would not go to sleep, the third call was to tell her that Kyleigh was not breathing and he had called 911. Kyleigh was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. McKenzie had only been dating Alexander for about three months the night he killed Kyleigh. Police say that he had been drinking, which at first he denied. According to the police, Alexander tried to say that Kyleigh had fallen and THAT is what caused the injuries that had killed her that night. How many times do we have to hear stories like this before people wise up and stop leaving their children with abusive people? Kyleigh died of blunt trauma to her head.

Alexander had been Merrimack Valley High Schools star goal tender in the sport of Lacrosse. That was two years before he would fatally injure a helpless one year old Angel. Friends of Alexander say he had a tough childhood, bouncing around from foster homes to homes of friends and at times living on the street. Alexander dropped out of High School before he would have graduated. The mother of his best friend said"

"In my wildest dreams, I would never think is capable of doing something like this.
Even if he was drunk, on drugs, he would never hurt a child. He has a little bit of a
mean streak, he is a good kid"
Kameron Miranda

Who is this woman trying to kid? NO ONE can predict or even come CLOSE to saying what a person who is drunk or high on drugs would do. Children do not get the kind of injuries this child got and then die from them, just by falling on a stroller. This has been proven time and time again when OTHERS in the past have tried to say they didn't kill a child when obviously they did. How many children have to die this way before people realize that they will not be able to cover up what they have done by saying a child "bumped his or her head" or "fell"? You can't fool those who are in the medical profession and have been trained to spot inaccuracies in the stories that
they hear when people are killed and someone lies about how it happens.

A medical exam showed that Kyleigh suffered multiple skull fractures, bleeding inside her skull and a spiral
fracture to her right leg.  Policed reported that three of Kyleigh's ribs had been broken at an earlier date and were
in the process of healing. Kyleigh's death was ruled as a homicide:

"Based on the severity of her injuries, death would have occurred fairly quickly. Stolte had sole
custody of the child during the hours when the injuries would have occurred"

Alexander was to wait in prison in Vermont while he waited for his trial, he was denied bail. The attorney for Alexander, Daniel Sedon, said the evidence against his was not sufficient enough to keep in prison and deny him bail. Thankfully, Judge Thomas Devine didn't agree, saying:

"The evidence is circumstantial, but it is substantial nevertheless"

Bail was denied by the judge who believed that Alexander was at the very least a moderate flight risk due in part to his only being 19 years old.

Alexander had told police that Kyleigh was playing and had been active for most of the night. The Vermont Chief Medical Examiner, Steven Shapiro, said that with the severity of Kyleigh's head injury, she would have been incapacitated directly after the fall that Alexander says she took. He had this to say in a written statement:

"Stolte's account of Kyleigh's activity level that night is completely at odds with medical testimony.
There is strong evidence that (Stolte) was the only possibly source of the injuries"

Kyleigh Mae McDaniel Robinson

ANDOVER - Kyleigh Mae McDaniel Robinson died Thursday, March 18, 2010, in Randolph, Vt.

She was born March 9, 2009, in Laconia.

Kyleigh was a very cheerful, happy baby, always smiling and bringing joy to those around her. Her loving spirit and joyful attitude are a wonderful memory for those who loved her.

She was predeceased by her uncle, Juctin R.P. McDaniel.

She is survived by her mother, MacKenzie M. McDaniel of Andover; her father, Nicholas Robinson of New London; her grandparents, Timothy R. and Janine M. McDaniel and Charlie P. and Virginia Robinson; great-grandparents, Mary McDaniel, Richard "Skip" McDaniel and Evelyn Allen; aunts, Maygan McDaniel, Erica Perez, Rebecca Robinson and Kristina Robinson; uncle, Timothy M. McDaniel; and cousins, Ceianna M. McDaniel, Theresa Miner, Myles Miner, Paxton Michael Coulombe, Brianna Williams and Kaydence Klein.

Friends may call tomorrow from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Chadwick Funeral Home, 235 Main St., New London.

A graveside service will be held at noon at Proctor Cemetery, Andover.

A memorial service will follow at 1 p.m. at the Lake Sunapee Country Club, New London.

Memorial donations may be made to help with expenses to the Kyleigh Mae Fund, Lake Sunapee Bank, P.O. Box 37, New London, 03257.


Today is June 15, 2014 and while searching for updates on Kyleigh's case, I found the following information:

In June of 2012, Alexander Stolte plead guilty to manslaughter and aggravate assault. In August of 2012, who was 21 years old at the time, was sentenced to 15 to 30 in prison for what had done to Kyleigh. In court, victims impact statements were given and Alexander was called a liar and a monster and told by Kyleigh's grandmother that she would make it her mission in life to never let him escape his crime:

"The justice today that he faces is nothing compared to what we want. What a I personally
would want is for him to be in prison for the rest of his life, without parole, in the worst prison
condition possible. You're a monster and not worthy to breathe air that we breathe. I will be
your shadow, I will be there at every parole hearing. I will be there if you are released and I
will do everything legally possible to make sure that everybody know who you are and what
you have done. I curse you Alex. Alexander David Stolte, I cure to live through Kyleigh Mae
McDaniel's pain, day in and day out. Daymares, nightmares. Every day of your life, I want
you to feel that pain.
Janine M.

Though he showed very little emotion during the time she was speaking, Alex did look at Janine a few times while she was speaking.

Alexander spoke in court saying:

"I am a horrible person to have taken a child away from her family. I realized
the immense pain that I have cause, not only to the families involved, but to
the community and myself. I have taken a child's life away from her mother.
I hope, at some point in your life, you will forgive me for my action."

"Now, as you face a lengthy incarceration,  you tell us how sorry you are about
what happened. But this is not the time to be sorry. The time for that was when
you hurt Kyleigh the first time, or when you got drunk and hurt her again. But
then you weren't sorry, instead, you slammed her to the floor, killing her. It's
difficult to imagine a crime which involves a greater breach of trust than that
which resulted din Kyleigh's death. She was a little girl, entrusted to you by her
mother, whom you claim to have loved and who believed you would look after
Kyleigh and keep her safe. Instead, you got drunk, hurt her when you played
too rough with her and then fatally injured her when she cried. In a perfect world,
I could impose a sentence which would give Kyleigh back the life that you robbed
from her. She will not get to experience going to school, playing with friends,
learning to drive, going on a date, getting married, having children or any of the
other things that life offers. She has lost those things forever and no one can
give them back to her"
Judge Harold Eaton

Judge Eaton added that being in prison would give Alexander time to rehabilitate himself and that this was the best that could be done. Alexander's mother was in court and though she had been saying he was innocent before, she was now saying that she agreed with the sentence he received:

"For 2 1/2 years we have always said "Justice for Kyleigh first" and for 2 1/2 years we did not
know what this justice was. We were led down a path clouded by smoke and paved with mirrors.
We are very thankful that Alexander told us all the truth back in June. Now justice has been done
for Kyleigh and tomorrow we move on"
Eileen B.

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