Crystal Figueroa
2003 - January 12, 2006
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I find it quite disturbing when I go to find pictures of the children who I am adding to my site and I find MOSTLY
pictures of the people who have killed them. The faces of the people, looking all sad, looking all scared, what do they have to be sad about? These people KILL innocent children and then have the nerve to look all upset and sad about things that happened. I wish I could find more picture of the beautiful, innocent little Angels so that we could all see how they looked in life. I wish there were more picture of them and less of their killers.

In Las Vegas, the body of a precious little girl was found in a dumpster, thrown away as though no one cared
about her or wanted her any more. For around six weeks, this little girl would only be known as Jane Cordova Doe, since her identity was unknown. Unknown to everyone except for her killers. It wasn't until a grandmother reported her granddaughter missing that police would finally learn the identity of this little girl.

Marc Anthony Colon and Gladys Perez loaded two cars with their combined family children and headed for Las Vegas from Los Angeles. They couple and their children arrived at the Stratosphere hotel on January 8 and would stay there for one night.

The next day, they all walked to town and rented an apartment on Carson street. Marc went gambling on January 11th and lose most of the money had, causing an argument that would turn violent. Marc beat up Gladys as well as Crystal and both were hurt badly. The next morning, Crystal was complaining of a stomach ache so Gladys went to the drugstore to get her some medication. When she returned, Crystal had a seizure. Wrapping her in a blue blanket, Marc and Gladys put her into the car to take her to the hospital. It was decided that the two looked beat up to the extent that they didn't want to be seen at the hospital. At some point, Crystal stopped breathing and Marc and Gladys started to panic. Driving around until they found a dumpster, they threw Crystal's body into the dumpster, still wrapped in the blue blanket. Marc then drove back to the apartment where they packed up all of their belongings and left. The police report states that everything was put into one car and left the other one in Las Vegas. Gladys would later state that she and Marc had planned to drop the other children off with family members and then go kill themselves.

Police came up with this picture to show people to help get Crystal's body identified:

Autopsy showed that Crystal had many bruises to her face as well as contusions to the chest, stomach, back and bottom, arms, legs hands and feet. Also found were two broken ribs and a lacerated pancreas. What kind of animal could do that to a child? What kind of a mother wouldn't DIE trying to defend that child? A news conference was held in which Metro Lt. Lew Robers said:

"Thank God for the detective work of a deputy out of California that put two and two
together and gave us a call" 

This was after after he had filed a report with a woman saying that her granddaughter was missing. He went on to say that through detective work he had been given a picture which was shown to the grandmother who had immediately identified the child as her granddaughter as well as the coat she had bought for her. Lt Roberts said
that this was a case in which they had received a lucky break. Police went to California and arrested Gladys Perez who was charged with murder. Marc Colon  had gone to Minnesota and was later picked up on a parole violation out of California and charged with murder.

In October of 2008, a jury convicted Marc Anthony Colon and sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Gladys Perez was sentenced to life in prison WITH the possibility of parole. A sentence I don't even try to understand any more. Life in prison should MEAN life, you spend your life in there, you die in there.

Memorials set up for Crystal

Oh good...look, Gladys has apologized for what happened. NOW it's all better :::insert eyeroll here:::

Mom apologizes in Crystal Figueroa murder case
Updated: Dec 12, 2008 2:40 PM PST

The court heard a tearful apology Friday from the woman convicted of killing her 3-year-old daughter.

Gladys Perez appeared before a judge to be sentenced on child abuse and neglect charges.

A jury already convicted her and gave her a life sentence for her role in the death of Crystal Figueroa.

Perez said she let a lot of people in her life down, but she said she mainly let Crystal down.

Perez said, "Baby, wherever you are, I know you can hear me, and you know what is in mommy's heart.  I'm so sorry for failing you."

Perez was given 5-20 years for the abuse and neglect charges.

Those sentences will run concurrent with her life sentence, so she will be eligible for parole in 20 years.


Her real name was Crystal Figueroa.

When the 3-year-old girl's bruised body was found in a trash bin of a Las Vegas apartment complex on Jan. 12, the tragedy gripped the public's attention and swept across the national news as law enforcement sought to give her a name. "America's Most Wanted" took an interest in the case and the anonymous child finally was identified by her paternal grandmother in Tulare, Calif.

Crystal's mother, Gladys Perez, and boyfriend Marc Anthony Colon were arrested and charged with murder and child abuse. According to police, Colon had beaten both Perez and Crystal during an argument after Colon lost all their money while gambling on a trip to Las Vegas. A short time later, the child died. The couple were afraid to take her to a hospital, so they wrapped Crystal's body in a blanket and left her in a trash bin before leaving town.

"I love that girl," Colon said during an interview with a Las Vegas homicide detective. "She kissed me on the lips before she died."

Death occurred in the state of Nevada

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