Maximillian & Saga Janguestig
May 5, 2007 - March 17, 2008 - May 3, 2005 - March 17, 2008
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Buried together in the same casket are two beautiful children who never should have died. Holding the hand of
his little sister, forever, Maximillian and Saga will rest in peace together for eternity.

Christine Shurrer met a man named Torgny Hellgren when he decided it was time to take a vacation to the Greek
Island of Grete. The two met and began a short "relationship" of some sort. After a few days, Torgny returned to
Sweden and life went on. Unexpectedly, Christine showed up one day in Arbogo, Sweden, where Torgny lived.
Torgny decided to give the relationship a shot since he had enjoyed spending time with her on vacation. Soon
realizing that he had made a mistake, he sent her a text message breaking up with her. Christine was not very
happy about the decision so she faked a pregnancy and when that didn't work, she tried to kill herself. Torgny
took care of her during her recovery and then put her on a plane back to Germany.

Torgny met Emma Janguestig shortly after that and the two got along very well, soon moving in together with her
and her two children, Max and Saga. Unfortunately for the couple, Christine was not ready to let Torgny go, she was obsessed with him to the point of stalking him. Torgny realized that Christine was mentally unstable and wanted nothing to do with her. After sending countless e-mails, text messages and making many phone calls that did no good, Christine got desperate.

On March 17, 2008, Christine flew back to Sweden and ended up at the door of what she considered to be the
problem, Emma Janguestig. Christine brought with her what is said to have been a hammer like object.. Emma would later say that she only remembered answering the door and nothing after that. Christine began to hit Emma with hammer at which point Max came out to protect his mother and became the next to get hit with the hammer. After striking Max many times, Christine then began to hit Saga, both children would die from the blows while their mother would survive.

At first, authorities suspected the father of the children, Niklas Janguestig had been the one to kill the children
and attempt to kill Emma. Emma and Niklas were separated at the time of the attack. Niklas was arrested and held for many hours after the murders and was asked if he wanted a sedative to calm him down before he was told that he was going to be charged with their murders. The fact of the matter was that Niklas didn't even know that his children had been killed until police informed him. Niklas told his lawyer Kari Skonebrant:

"Then I fell apart. I panicked and found it hard to breathe. The feeling that you get when you know
your children are dead and then that you are the one accused of their murder is indescribable.
Everything just vanishes"

In court, Niklas Janguestig would also say:

"My children were not murdered. They were butchered like animals. I sat with my children for around
two hours and cried and cried"

Niklas also said that it wasn't until seeing their battered little bodies that he realized his children were gone
forever and the agonizing manner of their death.


Christine was convicted of murdering Max and Saga and of the attempted murder of their mother. The sentence
that she received was life in prison and in February of 2009, that sentence was upheld. Of course she and her
attorneys are appealing saying that she WAS in Sweden that night, but she was there to see a stone ruin and did
not visit Christine or kill her children. According to the law in Sweden, life in prison translates to about 12 years in
real time. Christine will be released from prison, after killing two beautiful children and trying to kill their mother, in
the year 2017. She will be deported back to Germany at that time.

Death Occurred in Sweden

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