Amora Bain Carson
November 12, 2007 - December 2, 2008
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How does it happen that a man who is SUPPOSED to be in jail ends up murdering a 13 month old baby in the
name of an exorcism? To make things worse, the man was not even supposed to be around any children who
were not his own biological children or his siblings. An unregistered, 19 year old sex offender, Blaine Milam was
given access to a child by her mother, Jessica Carson. That access would deny the child her right to live.

Reports say that Blaine Milam was sentenced in court by Judge Clay Gossett to spend 180 days in jail, this
would have kept him behind bards until February of 2008 and if it had happened, he never would have been able to kill Amora Carson. Blaine had never registered as a sex offender like he was supposed to. District Attorney Michael Jimerson said that anytime a sentence is ordered as part of a probation agreement, the jail time is to be served before the person can begin probation. He also stated that Blaine should NOT have been out of jail during the time he was able to murder Amora. As it turns out, Blaine was allowed out of jail on a work release program and was expected to serve his 180 days. What actually happened was that he served 48 days, walked out and then never went back. Blaine was able to move to a new county and no one was aware of where he was.

Blaine had been in jail for breaking into a home in the area where he lived. While he was inside the home he found the bedroom of a 13 year old girl and went through her belongings:

"He went through her underwear drawer and then took adult magazine pictures he cut out
and wrote obscene notes on the pictures telling her he would like to perform each act
with her"
William Brown - Rusk County District Attorney

At that time, Blaine was charged with criminal solicitation of a minor, never having had any physical contact with
the 13 year old girl. While out, Blaine hooked up with Jessica Carson. Eventually the two would become convinced, or so they say, that baby Amora was possessed by demons. The couple decided to do an exorcism that would lead to the death of the beautiful baby Amora. The couple claim to have been trying to beat the demons out of Amora.

In court, a Forensic Pathologist said that Amora's injuries were "shocking". Dr Keith Pinckard provided a long
list of injuries which Amora had suffered during the beating, saying that several of them could have been the one
fatal blow. Amora had numerous broken bones, lacerations of the brain and liver and severe tears to her sexual
organs and Dr Pinckard said those injuries had occurred before death. Amora had at least 24 bite marks on her body from her toes all the way up to her face. Dr Pinckard also said that due to the extent of her injuries, there was no way for him to determine which of them had been the one to kill her.

During the trial District Attorney Michael Mimerson apologized for what the jurors would have to go through during this the trial. He warned that the murder was brutal and what the police had found when the entered that home had caused nightmares. He added:

"Justice for Amora Bain Carson is worth facing what you're going to have to face"

Blaine's attorney tried to say that Jessica was depressed and that she was the one who had killed Amora:

"She lost touch with reality and lost touch with her daughter. She acted on those
delusional thoughts"

Attorney Rick Hagan

At one point the jury was taken out of the courtroom and Don Killingsworth, Attorney for Jessica Carson made it
clear that Jessica was going to use her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself. Jessica was lead into the courtroom in shackles and Don Killingsworth asked her if she was invoking her Fifth Amendment right not to testify and she said "yes".  When asked if she was called to testify if she would invoke her Fifth Amendment right not to testify, she said that she would not testify.

It would come out later that the couple claimed they were trying to exorcise demons out of the this sweet little Angel of a baby girl.

In May of 2008, a jury found Blaine Milam guilty and sentenced him to death for what he did to this little Angel. The defense team is saying that Blaine has no clue what is going on that he is mentally retarded, child like.

Jessica was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. She stood silent in court and only nodded her head in response to the judge.

Richard Mutina, Amora's grandfather made a statement:

"Jessie, this has been one of the worst days of my life. I thought long on end what I was going
to tell you. Heather has suffered. I've suffered and Arlene has called me constantly. I want you
to know, I don't hate you. I hate the acts y'all committed. It's affected the lives of not only me
and my family buy many jury members. No matter how much punishment you receive, you will
never suffer the way my granddaughter did. We did care and I still care. Amora is in my home,
in picture frames. That's all I have left of her, besides her daddy who served his country. You're
getting off easy compared to what she got"


In May of 2012, the Texas Court Of Criminal Appeal upheld the death sentence for Blaine Milam. Defense Lawyers tried to say there were 20 errors during his trial, the Court Of Appeals didn't agree.

In March of 2014, a documentary show came out featuring death row inmates. Watching the show "On Death Row", I learned a few things about Blaine's time on death row.

Inmate 999558, Blaine Milam, was the youngest inmate on death row at the time of his conviction. On death row, Blaine has access to radio and news papers, though he has no access to television. Blaine was being interviewed for the show and was talking about how he was in "F" Pod, which is a punishment pod and he had been there twice before, this time he was there for getting "busted with some wine".

Blaine's mother is interviewed during the program and she talks about how she is afraid for him to die because she knows he is innocent. Video was shown of Blaine and Jessica going to a pawn shop and the gas station, all while Amora laid dead in the trailer among dirt and trash.

Upon returning home, Blaine made a calm call to 911 to say that he had just found his daughter and she was dead. Jessica ends up on the phone at some point and she's crying and the 911 operator is telling her to try CPR, Jessica tells Blaine to bring Amora to the phone.

Blaine talks about he Jessica thought their apartment was possessed by demons and she brought home a Ouija board and that it just got into their heads after a while. Blaine said that Jessica told him Amora was possessed and he didn't know how she could tell that of a baby, but he believed it after she said it, though he said "I didn't kill that girl".

A taped interview with Jessica is played during the show and she talks about how Blaine's father had recently died and they bought the Ouija board thinking it was like a telephone to Heaven. Jessica tells the officer that she can tell him the truth, but he won't believe her, he assures he that he will. Jessica says that the couple was talking to their fathers through the Ouija board and she says the devil went into Blaine. Jessica tells the Officer that she knows it sounds crazy, but she would not be making "this stuff" up.

Jessica said the devil went inside her and told her he was going to take Blaine's soul that night and she was really freaked out and she knew that it had gone into her daughter and she suggested they go to a Priest to get an exorcism. The Devil, inside of Blaine, told Jessica that God told him it was too late for that. Blaine told Jessica that if Amora didn't die right then, her soul would belong to Satan for the rest of her life.

During the interview, Blaine was asked what the devil looks like, his answer was that the devil looks like nothing and he couldn't answer the question. When asked again, he said "I guess like, you or me I guess, I don't know". He said death row was serious and they don't treat you nice there.

Interestingly, or quite sadly, a cousin of Blaine's was interviewed and when talking about the movie "The Exorcist", she had her facts ALL wrong. Tammy Russell said that the movie was actually real, that they filmed it as it was happening and that there was no way a person could turn their head all the way around like that. Apparently this cousin has no clue about the way movies work, Linda Blair is alive and well and that actual person who was supposedly possessed in the real life version, was a boy. This woman must believe that the movie was a documentary being filmed as it happened, but she needs a reality check for sure. The cousin went on to say that there was no way a baby can be possessed, the Lord would not let it happen.

Blaine's defense attorney, Stephen Jackson, said that he spent about four months total with Blaine and it was the longest case of his career. Stephen said that Blaine was a like a child, talking about cartoons and other childish things the way his own children did. While the jury was out deciding on if Blaine would the get the death penalty or not, they watched "Scooby Doo" cartoons and the Stephen said that when they knocked on the door to announce they had reached a verdict, Blaine wanted to finish the cartoon, that Blaine had no idea the seriousness of what was going on that while anyone else would upset, shaking and praying for their life, Blaine only wanted to finish watching "Scooby Doo".

Stephen said of Blaine's actions that day:

 "This is not a devil" children are not evil like this. This was the act of someone who
had an intelligent or an intelligence about em and this wasn't Blaine"

"He leans over to me and I'll never forget it and he says "Why do these people not
like me, why do they wanna kill me?"

Blaine says he prepares himself for his execution by telling himself and his mother that it's going to be okay no matter what and that he needs her to know that whatever happens, he's going to be okay, not worry about him and to keep on praying. Blaine says in the interview that everything is happening so fast and he doesn't understand it. When asked how much he understands about the death of Amora he replies:

"Why did it had to happen? Why DID it happen? Why? It's all, I mean I know
we shouldn't ask why, but you know, we want questions. Why did it had
to happen? Why did it happen like this? Why did, why couldn't it have been
me? You know, why couldn't, I mean, I don't understand it. I wish I could go
back and stop it, but I can't. I don't know how it got so far I don't understand
how it got this far, but it did. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do"

Today is June 8, 2014 and as far as I can tell, there has been no date set for the execution of Blaine Milam.

Death Occurred in the state of Texas

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