Alexandra Anaya
November 4, 1992 - August 13, 2005
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On August 16, 2005 the body of a child was found floating in the Calumet River in Chicago, Illinois. The body
would be identified as Alexandra Anaya, a girl who went missing on August 13, 2005. A 14 year old boy who
was riding in a speed boat with his parents, spotted the body.

Autopsy would not reveal a cause of death, though the Medical Examiners office ruled the death a homicide.
Ron Johnson, who has since retired said he would never forget Alexandra Anaya and wonders who ever could
forget what happened to her. Alexandra's body had been weighed down with chains and straps to hold her down
in the river and her head, arms and legs were missing.

"Who could have done this? She was only a little girl"
Virginia Rodriguez - Relative

"I never don't think about it. It's always on my mind"
Ron Johnson

After being called to the police station, Sandra Anaya told them that Alexandra had a scar on her chin and that she had a sprained ankle. At that point, Sandra was unaware that her daughters torso had been all that was recovered. When Sandra Anaya was told that the body was definitely her daughter, she broke down. Sandra would need need to provide DNA for positive identification of her daughter. Later when she was told that the torso was her daughters, Sandra broke down:

"She just fell apart, went down to her knees and crawled on the floor, crying and screaming, just lost it"
Ron Johnson

Sandra told me that Alex was a beautiful child, kind and gentle who loved her twin sisters. Alex also loved animals and her hope was to be a veterinarian when she grew up. Playing soccer and horseback riding were just two of the things that Alex enjoyed in life. She loved everybody and always had a smile on her face. Sandra informed me that as of this date, October 2, 2011, no one has been charged in the death of her daughter. The family has been in so much pain and miss her terribly. I thank Sandra whole heartedly for sending me information about her Alex and for sending me the beautiful pictures of her.

Alexandra with her sisters, Romy and Roxy

Chicago Police Department Homicide Detective Sylvia Van Witzenburg said that everyone was a suspect and
was hoping that neighbors and people from Alexandra's school would come forward with any information that
they had. Shortly after Alexandra's death, Rodolfo Herediea was in court on charges that he had stalked the
family of Sandra Anaya. He was acquitted of those charges.

Reports say that Rodolfo and Sandra had a relationship for about nine years and though he was not Alexandra's biological father, Sandra and Rudolfo did have a set of twins together. Also stated is information that the couple had split up several times over the years and then got back together. It is reported that for six of those nine years, Rodolfo had been molesting Alexandra. After Alexandra told her mother about the abuse, Sandra ended her long relationship with Rodolfo. Rudolfo told Sandra that he would not take no for an answer and that she was his. In September, Rodolfo admitted to police that he had been stalking Sandra and her family and that he had made a key to her home and when he was caught inside the home, he told her that the door had been unlocked. Sandra changed the locks after that incident. Three years after his retirement, Ron Johnson still hopes that someone will come forward and help to solve this case. Though he no longer has the job of solving the murder of Alexandra Anaya, it is something that plagues him every day and he keeps his own file on her case:

"This one, they're so close to doing something with this case"
Ron Johnson

Alexandra's family has since moved to Texas and says they can still remember her in the home on her birthday
and during the holidays. 

"I still hold out hope that they will find the rest of her and someone will pay for her murder.
They took  13 years of my life one night. I feel my daughter doesn't rest in peace. Her
hands are somewhere else. Her head is somewhere else"
Sandra Anaya



Alexandra M. Anaya

Alexandra M. Anaya Hammond, IN Alexandra M. Anaya, 13 of Hammond, passed away Tuesday, August 13, 2005.

She is survived by her mother, Sandra Anaya; two sisters: Rony and Roxanne Heredia; maternal grandfather, Francisco J. Anaya; aunt, Martha Urbina; two uncles: Ignacio and Raymundo Urbina and four cousins: Maria Enriquez, Fabian and Felicia Urbina and Jaime Krieter; many other relatives and friends.

A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fife Funeral Home, 4201 Indianapolis Blvd., East Chicago, with Rev. Stephen Gibson, officiating.

Visitation at the Fife Funeral Home from 3 to 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Alexandra was a seventh grader at Clark Middle School. 


The date today is June 4, 2014. I did a search to find out if anything new was reported about the death of this beautiful young girl. Nothing new has come up and no one has been charged with her murder up to this date. Very sad!

Death Occurred in the state of Indiana

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