Eileen Adams
1954 - December 1967
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In 1967, a teen aged girl disappeared. Eileen Adams didn't come home one day and her family was worried that
something terrible had happened. They were right. Though it was only one week before Christmas and the family
was hopeful that they would receive a miracle, that Eileen would come walking through the door, it would not happen.

Eileen was 14 years old in this picture.

Robert Bowman had kidnapped Eileen and was holding her in his basement for days before he finally killed her
and dumped her body in Michigan. Before killing her, Robert sexually assaulted Eileen and nailed her to a cross in the basement of his home. Robert's wife, Margaret testified that she was hanging laundry in their basement and she thought she heard mice. When she opened a wooden door, Margaret saw a girl hanging up like Jesus.
After running upstairs and being confronted by her husband, he told her that now he was going to have to kill the
girl and threatened to kill Margaret and their newborn child if she told anyone what she had seen. Later that night,
Robert drove a nail through the back of Eileen's head and made his wife go with him to get rid of her body.

Mary Ann Brimmer was a child when Eileen disappeared. In court she spoke of waiting for a miracle at Christmas time. Mary said that she and her six other siblings had never forgotten Eileen. Two of those siblings have since died as well as both of Mary's parents. In court, Mary said that her parents changed after the death of her sister, that her father had started drinking and her mother started to pray:

"Mom and Dad became strangers to the rest of u"

Another sister, Maggie Kirschman was eight years old when Eileen was murdered and she said that back in 1980, after Margaret had come forward with the facts in the case, they knew it had been Robert who killed their sister:

"It was as if there was nothing we could do. It made us all sick"

Robert Bowman, who at one time in his life had been a very successful businessman, disappeared in the 80's, becoming a street person in Florida and California. Detectives had tried to show that he was the one who had
killed Eileen, there just wasn't enough evidence. A cold case investigation would follow and would bring up DNA
evidence that linked Robert to the killing and he was arrested near Palm Springs, California in 2008. At the time
of his arrest, Robert was living in an abandoned restaurant wearing old clothes and a beard. In the restaurant,
detectives found three dolls hanging from the ceiling. Two of those dolls had nails driven into their heads and their
feet were tied with string. Robert denied being involved in any way in the killing of Eileen claiming it just wasn't something he would do. Robert talked to the police for awhile and then he just disappeared, again.

It would be three decades later when Eileen's father, who was very sick at the time, met and  off duty police officer and asked him to check further into her death. Robert Bowman was arrested two years later and three weeks after his arrest, Eileen's father died. Robert was arrested after he was profiled on "America's Most Wanted" and police saw him riding a bike in Southern California. He had been living in the desert under a tarp.

Margaret Bowman was a key witness in the trial, at one point she testified that she had found Robert naked in
the basement just after Eileen had gone missing all those years ago. In court, Peter Rost, Robert's Defense Attorney made attempts to cast doubt on what she had testified to. Peter wondered why she had waited 14 years to tell her story as well as why she had stayed with Robert for many so many years, even moving several times with him.

In October of 2011, Robert Bowman, who was 75 years old,  was convicted of the murder of Eileen Adams and sentenced to spend life in prison. In court Robert had said:

"I recognize the pain and suffering I've just heard. I'm not responsible for that.
I feel no remorse"

Death Occurred in the state of Ohio

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