Erin Elizabeth Maxwell
1997 - August 29, 2008
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Erin Maxwell would go to school hungry every day. No one wanted to be friends with Erin because she would end up stealing food from them. At one point, the principal of her school was paying for her lunch for her because Erin's parents would not fill out the forms for her to receive free lunch. Teachers remember that Erin's parents never came to the school to watch her in any programs she performed in and that she spent most of her time alone.

In what the school nurse called an extreme case, Erin came to school in filthy, smelly clothing. The school nurse would allow her to change into clean clothes at school,  however, at the end of the day, Erin had to go home in the dirty clothes she had worn to school because her father insisted that no one should help her. Many people knew of the abuse that Erin was going through, many people reported it, nothing was done to stop it. Erin died at the hands of her stepbrother

On August 31, 2008, a 911 call was made and after being transported to the hospital, Erin Elizabeth Maxwell died. CPS had been to the home of Erin Maxwell several times and even though the conditions there were far from safe and stable, Erin was left in the home:

"When state police were called to Erin Maxwells home on August 29, they were
appalled by what they found. They encounter an overpower stench, more than 100
cats and other animals, piles of garbage and excrement. Before they could investigate
the homicide of the 11 year girl, troopers called in the SPCA to clear out the animals"

Reports given to CPS concerning Erin were numerous. Among the complaints, Erin smelled of cat urine all the time and the smell offended those around here. Erin had been hit with a belt, locked in her room, many times went to bed without eating any dinner, the home was filled with garbage and feces, Erin was often left in the care of her mentally slow half brother, there were mice in the home and that Erin would have to steal food and hide if for later if she didn't want to dig in the trash can for food. Frances Lanigan who is a Social Worker with the Oswego County Social Services said that at the time of the visits to the home, there was no reason to remove Erin. Who is he trying to kid? That child should have been removed during the first visit.

In September of 2009, Alan Jones was found guilty of second degree murder for using a rope to strangle his stepsister, Erin Maxwell. For two days, the jury considered the evidence and found him guilty even though his lawyer had tried to say that Erin hanged herself on accident while acting out a scene from the movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End". Alan was sentenced to 25 years to life for killing Erin. Alan is serving his time in Clinton Correctional Facility in Clinton County New York. Let's hope he never sees freedom again.

During his closing arguments, Salvatore Lanza said that the medical examiner who had done an autopsy on Erin did not know all of the facts and he questioned the investigation by the police saying that none of Alan's DNA was
found on the rope or on Erin.

On October 12, 2009, Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell were both sentenced to two years in the Oswego Country Correctional Facility for what they did to Erin. Town Justice Robert Wood sentenced them on four misdemeanor counts each of endangering the welfare of a child and said they must serve at least 16 months before they would be eligible for parole. Salvatore Lanza, their lawyer said that he was going to file an appeal as well as an order staying the execution of the sentence, which would allow them to stay out of jail while their appeal was decided.

While exiting the court house, there was a crowd, understandably upset about what had been done to this little girl. The crowd began to shout things such as "You're going to get yours in jail" and "How does it feel". Ever the
professional, Salvatore yelled back at them:

"Go back to your trailers all of you. Go and collect your Social Security
Disability and welfare"

Apparently, Salvatore is unable to see that the people he should be upset with and talking down to, are the very people he was defending who allowed an innocent little girl to live her life in a filthy home and be killed by her

On January 24, 2011, Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell were released from prison after serving out their sentences. Salvatore claims to not know where they are staying:

"They are living somewhere in Central New York, but they want their privacy now.
They've done their time and they got off for good behavior. You won't see them in
trouble again"


Erin, at a time when she seemed to be very happy, with her Aunt.
Look how much they look alike!

Maxwell House Burns
by: Laura Hand
Posted 11.21.2009 at 8:12 a.m.

Palermo house on fire Saturday morning

The Palermo home where eleven year old Erin Maxwell was murdered has gone up in flames. Oswego County volunteers say flames were shooting from the house on Route 264 when they got the call just after 1:30 Saturday
morning. The outside is still standing, however, windows are blackened and the inside is charred.

The home played a big part in the trials after the eleven year olds death: her father and stepmother are now in jail, found guilty of endangering Erin's welfare with dirty conditions inside the home---animal waste and more found by investigators after her death. It's believed the house was empty: Erin's stepbrother was found guilty of her murder and will be doing prison time.

The Oswego Sheriff's Department is investigating the fire, which comes on the morning of dedications ceremonies for a new Erin Maxwell Memorial: a bench and playground monorail at Palermo Town Park. The
dedication ceremony is at noon.
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