Dani Jaidyn Mayo
July 5, 2008 - October 28, 2011
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On October 27, 2011, Corey Daniels, who was 22 at that time, called 911 to report that his stepdaughter had
choked on a hot dog and was not breathing. That would turn out to be a lie.  When police arrived at the home, they found three year old Dani Mayo was covered in bruises. Dani was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered that she had multiple skull fractures an bleeding in her brain. At that time, Corey admitted that he had beaten Dani with a belt and his fist.

Corey was held and charged with child abuse until Saturday when charges were upgraded to murder after Dani
died. Corey then admitted that he had punished Dani for talking back to him and not eating her hot dog. How can
this man say he punished her? He killed her, KILLED HER for talking back and not eating her hot dog. Corey hit Dani more than 35 times and kept hitting her even after she fell to the floor. Cory also said that he had bitten her a few weeks before after she had wet her pants, according to police. Why didn't Mom see a bite mark and ask questions? Dani's mother was at work while she was being beaten. This case comes about just at the end of
National Domestic Violence Awareness month. A neighbor said that Corey didn't seem like the type to do some-
thing like this:

"Mom was just screaming and yelling and crying, wanting to know what was going on, what
was happening to her baby. I did hear the guy holding her back say she was choking --
she was choking"
Peter Milhon - Neighbor

"It was horrible to hear her wails. I couldn't imagine losing a child in that manner -
especially to someone you trusted"
Brittany Beaver - Neighbor

Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police said that even the most experienced officers were shocked by what
they had seen, the severity of the violence that Cory had used on Dani:

"The Detectives told me it was one of the worst cases they have ever seen, and these are
seasoned Detectives"

Police later found pictures on Ambreatte Daniels cell phone that showed the suffering her daughter went though.
A warrant was served and the cell phone pictures as well as conversations with Cory, revealed that between the dates of September 3 and October 13 of 2011, Dani had been abused by her stepfather. Cory had asked
Ambreatte to tell him where the duct tape was because he apparently wanted to duct tape her hands together
so he could spank her. All Ambreatte replied was for Corey not to use a belt on the child. Ambreatte told the police that she knew Corey used a belt on her daughter.

What kind of a piece of trash would allow the abuse her daughter and do NOTHING about it?

An autopsy showed that Dani had multiple blunt force trauma injuries and her brain was swelling as well as bruises in various stages of healing.

Corey was being held on $850,000. bond.

Dani Jaidyn Mayo

Mayo, Dani Jaidyn

3 of Phoenix, passed away October 28, 2011. Visitation Saturday November 5th 10AM at Phoenix First  Assembly. Funeral service immediately following at 11. Interment private. Preston Funeral home serving the family.


In October of 2013, Ambreatte Daniels, who sometimes goes by the name Abreacted Smith, plead guilty to abuse charges she was facing.

As of today, June 12, 2014, I am unable to find information about her sentence or if Corey has gone to court yet.

Death Occurred in the state of Arizona

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