Jazmyn Weiker-Hanson
- July 5, 2009

Police say that Justin David Lake, who was 30 years old at the time,  smoked Marijuana three times on the day he was supposed to be babysitting his girlfriends daughter. Justin was facing two counts of second-degree manslaughter that day. When the EMTS arrived at the home, Jazmyn was unresponsive, she was only two years old and her life was about to end.

Justin told police that he was watching Jazmyn and he could heard her jumping on the bed in her room, from the
living room where he was and he heard her fall. When Justin checked on her she supposedly reached out to him
with her arms and then just laid down and went to sleep. Another story he told was that he was swinging her around by her ankles, lost his balance and then slipped on a blanket which caused her to hit her head on the door. Jazmyn was transported to St Mary's Hospital in Rochester where doctors said that he injuries were worse than what would occur from falling off of a bed. Surgery was perfumed to relieve pressure on her brain, though sadly, after her surgery she suffered a stroke on her brain and life support was removed. Jazmyn died on July 5, 2009.

An autopsy stated the cause of death could not be determined, though it did say that her death was caused by a
traumatic closed head injury and likely assault. Also stated in the report was the fact that Jazmyn had a condition
known as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, which is a bleeding disorder and though it did contribute to her
death, it as not the cause.

In court, Prosecutors brought up the David's failure to seek medical attention for Jazmyn. David said that he did
not want to call 911 unnecessarily and instead called Tabitha Hanson, Jazmyn's mother, though he got no
response from her then he called his mother, then Cannon Falls Hospital and finally 911. David said that Jazmyn
was semi conscious and since he knew she was hurt, he was going to give her some Tylenol after putting her on
the couch and feeling her head which seemed to be soft. Jazmyn started to make a funny noise, described by
David as an exhale somebody would make on their last breath, so he didn't give her any Tylenol.

Tabitha said that she left David's apartment at about 6:30 to go shopping at Walmart and when she came back
at 8:30, the police were already there and she said she had left her cell phone at the apartment. Removed from
his home that even by Jessica Lake, was a tackle box which contained drug paraphernalia, martial arts weapons
and a safe.

David was free on bail and living with his parents, awaiting his trial. David didn't have much to fear though, he
plead guilty to manslaughter and on April 15, 2011, received a DISGUSTINGLY INADEQUATE sentence of a 58 months, after facing an almost as disgusting sentence of only ten years. Oh, I must add that David will also have to pay $2,063. dollars in restitution. What is wrong in our society when children can be abused, tortured and even killed and the people responsible are barely punished for it?

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