Tegan Davis
February 27, 1979 - March 11, 1982
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Seth Davos
July 18, 1981 - October 10, 2002
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Marybeth Davis had denied, for 25 years, that she had killed her children by poisoning them. Marybeth was a registered nurse at that time and she was convicted of first degree murder in the death of her daughter, Tegan and her sentence was life in prison. Seth, her son, was permanently disabled and lived for 21 years after that.

Two times, Marybeth had faced West Virginia's Supreme Court and both times she had denied having anything to do with the poisoning deaths of her children. In October of 2007, Marybeth stood before a judge and after serving a sentence of only 3,640 days in prison, she walked out a free woman. Prosecutors stated that the plea deal she had been offered was justice served. Paul Detch, Marybeth's lawyer said it was a brilliant move:

"If this is what you have to do in our system to get out of prison, then do it. She got out the
way she could. She had no choice but to utter "yes" at the end of the paragraph to get released"

Marybeth had been serving her sentence for the caffeine-induced death of Tegan, her three year old daughter
and the Insulin poisoning of Seth, her ten week old son.

Here is a time line of events:

September 30, 1981: Marybeth gave her ten week old son, Seth, an injection of Insulin. Seth suffered brain damage and was left in a permanent, vegetative state.

March 11, 1982: Tegan, Marybeth's three year old became ill and died. It was later discovered that Marybeth had given her daughter diet pills and she died of a caffeine overdose. After investigating, the County Prosecutor who had been on the case died in 1986, never having pursued an indictment.

In 1995: State Police Sgt. Mike Spradlin, who was a cold case investigator, heard about the Davis children's case and decided to investigate what seemed like more than just a coincidence to him.

In December 1996: Marybeth is indicted by a Greenbrier County Grand Jury on one count of first degree murder for the death of her daughter, Tegan and count of attempted poisoning for injecting Insulin into her son, Seth. It was said by Prosecutors that Marybeth was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy. The Defense tried to say that both children suffered from undiagnosed, genetically linked metabolic diseases.

September 15, 1997: Marybeth was convicted on both counts and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

1987: Gary and Marybeth Davis get divorced. However, before they divorced, they adopted a baby girl and
named her Katybeth. Marybeth also gave birth to another baby, Gary Richard.

April 2002: Tegan's body is exhumed as Marybeth's defense Attorneys are trying to find new evidence to clear
her of the murder.

October 10, 2002: Seth Davis died in a nursing home after 21 years of living in a vegetative state. A Pennsylvania Coroner sites the cause of death as homicide.

December 2004: The West Virginia Supreme Court denies an appeal for a new trial for Marybeth. The vote was
4 to 1.

2005: Marybeth filed a motion in Circuit Court claiming she had ineffective counsel and wants a new trial.

October 5, 2007: Marybeth enters a plea agreement where she pleads guilty to two counts of attempt to injure
a child by poisoning them. Marybeth's new sentence is for 18 years on each count and those sentences are to be
served concurrently. It is determined that since she has been in prison for over ten years, she might be eligible
for parole immediately.

On the day she went to court for the last time, it was noted that a plea deal had been made that would effectively
dispose of the older cases and filings:

"I have a plea agreement which effectively disposed of those cases. The plea agreement has been
entered by myself and I have discussed it with former Prosecutor Mark Burnette on three
occasions and he is in total agreement not only with the resolution, but the recommendation
of the state. Today is the first time she ever accepted responsibility for what she did. I stand by the
plea agreement, I'm not condoning anything she did"
Keven Hanson - Prosecutor

There were at least six family members and friends who attended Marybeth's hearing. Gary Davis, her ex-
husband was there and said:

"It is of my opinion that they, the children, were raised properly and with great love. I have never
once witnessed her harm any of her four children"

This man is a Physician, after seeing the comment he made, I wouldn't go to him. How can be so cold and what
seems unfeeling about the deaths of his children? How can he be so cold after his ex-wife ADMITTED that she
had killed those babies? When asked similar questions, he chose not to answer.

In October of 2007, Marybeth Davis was released from prison.

Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania

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