Bethany Marie Kennerley
July 2006 - October 3, 2009

Imagine coming home to find out that your precious little Angel faced daughter was dead, killed by her mother.
Then imagine finding out that the daughter you love and raised for three years, wasn't even your own biological child. Miles Kennerley had to face two harsh realities:

"Bethany was the kind of little girl who mad everyone smile when she walked
into a room. She was such a bundle of fun who could melt anyone's heart. I brought
her up as my daughter for three years and three months. She used to call me dad.
She was my Angel. The last words I remember her saying to me prior to this incident
 were said at school. She shouted out "THAT'S MY DADDY". She came across and gave
me a big hug. Not a days goes by when I don't think about Bethany and our experiences
and life together.

As a result of what's happened to Bethany, my family and I have been emotionally
crushed. Not only have I had to deal with the anguish of Bethany's death, but I have also
had to come to terms with finding out that she was not my biological daughter. This
fact made absolutely no difference to my feelings for Bethany. However, this is a double
blow from which my family will never recover. Please rest in peace Boo"
Miles Kennerley

An ambulance was called to home in Redwood, Cheadle Heath, which is near Stockport. Inside, paramedics
would find the body of a beautiful little three year old girl and then they would call the police. Also inside, a 42 year old woman named Helen Cauldwell had superficial wounds to her wrists, from an apparent attempt at suicide, she was taken to the hospital. Helen would also be the one to be arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of her daughter.

Neighbors were shocked to learn of the death of Bethany. One neighbor said:

"She was a delightful little girl and was always well turned out and seemed to be
much loved. It is shocking that we will not see her smiling face around anymore. The
family will be absolutely devastated and whatever has happened is an absolute tragedy"

Another neighbor said that she did not know the family well though she had seen Bethany out with her mother and she was a lovely little thing.

A police watchdog did an investigation into reported contact between officers and Helen the week before the death of Bethany. Greater Manchester Police had been in contact with Helen twice during the week before the
death of her daughter, one of those times was just the day before she died. The independent Police Complaints Commission was going to do their own investigation on how the officers had responded and if the death of this little girl could have been prevented. Police had records of the two visits, however, details were not going to be released due to an ongoing investigation"

"At this stage, there does not appear to be anything within the previous contact
which might suggest a direct threat to Bethany's life. However, I believe it is important
that an independent investigation is conducted to examine the nature and content of
the previous contact with Greater Manchester Police and how they responded to that
contact. This will help identify whether anything more could or should have been done
and whether any lessons can be learned from this tragedy"

Reports are that the problem causing police to be called was that the day before her death, Miles and Helen had both shown up at her school, wanting to take her home with them. The couple was separated at the time and were living in separate homes. The head teacher at the school was concerned and called the police, however, by the time they arrived, the couple had resolved the issue and Helen ended up taking Bethany home.

Miles and Helen had only been married for five months when they were already having a issues and had been living apart. Miles was fighting for custody of Bethany, unaware that it was a man Helen had been having an affair with, Marc Davies, who was the biological father. Helen already had three children from her first husband, Ian Caudwell. In 2005, when she became pregnant, Helen had told both Miles and Marc they were the father, however, neither new about the other.

The day after the incident at the school, Bethany would be found dead. Helen at first tried to tell police that she had rolled over on top of her daughter and that is how she was suffocated. Changing her story, she later said that because of an abnormality of mind, she suffered from diminished responsibility at the time of killing her daughter, for which she used a stuffed Piglet toy, found laying next to Bethany's body, to smother her.

An autopsy revealed that Bethany had been smothered. Senior Investigator, Officer Andre Tattersall said:

"This is a truly tragic case that has had terrible consequences for all concerned.
We might never know for sure why Cauldwell committed this most unnatural of crimes.
 We do know that is has devastated a family and ended the life of a lovely girl. Caudwell
will have to live with her dreadful actions for the rest of her life"

Lasting ten days, the trial with end with Helen Cauldwell, 42 years old, being found guilty and sentenced to spend life in prison. As the verdict was read, she showed no emotion at all.

Bethany's family said:

"During her short life, Bethany made an impression on everyone she met with her
bubbly personality and friendly, pleasant disposition. Whenever she entered a room,
it would light up with her energy and boundless enthusiasm"

Bethany Kennerley: Memorial
Published in the MEN Median Network on 23rd July 2010

BETHANY MARIE KENNERLEY We will always remember you for loving the colour pink, horses and
Monkeys and your impressions of their sounds. Your smile would light up all around and you would
make all the people laugh when entering the room and saying "Hello my name is Bethany Kennerley,
I am 3 and I live in Stockport. Even though your life was cut short, we will always have strong memories
of happy times with you. One of my most special memories was when on my wedding day, you stood
up in front of the whole church and sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and melted everyone's hearts!
Rest in peace dear Boo, may you fly with the Angels, we will miss you forever! Dad, Grandma and
Grandpa Kennerley X X X

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