Alexia Lysette Lopez
July 8, 2005 - March 11, 2008
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Like any other normal day, Sandra Lopez dropped her daughter off at the babysitters house and went about her day. Little did she know that it would be the last day of her daughters life and the woman responsible would then disappear. Berny Mayel Figueroa had been babysitting Alexia Lopez for about four months, as as friend of the
family she had been helping out since both Sandra and her husband, Manuel, worked.

The Lopez family. What a beautiful family they are!

On March 11, 2008, Sandra went back to pick up her daughter at around 5:00 that evening. Alexia seemed to be
having trouble breathing and Berny said that she had been throwing up and not really feeling well. Since Alexia had Asthma, Sandra took her home to give her a medical treatment, thinking that was the problem. When Alexia failed to get better, Sandra took her to the hospital. Doctors would do all they could, however, Alexia died that night and Doctors said it was homicide. Alexia suffered a blow to the stomach so hard that it had separated her large and small intestines.

Detective Lloyed Powell ruled out Manuel and Sandra as suspects in the murder of Alexia and they turned their attention to Berny. In the beginning, Berny was very cooperative and answered questions, during the process, her story started to change and police noticed holes in her story as well. Since she had been running a Head Start her home and was responsible for other children who the police considered to be at risk with her there, Berny agreed to move out during the investigation. The very next day, Sgt Otto Hanak got a call from Berny's brother who stated that the Berny had disappeared from the hotel where she had been staying. After checking  her room,police decided she had left in a hurry and a warrant was issued for her arrest for the murder of Alexia.

In the room was a not written in Spanish saying that Berney was leaving because she could not take the prssure. Missing were her purse and personal documents. Berney was charged with Capital Murder. Berney speaks Spanish with a heavy Honduran accent and she is unable to drive, or was at that time. Berney hasa tattoo of a dolphin on her lower back. I don't nomrally put pictures of people who murder children, on my site, I am making an exception in this case because this woman is on the run and needs to be found. Here are two pictures of how she might look today.


Police say that she may have cut her hair and dyed it blonde.

Manuel and Sandra were left with questions of why Berny would want to hurt Alexia:

"This was a friend of the family, a person I would do favors for"
Sandra Lopez

Sandra's husband was devastated to the point that he became depressed and angry and could not deal with his
feelings. At one point, Manuel was driving erratically and he was pulled over by police. There was some kind of a
verbal exchange and at one point, Manuel took off again in his car and was being chased by five police cars and
they had to shoot out his tires to stop him. Sandra had been in touch with Detective Powell who informed the Police officers that they were dealing with a grieving father. Manuel was taken to jail and he was learning how to deal with his grief.

Sandra struggled daily to deal with what happened to Alexia. Alexia's story was featured on America's Most Wanted and her family and friends gathered together to watch the episode.
Manuel and Sandra watching the America's Most Wanted show that featured their daughter Alexia.

The Brenham community remembered Alexia with a bench they placed at Fireman's Park in honor of her birthday.


The bench was donated by Kenneth and Karla Schulz with the stone and steel donated by David and Melissa
Bennett from Bennett Construction. Alexia would have been six years old on this birthday.


June 12, 2014, today I was looking for updates to see if Benny had been found, she has not been found as of this date.

Death Occurred in the state of Texas

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