Aaron O'Neil
November 2004 - February 10, 2005
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A three month old baby had his face held against a gas flame and it was no accident. Paul O'Neil was so jealous of the attention a three month baby needed from his mother, that he took it out on the the three month old. Paul held Aaron O'Neil's face up to a gas flame and then four days later shook him and hit him so hard in the head that it caused his skull to fracture. Where was Aaron's mother all this time? Jodie Taylor saw that her son had been burned and did NOTHING to help him. An autopsy would reveal that Aaron had 37 injuries and marks to his body and that he had suffered numerous non accidental burns, bruises and broken bones during his short, 92 days of life. It was reported that Health Visitors had tried to check on Aaron, however, Paul would not allow them to see Aaron.

How does ONE man stop an agency from seeing ONE child? This agency failed Aaron by not getting legal help to force Paul to allow them to see and check on him. How could a mother look at her son, know he was in pain and that he was being abused and do NOTHING to stop it or help him? Well, of course it was because she was also being abused and claimed to be trapped in a relationship with Paul who dominated her. Jodie said she had been afraid to report what he had done.

Paul O'Neil, who was 33 years old at the time, was convicted of the murder and abuse of his son. Paul was given a sentence of life, which I think by now we all know doesn't REALLY mean life. The recommendation was that he spend at least 22 years in prison before any parole would be considered. Paul was also sentenced to 14 years
for GBH and five years for cruelty, those sentences to run concurrently to the life sentence.

Judge David Hodson said that Paul had abused his position as a father:

"Your brutal and callous behavior without it seems a scrap of compassion or a morsel of
culminating in your squeezing him without excessive force and breaking some
 ribs before battering
him to death. Aaron was entitle to expect that as his son, you
would care and attend for him. Instead,
you murdered him"

Judge Hodson also sent Jodie Taylor, who was 21 at the time, to prison for three and a half years after telling her she failed as a mother for not getting Aaron the medical help he needed when she knew he had been abused.

The social worker who had been assigned to Aaron's case was later fired from her job because it was revealed
that she had not kept her appointments and at one point had even walked away from the home ever after hearing
Aaron crying. Newcastle Primary Care Trust Cheifs fired Christine Thompson for her part in the death of Aaron.

Death occurred in England

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