Tyler Daniel Dasher
September 25, 2010 - November 15, 2011
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After reports came out that Tyler Dasher had died, a friend of Shelby Dasher commented on the fact that Tyler  was dead and Shelby had been arrested for his murder:

"She didn't do it. Until those words come our of her mouth, I have all the faith in her.
She is very strong, very independent. She would have done anything for Tyler. If
she had to without, that's what it would have ben. She wouldn't have thought
twice about it"
Emily Rowley

Unfortunately, Emily doesn't seem to have known her friend very well, she was wrong about her! Tyler Daniel Dasher was reported missing by his mother who claimed that she had gone to bed the night before and then over slept. Shelby Dasher said that when she went to check on her son, he was not in his crib. Less than 16 hours later, Shelby finally admitted that she beat her son to death because he would not stop crying, lay down and go back to sleep. Shelby also admitted that she had taken her sons body away and put him near a cemetery off of a road called Des Peres Boulevard, a few blocks from her home where she lived with her son and her mother.

People who were walking in
that area found Tyler's body. Shelby apparently had come home about 2:30am on that Tuesday and was drunk. Shelby's mother went to work about 7:30am and when Tyler started crying and would not go back to sleep, Shelby beat him to death and took his body away. Shelby called police about 11:00am to tell them he was missing. Tyler was only 13 months old.

A St Louis County Prosecutor said:

"Raising children can be frustrating. There are a myriad of ways to handle that. This isn't
one of them"
Bob McCulloch

Bob didn't say much more other than adding that it did not seem that Tyler had been hit with any objects or other
kind of weapon and he would not reveal anything else about the time of death. Shelby was arrested, charged
with second degree murder and held on bond of $500,000.

Joe Ellington, Tyler's father, knew very little about what had happened, in fact, he only knew what was being reported in the news. Joe and his family had been questioned by the police and were advised not to talk to the media. Police were at the home of Shelby and commented:

"It says to me it's a pretty sick person. Anybody that would take a child and leave a child in a wooded
area in that condition needs to be dealt with severely by the criminal justice system"
St Louise Police Chief - Tim Finch

Tyler's Grandfather, Johnny Ellington, said that his son Joe had never been married to Shelby and that he saw
Tyler quite often:

"He was just a wonderful baby and a beautiful boy"
Johnny Ellington

Some neighbors said that the area where Shelby lived was a quiet neighborhood and the people were close. Other neighbors said they knew very little about the family because they had only been living in the house about a year:

"Everybody here kind of knows each other, but not them"
Rick Angeles

One neighbor said that Tyler's Grandmother had come to their home and was upset because Tyler was missing and she had no idea where he could be:

"My niece gave her a hug and talked with her and prayed with her. I can't imagine how
difficult this would be"
Tim Adair

Shortly after her arrest, it came out that Shelby was not married to Tyler's father and that she had been granted a protection order against him on October 13, 2010, due to an act of violence against her and that his parents had him declared incapacitated due to the fact that he suffers from Schizophrenia and cannot keep a job. Shelby had the order of protection dropped on November 22, 2010.


In March of 2014, Shelby Dasher plead guilty to second degree murder and child abuse, she was sentenced to serve two 25 year sentences to be served at the same time.

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Death occurred in the state of Missouri

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