Amy Emily Annamunthodo
May 7, 2002 - May 15, 2006
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I have never come across a story of a child and gone to find a picture only to see that the only pictures that were available were of that child in their coffin. That is the case with Amy Emily Annamunthodo and it hurts my heart.

Amy lived in Trinidad with her mother, Anita Annamunthodo and stepfather Marlon King. Amy's biological father, Jason Walker, and her mother had separated when she was very young and he was not allowed any form of visitation with her. In March of 2004, neighbors made reports to the police that Amy was being beaten by he stepfather. As it would turn out, that was only a part of what was going on in the house they lived in.

On April 27, 2004 a Police Officer would take Amy to the San Fernando General Hospital with a fracture to her forearm and many bruises in various stages of healing. Shortly after she turned three, Amy was once again taken to the hospital, this time with blunt force trauma to her back and as before, bruises in various stages of healing. How could people see this and NOT do something immediately? In May of 2005, Amy was taken yet again to the hospital, this time she was abandoned there, she was only three years old. In September of 2005, there was an application filed for Amy to become a ward of the state. On September 5, 2005, Amy was taken to the Mother's Union Children's Home where it is said that when she first got there, she was shy, quite and appeared to be scared.

While at the home, she began to show some progress after being loved and care for by the people there. In> November of 2005, Amy's Grandmother, Chanardai Basdeo,  and mother applied to get custody of her back from the home. A Judge granted them custody in December of 2005. Amy's life would never been the same. After her Grandmother became sick, Amy was taken to live with her mother and the abuse she suffered would continue until she would finally be released from it, paying with her life.

Neighbors were witness to abuse and torture of Amy. At one point a neighbor witnessed Marlon throwing Amy down a flight of stairs and all he said to her after was "Get up girl. I say get up". Amy suffered a dislocated shoulder from that fall and was never brought to the hospital. The neighbor who witnessed this abuse never said anything to Police because he was afraid of Marlon after witnessing such things as Marlon dragging a naked woman through the street and throwing grass on another and threatening to catch her on fire.

Amy, who suffered from malnutrition, was often left home alone, according to neighbors who could hear her cry because the house was dark and she was afraid of the dark. On May 15, 2006, neighbors say they could hear her screaming, though the screams eventually went away and they heard nothing more from her that night. Amy's mother was seen with her wrapped in a white towel and then her stepfather was seen leaving the home a few minutes later. Amy was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy would reveal that Amy had been beaten, burned with cigarettes, raped and sodomized after being locked in a room with a cloth stuffed in her mouth to muffle her cries.

In 2006, Amy's biological  father saw her alive for the last time at a visit to the hospital, she had been badly beaten. Jason Walker admitted that he was aware of the abuse his daughter was suffering though he never did anything. All I can say is WHY NOT?!? What kind of parent KNOWS their child is going through that kind of suffering and sits back and does nothing to help? Jason didn't go to her service though he did tell her good bye at the cemetery. Maybe if he had done something, he would not have been telling her good bye at all! It was reported that he said he regretted not helping his daughter and that he had only seen her twice since he had separated from Anita. In my opinion, he's no parent and had no business giving her a white rose at her funeral and kissing her good-bye.

Marlon King was charged with murder and neglect and Anita Annamunthodo was charged with six counts of neglect though after serving only 11 months in jail, the charges were dropped and she was free to go home. If the arresting officer had cared enough to show up for court, she would never have gone free. It's just another case where the life a child means nothing to some.

Anita had this to say after being set free:

"I blame myself. I would change everything if I could. I know people angry with me. But God
took Amy to teach me a lesson. I want her to know that I never neglected her. She knows that. Because in my dreams in prison, she hugged and kissed and played with me. I miss my
daughter very much"

Anita went to the Marabella Public Cemetery where she put a rose on her daughters unmarked grave. Shortly after Amy died, someone set the house she had been killed in, on fire. In the fire were pictures of Amy and all that she ever had. All that remained was one dress and a teddy bear.

At her funeral, Amy's cousins thought she was just sleeping. Sadly, she was not...


On May 30, 2006, Marlon King, who was 33 years old at the time,  was supposed to appear in court. Marlon was unable to attend the hearing due to the fact that some prisoners in the same place he was being held, beat him up for what he did to Amy. When his name was called to appear before Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington, Police Prosecutor Sgt. Harricharan Kassy told the judge that he had been used as a punching bag by the other prisoners who had kicked, punched and tried to strangle him. After he had been placed in his cell, the police heard loud screams and went to the cell to help him. Marlon suffered from bruises around his eyes and other injuries and was taken to the Accident And Emergency Department of the San Fernando General Hospital at about 10:30 that morning. Marlon was treated and released after about an hour. Marlon's lawyer was Ian Gray and the hearing was rescheduled for June 12, 2006.

On November 15, 2011, Marlon King was in court and  Police Sergeant Azam Hamid said that when Marlon had been in jail for two days and was informed that he was a suspect in the murder of Amy, he denied that he knew anything about it:

"I tell them already, I don't know nothing about that"

The state says that Amy was hung up by her hair from the door frame and was punched at least 20 times or

"There were injuries to her scalp and neck, fracture to her right rib, hemorrhaging in the heart, lungs and a rupture to the atrium of her heart, contusions to her liver, spleen and bleeding
of her kidney. And >that was just some of her injuries"
States Attorney - Mauriceia Joseph

Marlon was being represented by El Farouk Hosein and the trial was being held at San Fernando Criminal
Court before Justice Anthony Carmona and a jury of 12 people with five alternates.


In March of 2012, though he tried to stop the verdict from being read by saying:

"My Lord one minute. I want to explain. I want to explain myself now"

Marlon wanted to say that the hospital was to blame for the death of Amy. When Marlon paused for a second, the verdict was read as guilty. The Judge, Anthony Carmona replied to more outburst, by saying that Marlon would die by hanging.

I would like to thank Leanna for updating me on this story.


Checking for updates today, June 4, 2014, I am unable to find out if the sentence was ever carried out against Marlon.

Checking for updates in November of 2014, I am still unable to find out any more information about this case.

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