Tierra La'Shae Camaya Morgan - Glover
March 14, 2009 -  November 21, 2011
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Tierra came to be known as "the church baby" due to her bright eyes, radiant smile and her warm personality were evident to anyone who attended the church services. Tierra love to sing, she loved mathematics and is said to have been a fast learner. Apparently, the only person who could not see what a precious gift this Angel truly was, was her father.

A video of Arthur E. Morgan III, who was 27 years old at the time, shows him stone faced, while in court for the murder of his daughter, Tierra Morgan - Glover who was only two and a half years old when he tossed her, strapped into her car seat, into a creek. Reports say that Arthur used a car jack to weigh down the car seat to be sure that Tierra would not be able to survive. Arthur walked away from the bridge and showed up at a friends house where he proceeded to drink and eventually he would board a train and disappear. Arthur had taken Tierra for a scheduled visit and never returned her to her mother, Imani Benton who called the police to report that Arthur had not brought her daughter home.

American's Most Wanted featured Arthur on one of their shows. The FBI and U.S. Marshals were only a few of those who were searching for Arthur after he took a train leaving from Ashbury Park, N.J. which was not very far from the area where he had thrown his daughter to her death. Arthur was eventually caught while he was staying at a home in San Diego, California.

Imani heard about Arthur's arrest after arriving at a friends house where she heard people screaming and cheering:

"They got him. They got him"

"I couldn't get out of the car. I just had to sit and let the tears fall for a minute. I hope that
my story and my situation can prevent another mother going through what I have to go
through. It doesn't matter what a person does in the streets, you never know what they
are going through behind closed doors"
Imani Benton

In court, Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Richard Incremona told Superior Court Judge, Thomas F. Scuttly, that Arthur tossed his daughter off of the bridge while she was awake, alert and left helpless. Detectives have put Arthur at the scene of the crime and have evidence showing he has ties to the car seat that Tierra was strapped into. Richard Incremona stated that Arthur had lost his job a week before and that he did not know of anyone in the community who would vouch for him. Bail was set at 10 million dollars, cash only.

The Judge asked Arthur if he understood the charges against him and with a non caring attitude and tone, he stated "Yes I do", at that point, the Judge read him his right. Arthur was charged with murder, endangering the welfare of a child and interference with custody, in Ocean County.

Allison Tucker, Arthur's Lawyer objected to the 10 million dollar bail and asked for it to be reduced:

"What I would simply remind the court is despite how many times the prosecutors may
say that he did these things, my client does have the presumption of innocence. That
does attach to him and this court should consider that. 10 million dollars bail for a person
who's qualified for the use of the Public Defenders office is excessive and way beyond
bail guidelines and I would ask for something more reasonable in light of his indigency
as well as in light of presumption of innocence"

THANK GOD, that Judge did not agree:

"Thank you...I'm going to conclude that it is manifestly appropriate for this bail to remain
at 10 million dollars, cash only. Applying the law as I'm required to accordingly I have no
intention of adjusting this bail in any manner.

Tierra's Grandmother, Michelle Simmons, who is Imani's mother was disgusted that she was unable to see any sign of remorse on the face of Arthur during the court appearance:

"He had a smirk on his face like he didn't care and he did it because he wanted to hurt everybody.
I don't understand it. I just don't understand it. I hope he gets the maximum amount of time they
can give him. He seemed like he could do it again. And if Imani would've went with him that night,
which is what he wanted, he would've done her in too"

Larry Grover, Arthur's Uncle told reporters that it had been hard for him to be in the courtroom:

"It was very hard to see him. It was very hard to see his girlfriend upset the way she was"

Larry said that he had been together with the family on special occasions and he that he would never have believed that Arthur could do what he was being accused of and that he didn't believe at this point that the weight of what had happened, had hit his nephew. His biggest question to Arthur is going to be "WHY?:

He loved that little girl. I would never have believed that. There were no winners in this
Everybody lost in this. And we just all gotta pray. I just can't wait to talk to him, I have talk
to him cause I gotta know the question everybody will wanna know, WHY. And that's the
question I gotta find out, whey did he do that. Until I talk to him, I gotta clear my head and
understand why he did that"

Imani was crying and close to collapsing as she left the courtroom with her God -Sister, Laquite Blacks, her mother and another friend. Reporters approached and were waved off as the women wiped away tears.

Arthur was being held at the Monmouth County Jail in Freehold Township. A spokesperson was not able to comment about the conditions under which he was being held:

"Measures are in place to safeguard everyone at the jail, including Mr. Morgan. Details as to
where he is house are not being released as it could compromise the security of the facilities"
Cynthia Scott


In April of 2014,
Arthur E. Morgan III, who was by then 30 years old, was found guilty of intentional murder and child endangerment.

In May of 2014, Arthur E. Morgan III was sentenced spend the rest of his life in prison by Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci. As he was being taken out of the court room to start his sentence, Arthur turned to the cameras and winked. He gave a long winded explanation of his wink, but then said it was for his sister, who he had named his daughter after and who had flown in from California to be there at his trial. Arthur went on to say it was to reassure his sister that he was not upset about the conviction.

Judge Mellaci told Arthur that if the death penalty had been available, he would have been the number one candidate for it.

N.J. Lawmaker Wants To Bring Back Death Penalty

As many people in New Jersey struggle with the brutal killing of 2 year old Tierra Morgan - Glover, Senator Robert Singer (R-30) was interviewed by Fox 5 News about his legislation that would reinstate the death penalty in New Jersey for those who commit the most heinous crimes, including killing a child.

MYFOXNY.COM - The death penalty was killed on the floor of the New Jersey Legislature four years ago. Now a new bill is breathing new life into this controversial issue

At least one family is watching closely.

Sammon Simmons, the uncle of murdered toddler Tierra Morgan - Glover, wants the accused killer to face the death penalty.

"Our family's suffering you know what I'm saying," Simmons said. "I don't believe the guy should suffer" Arthur Morgan III Morgan, Tierra's father, is accused of tossing his own daughter in a creek, where she drowned. "The things he did was just terrifying," Simmons said. "You wouldn't believe anybody would do anything like that
to their children."

State Sen. Robert Singer, R-Ocean County, wants to bring the death penalty back, but only for what he calls "heinous crimes."

"Killing a police officer, killing a child in the state of New Jersey, mass murderers of people acts of terrorism kill people deserve to have the death penalty," he said.

Singer voted against repealing the death penalty in 2007. He said his new bill has a lot of support in the  legislature. Ed Martone, the director of the New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, does not support the bill. He said life without parole is a sufficient and severe punishment. He said the Death Penalty doesn't work.

"Capital punishment for us is tantamount to 8-track players and buggy whips - it's something we tried, it's outdated, it never worked well," Martone said.

The bill hasn't moved since Singer introduced it months ago. He blames politics for getting in the way. But he said he hopes now that people know about it they will pressure their own legislators to act on it.

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