ALMOST 15-months after she was allegedly murdered, Kiesha Weippeart will be laid
to rest today. September 28, 2011

The six-year-old girl will be farewelled at a private funeral service at Pinegrove Memorial Park, in Sydney's west, ahead of a public memorial to be held next week, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Her biological father Chris Weippeart and grandmother Liz said it was their wish to give the little girl a private funeral, despite other relatives being upset by the decision.

"She is our little girl, this is the way we want to do it," Mrs Weippeart said.

A public memorial has been planned for next Tuesday, which Mrs Weippeart said the whole community is welcome to attend, to say goodbye to Kiesha.

"I dont mind who comes to the memorial, but we want to keep the funeral service private and low-key," she said.

But Kiesha's maternal grandfather Rodney Smith, and other members of the family said they are angry she is not being farewelled with a large funeral.

"She deserves a proper goodbye," Mr Smith said.

Kiesha's mother Kristi Abrahams and step-father Robert Smith, who have both been charged with murder, have been told of the funeral, but have been denied the opportunity to attend.

Mr Smith's mother Rebecca said she had hoped Kiesha's funeral would have been a special ceremony with the fuss the little girl deserved.

"I think it's disgusting she isn't getting a proper funeral like she deserves. I just can't believe it and I'm angry about it," Mrs Smith said Kiesha's skeletal remains were found in a shallow bush grave in April this year, but it took the Coroner and forensic pathologists almost five months to determine her cause of death, before they could release her for burial.

Purple balloons and butterflies released to honour Keisha Weippeart

October 4, 2011

PURPLE balloons and butterflies have been used to honour the memory of murdered six-year-old Kiesha Weippeart at a public memorial service today.

More than 150 people gathered for the two-hour service at Holy Family Parish Church in Emerton in Sydney's west.

The service comes one week after a private funeral for Kiesha, who was allegedly murdered by her mother Kristi Abrahams and step-father Robert Smith.

The congregation heard eulogies from family friend Alison Anderson, a former foster parent to Kiesha, and also Flora Tiitii, the defacto partner of Robert's brother Jason.

Kiesha's father Chris Weippheart did not attend, but his mother, Liz, sat front row.

Two police officers involved in the investigation received a round of applause and a gift from the organisers.

At the end of the service, balloons and butterflies were released into the sky by mourners.

Peace at last for little Kiesha Weippeart

September 29, 2011

FINALLY, she is at peace. After a short, sad life, Kiesha Weippeart was yesterday farewelled at a long-awaited funeral.

It has been 15 months since the six-year-old girl was allegedly murdered by her mother and stepfather and family and friends finally got the chance to say their goodbyes."We've waited a long time to be able to do this, to let her rest in peace," her biological father Chris Weippeart said.

Kiesha's skeletal remains were found in a bush grave in Sydney's west in April, but it took more than five months for the Coroner and forensic pathologists to complete their investigations. Her mother Kristi Abrahams and stepfather Robert Smith have been charged with Kiesha's murder.

But there was no mention of the little girl's sad ending at the funeral. Instead, Father Edward Dooley encouraged the 100-strong congregation to turn their minds to healing.

"We have prayed for Kiesha for months ... now it's time to heal," Father Dooley said.

A choir of children surrounded Kiesha's small purple coffin and sang the words from the Sarah McLachlan song In the Arms Of An Angel, before laying small toys, including a Barbie Doll, on the casket.

Photo boards with memories of happy times in Kiesha's life were displayed in the chapel at Pinegrove Memorial Park.

Flowers and balloons were all purple and mourners were asked to wear purple - Kiesha's favourite colour.

At the end of the short service, Kiesha's coffin was carried to a gravesite, just metres from where her brother Ayden is buried.

Ayden died in 2003 from what the Coroner ruled was sudden infant death syndrome.

Both were the biological children of Mr Weippeart. Kiesha's grandmother Liz Weippeart said it was a relief to the family to know the little girl had now been given the dignity she deserved."This isn't a pleasant experience for anyone ... but at least we know she is at peace and that is what she has deserved for a long time," Ms Weippeart said.

She said it was important for the grieving family to give her a "bright and happy" funeral, and send off "our princess".

The service yesterday was a private funeral, at the family's request.

However, a public memorial service will be held at Holy Family Church at Mt Druitt on Tuesday, at 10am.

Family friend Alison Anderson said the whole community was invited to the memorial, which she said would give closure to the Mt Druitt locals, who have been so affected by Kiesha's death.

"I think it will give a lot of people closure, to be able to say goodbye," Ms Anderson said.

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