Sheila Marie Evans
September 10, 1989 - January 18, 1993
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"In 1993 Sheila Marie Evans had the vibrancy and life of any 3 year old little girl until s
he was
brutally raped and murdered by her mothers boyfriend, Ronald Phillips. Her
mother still by and watched
her die a painful and long death. I am opposing Evans'
release from prison"

Summit County Prosecutor - Sherri Bevan Walsh

In Ohio, a Parole Board granted an early release to woman who had Cancer, Fae Evans, who had watched and done NOTHING to protect her three year old daughter while her boyfriend, Ronald Phillips,  raped and killed her. In 1993, Fae had been sentenced to 13 to 30 years in prison after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and child endangering, for her part in the death of this little Angel.

On January 18, 1993, Fae came home and found her daughter at the bottom of the stairs, Sheila would not respond to her mother so paramedics were called. Paramedics were shocked to find that Sheila had bruises over her entire body and that there were obvious signs of sexual abuse. Sheila had been raped and beaten by Ronald Phillips while Fae did nothing to protect her, the weekend of January 15, 1993. Sheila spent the weekend vomiting and having severe diarrhea. Fae did not seek medical attention for her daughter at all and even said that there was nothing wrong with her daughter, until finally admitting that she knew Sheila was in trouble, but did nothing to help her before she was found at the bottom of the stairs.

When Sherri Walsh received a call from the Ohio Department Of Rehabilitation and Corrections Victims Services informing her that Fae had been granted and imminent death release and would go home on June 3, she objected and was granted a hearing to go before the parole board on July 16, 2008:

"Fae Evans did nothing to protect her child and at a minimum, stood by as the child died a
 horribly painful and
tragic death. We believe she should remain in prison regardless
 of her current health condition"

Sherri Bevan Walsh

Reports say that this meeting never took place because Fae Amanda evans died at the state prison hospital in Columbus Ohio, on  July 8, 2008. Fae had tried to say that she didn't deserve to die in prison. I wonder why she felt it was okay for her daughter to die in a different kind of prison, a Hell that Fae would never have faced herself.

In October of 2013, Ronald Phillips, who was 39 years old and has spent the last 20 years on death row and  was scheduled to die on November 14, 2013, was claiming that because he was abused by his father, he should not die. Ronald had been found guilty of Aggravated Murder, Felonious Sexual Penetration and three counts of rape. On October 24, the Ohio Parole Board denied his request for clemency based on his statements that his father had sexually abused him as a child. Ronald was not ready to die and when his efforts at claiming he was abused to death failed, he decided that he would try saying he wanted to donate  his organs to his mother and sister, who both needed transplants.

Prison officials in Ohio said that Ronald's request to donate his kidney and his heart would not happen due to security concerns and other reasons. Ronald's family was told they could decide what to do with his organs after his death. Ronald's attorney denied that this request was an attempt to delay his death but it was Ronald wanting to make one final, good gesture, though Ronald said he would only donate to his family and no other recipients. Ronald was able to get his execution delayed until July 2, 2014, to allow time for consideration of his donation of organs to his mother and sister.

Ronald was to be the first recipient of a new two drug dose of drugs that have never been used in an execution before. Ronald's lawyers filed a lawsuit to stop his execution saying that they had not had enough to investigate the new drugs that were to be used.

In November of 2013, Ronald was in court trying to get his execution stopped saying that the state was planning to use a cocktail of drugs that had not been tested yet. Ronald said in court that doctors were unable to find his veins:

"I guess the Lord hid my veins from them"
Ronald Phillips

Ronald talked about how he had always been afraid of needles.

Having been denied clemency, Ronald's lawyers were now saying that they had not had enough time to investigate the changes that had recently been made to the protocol of Ohio's executions and that the new protocol might violate Ronald's rights against cruel and unusual punishment:

"Phillips understand that reasonable people find his crime extremely repugnant, brutal and
he is now learning that an ethically challenged individual may be tabbed to make his
execution drugs
from scratch"

This Lawyer said that there was no guarantee that the Pharmacist would not tamper with the dose or spiking the solution with ingredients that would make the execution excruciatingly painful for Ronald:

"The new result of this is Phillips has an extreme fear, not just a substantial risk of fear,
 that he will be chemically tortured if and when he is injected with compounded
execution drugs"

Apparently, Ronald and his lawyer think that someone would be willing to risk their career in order to torture him. The two were saying that the new drug mixture was untested and that the sedative Midazoam with the painkiller Hydromorphone could cause him a lot of pain.

Funny, Sheila didn't have ANY kind of sedative or pain killer while she was being raped and beaten at the hands of this man. Any way, medical experts say that the mixture will stop Ronald's breathing within just a few minutes which will lead to brain and heart damage and a few minutes later, he'll die. So basically, he will have no idea what is going on after he is knocked out by drugs that allowing his comfort while dying for torturing a child and killing her.

Lawyers for the state say that Ohio officials know that they are obligated to humanely and constitutionally execute prisoners:

"The state will do what it says it will do"
Christopher Conomy - Assistant Attorney General

So far, Ronald and his lawyers have lost every time when they have tried to stop his execution and they have come up with a lot of reasons, as you can see by reading the story above. I guess maybe that's the Lord, looking out for Sheila.

UPDATE: November 26, 2014

In September of 2014 it was reported that the state of Ohio would resume executions in February of 2015, this would be about a month after a court had ordered a temporary ban on executions. Ronald Phillips had an execution date set and it was for February 11, 2015, which was approved by Governor John Kasich. If his execution takes place, Ronald will be the first person executed in the year 2015, in Ohio.

UPDATE: February 13, 2015

In January of 2015 it was announced that the State of Ohio would not longer use the lethal injection drugs that had been involved in two executions that went wrong in the year 2014. A change of drugs used in lethal injections meant that Ronald had caught another break and his execution would, once again, be delayed.

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said that they would no longer use the drugs Midazolam and Hydromorphone in their executions since almost one year ago an inmate's execution took almost 25 minutes and a lawsuit was filed over what was said to be a "botched" execution.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction informed District Judge Gregory Frost that they will use the drugs Thiopental Sodium and Pentobarbital for future executions in the future. Due to the time it will take for Ohio to obtain these drugs, the execution of Ronald and others would be postponed.

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