Below is the victim's impact statement that Christopher's Aunt Katrine has allowed me to reprint here. I am honored that she would allow me to share this with the readers of my site. I am so happy to know that Christopher had this Aunt and Uncle in his life, loving him and missing him to this day. Thank you, Katrine, for allowing me to share your beautiful tribute to Christopher, I just know he has to love and adore you both!

I want to formally introduce myself. My name is Katrine Valdez. I'm Christopher's aunt. I'm married to his Uncle Joe. I want to share with you today a story, a story about a little boy name Christopher. I just don't want this to be an ordinary story. I want this story I'm about to share to fill your mind with the visual images of his everyday play. Christopher was born on November 25, 2007 at 5:50 am, weighing 7lbs. 2 ounces, and 19 inches long at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. My husband and I went shortly after his birth to visit him. I had the honor of holding Christopher in my arms no bigger than a baby doll. His enormous greyish eyes later to turn a leaf color green.

He was so active in his years ahead. My husband and I enjoyed the opportunity for Christopher to come live with us when he was only six months old. Christopher lived with us a full one year. This was through all the precious milestone ages. We saw his first crawl, his first budding of a tooth, his first Easter, his first stumbling's to walk, his first high chair moments, to finally being added to the family table on his own, and his first birthday. He loved balls and had such a huge fascination for them. He ran about our family yard falling, jumping, and playing while bouncing and chasing his favorite Spiderman ball. When it was time to come indoors and get ready for bedtime. First came his bath and then his small little pant pajamas. All his owning's of clothing mostly were of Spiderman. He loved to have stories read to him. He would look for his sippy cup. He would grab a book run to the living room sofa and prop himself on it. The book covered his entire lap. He waited anxiously for the story to be read and as it was he pointed to all the various pictures inside. His eyes filled with amazement. But, the biggest recollection for me while with him. I can recall how his short little body while sitting didn't even pass the couch cushion. His feet didn't hang over they went straight across and yet so small. His toes would curl as he listened to the story.

When Christopher began Pre-Kindergarten and his teacher Annabel talked about how much Christopher had a fascination to magnets. It was his favorite circle center in the classroom. When he spent his given time to that area he loved to hold the magnets at a distance on the table from each other. HE would watch anxiously as the magnets drew closer to each other and snapped together. He would lift his head an excitement and do this same step repeatedly because he was so fascinated with the connection. He loved being in school his teacher told me. He just seen so many new beginnings and areas of exploring he would be able to do.

Our son Tommie just adored Christopher they were not only cousins but, in Christopher's short life he already had a best friend our son. They were one year apart. Tommie couldn't pronounce Christopher's name correctly he called him Clifford. He always asked, "Is Clifford coming?" They played about with their super hero figurines on the floor. Both of them side by side using their imaginations making all the funniest sound effects. And when it was time to finally go home he would put on his little shoes, his little hat, and his little coat. When we would drive he would point out the window calling out Tia, Tia look, look Tommie, and of course because I was driving I couldn't. But, he was so amazed with the lights and the cars driving beside us. What would be his final Halloween? We gathered together at our home. Christopher dressed in Super Mario Brothers. He looked so adorable sporting his fake black mustache. But, his smile went ear to ear while we went trick or treating. He carried on his back. A small backpack of Super Mario Brother and when he went down the stairs he took off running to the next house. The back pack bouncing. I thought it was the most cutest thing as little as he was the back pack covered his entire back and bounced. When he went to the doors he would say instead of Trick or Treat, tic a teat. Another fond memory of his existence of how precious and young he was at only 3 years old only a month away from turning four. Christopher would never have his fourth birthday cake. He would never make it to kindergarten.

Tommie lost his best friend. We lost a dear tiny but HUGE importance to our family. The void can be crippling in the heart
and mind at times. But, with my faith in God I know he's among the Lord and playing with the angels. And it was only until just recently I've realized how time and age is passing and catching up as
 another year is added without Christopher around anymore. I don't hear him being called Clifford anymore, Tommie says Christopher so perfect. I know Tommie just like the rest of us misses his friendship and a bond that could have been brothers. Christopher came into our lives on November 25, 2007 and now was called home by the Lord on November 25, 2011. Christopher has a new home in heaven. And Tommie will openly say my cousin Christopher is in the sky with God. Although, Christopher was only four and so little he left a BIG impact in all our lives. He is missed being among our family everyday, everyday.

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