Christian Lawrence Jackson
  January 12, 2008 - February 19, 2011
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Christian Lawrence Jackson spent his time split between the home of his mother, Latoya Jackson, who was 23 at the time, where he spent most of his time, and with his father, Shawn Ganley, who was 30 at the time, who he spent weekends with. On February 18, 2011, just before midnight, a call came into 911 from the apartment where Shawn lived and while Christian was visiting him. Christian was having some kind of medical problem and he was taken to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and shortly after, was pronounced dead. Assistant Attorney General, Benjamin Agati, made a statement a week later saying that Christian died of blunt force trauma and added that police were not ready to make any arrests:

"I have no knowledge of any arrest that's about to happen. Each day, hopefully we get a little bit closer, but I'm not expecting any kind of major announcements to come any time soon"

Christian's family was making funeral arrangements and wondering about what could have happened to cause his death:

"It's been hard just sitting here. A lot of people are saying stuff, but it's not true. We just want to know the truth" Luis Cecnas - Christian's Second Cousin

Luis said that he had taken care of Christian at times and that Christian had been very fond of his Aunt
Taneeka adding that Taneeka has not been the same since Christian had died. When he had last seen Christian, Luis said that he was in good health, had no visible bruises and did not seem to be hurt in any way at all. Luis said that Christian liked to hang out with the big kids.

Dr. Jennie Duval, the states Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, had ruled Christian's death as a homicide after an autopsy was done. The time of death was not able to be determined. Everyone who had contact with Christian was interviewed in hopes of finding a time line to when the injury would have happened, which would help to narrow down the possibilities of who could have hurt Christian. Police questioned his mother and father and anyone who had contact with him during the days before he died. Shawn told a news station that when Latoya had dropped Christian off on February 19, Christian was sick and at 11:30 that night he started to have convulsions and was later pronounced dead. Shawn's mother called 911 while he performed CPR on his son:

"I don't know, I mean, anything could have happened. I don't know what happened. I just
wish none of it happened"

Court documents show that on November 29, Shawn had filed a petition stating that someone in Latoya's home, either herself or someone else, was abusing Christian. The petition said that Shawn had noticed his son had some injuries. An investigation took place, though CPS workers were not able to substantiate his concerns and custody of Christian remained with Latoya.

Christian's parents have both been on the wrong side of the law before. In 2005, Latoya was charged and convicted of hindering apprehension which stemmed from a case against her ex-boyfriend, Jose Meza, who admitted to abusing their daughter and breaking her bones because he couldn't handle her crying. Meza plead guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison. Latoya was 16 years old at that time and she freely admitted that she had hidden her daughters injuries and was sentenced to five years in prison. Her daughter, Mariah, was put into foster care and she has never been able to regain custody of her.

Shawn was convicted in 2004 and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. Shawn's charges included first degree assault, attempted first degree assault, burglary, possession of heroin and four counts of simple assault. Shawn admitted that he tried to stab his girlfriend during an argument about his drug use. Shawn also tried to stab his cousin who tried to break up the fight. Shawn was released from prison and remained on parole with additional time suspended.

Christian's great aunt, Lisa Dorval said that the family is upset about the death of Christian as well as the fact that there are so many unanswered questions surrounding his death:

"Everything's just making us go crazy because we don't know what happened. Nobody
can point a finger yet. We just know where he was. We're just waiting for answers from the police department about what's going on. All I want is the facts, the real answers
you know"

In February of 2012, a year after Christian's death, the case was still unsolved and Latoya spoke to reporters
and had this to say:

"There's other cases being solved, but what about my son?  It feels like they are
putting him aside and it's not right. "I just want justice for my son. The truth will come
out and when it does, I hope the person that did do it gets everything they deserve. I
would not want anybody to ever , ever go through this. It's the worse feeling in the world.
 I feel like a lost soul, stuck on a dead end road. Sometimes, I don't even remember the
days of the week. I don't want to get out of bed. I just want to curl up in a ball and not 
move any more. I don't think there's ever going to be any way for me to move forward.

Latoya said she feels as though she has failed her son, she stated she won't fail in finding who did this to him:

"I'm going to basically stay right on their tail. Whether it's I have to go sit down in the
police station or if I have to call every single day, even if they have noting. I'm still calling.
I will not stop until justice is served"

The police and the Attorney General's office did not return calls or make any comments and it was stated by
reporters that they often do not make comments about open investigations.

In April of 2011, Christian's father was arrested on charges not related to the death of his son. The charges he was facing were, first degree assault, robbery and two counts of the sale of a narcotic which were all felonies. Shawn allegedly choked a woman and tried to run her over with his car. The woman suffered no injuries at all and it was reported that Shawn also punched a man while trying to steal from him. Shawn's bail was set at $25,000.

This page for Christian is being made inn March of 2012 an at this point, his murder has gone unsolved. Sadly, no one is being punished for what happened to him. I believe that someone knows what happened and I also believe that someone to be one of his parents. It sickens me to know that a parent did this or allowed someone else to do this to their child and say nothing about it. Of little comfort is the fact that God knows what happened and in the end, the person who did this will have to face what they did and will be judged!

Christian's Obituary:

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Christian Lawrence Jackson

Christian Lawrence Jackson, 3 years old, was born on January 12, 2008 and was taken to the hand of God on February 20, 2011 where he will live eternal life.

Christian was the son of LaToya Jackson of Nashua. He is survived by his older sister, Mariah; his older brother, Jeremiah, and younger sister Ariena. Christian is also survived by his grandparents, Joyce Dorval and Bobby Jackson and his wife Pamela, four aunts, Jennifer, Jessica, Tasha and Taneeka, an uncle, Bobby Ashwell and his wife, Jessica; and numerous cousins who loved spending time and playing with Christian. Christian was predeceased by his aunt Anita and his uncle, Kurtis.

He will be truly missed and never forgotten, we love you baby boy.

SERVICES: Calling hours will be held sat the FARWELL FUNERAL HOME, 18 lock Street, Nashua, Monday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. A Graveside Service will take place in Edgewood Cemetery, 107 Amherst Street, Nashua, Tuesday at 12 noon. Everyone is invited  to gather at the cemetery. Donations may be made to the Christian Jackson Fund, c/c TD Bank, 191 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060. Arrangements are in the care of the FARWELL FUNERAL SERVICE (603) 882-0591. (

Note from the site creator: Why is it that the father of this child was not mentioned in the obituary as one of his survivors? That's pretty cruel, in my opinion. I would like to add that it is my belief that Shawn had nothing to do with the death of his son.


Today is June 11, 2104 and there are no arrests that I can find in this case.

Death occurred in the state of New Hampshire

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