Nyia Miangel Page
March 11, 2005 -  February 4, 2007
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On February 3, 2008, Darlene Robinson and William Page reported their daughter missing. A family member had gone to the child's sleeping area and when she was not there, the police were called and an Amber Alert went out. At that time, 70 Police Officers, rescue workers, neighborhood volunteers and even bloodhounds began a search for Nyia Miangel Page in the snow and cold weather.

Darlene said that she had last seen Nyia around 12:30 am as Nyia tried to climb into bed with her and she took her back to her own room. Everyone who had been in the home that night was interviewed by Police, including a child who was only six years old and was the one who found Nyia to be missing from her bed. The information given to Police by this child would be very disturbing.

Specialists at Mercy Hospital reported that this child told them William had hit him with a belt many times and he had molested the child by putting his hand over his mouth so he could not scream. William was arrested and while he was being interviewed for the second time, he told Police to search the woods near the railroad tracks. At 3:13pm on Sunday, February 4, 2008, Nyia was found face down, in an abandoned park, curled up wearing only her tiny sweater.

On a very cold February night, William Lorenzo Page sexually molested his daughter, who was about two years old at the time, after trying to molest another child who was six years old and in the home at the time he molested his own daughter. After molesting Nyia, William took her out in to the cold night and left her in a park in nothing but a diaper and a blanket. Nyia wandered around and lost her diaper at one point, police would find it and the blanket later on the next day and both would lead the to the frozen body of this beautiful little Angel. Nyia died of exposure and hypothermia less than one third of a mile from her home, in single digit temperatures.

A third interview took place in which William page confessed to police what he had done. William said that he got up to use the bathroom and Nyia was up in the hallway playing with a mirror, he told her to go to bed and she instead started to follow him. When he told Nyia to go to bed again and she only started to scream, he back handed her and she fell, hitting her head and was unconscious. At that point, William claims he went to the basement to get a towel and a blanket to wipe Nyia's head. Nyia was supposedly wrapped in a blanket and taken a few blocks away and while she was unconscious, still alive and breathing, William left her and went home to go back to bed.

On February 23, Alleghany County Detective Robert Opferman was on the stand and told a different version of what William had told him happened. William had told him that he woke up around 3am and went into the basement to get some Brandy. Nyia came down stairs and was not wearing a diaper and he got angry with her and kicked her between her legs which caused her to bleed. William said he put his fingers into her vagina in an attempt to stop the bleeding, wrapped her in a blanket and took her outside and that he had considered dropping her into the sewer before he left her in the woods. William said that Nyia had cried for ten minutes before he left  her there and went home. There were footprints in the snow showing that Nyia had walked around for a while all by herself before she died. The temperature had been only 8 degrees.

According to the testimony of the six year old boy, William Page came into the bedroom, lay down beside him and sexually molested him. When the boy protested, William put his hand over the boys mouth and ran from the room. Nyia followed her father out of the room and the little boy never saw her again. In a taped confession, William said:

"I was so just mad she was tearing up the pampers, man, and I kicked her, you know, in, you
know, in her private,
and it started bleeding"

In court, pictures were shown of Nyia's little handprints on a slope as well as her foot prints in the snow:

"She was trying to get up to civilization"
Mark Tranguilli

The photos were heartbreaking and caused Darlene and other family members to leave the court room.

On March 23, 2010, William Page, who was 26 years old at the time, was found guilty of first degree murder after what he did to this beautiful little girl. William had no visible reaction as the foreman announced the verdict. The jury that convicted him would be the same one to choose his punishment. The Alleghenny County District Attorneys Office was seeking the death penalty. Nyia's mother was in the court room and she cried and shook after the verdict was read.

The jurors reached a unanimous verdict when convicting William of the murder of his daughter, though they were unable to agree on the charge of indecent assault on the six year old boy who was in the house on the night that Nyia was murdered. Deputy District Attorney Mark V. Trancuilli decided against retrying William on the charges:

"Under no circumstances would we put a 9 year old child through a second trial"

William Page insisted that he was innocent as Allegheny County Judge David Cashman let him know that he felt he was a despicable human being and should have received the death penalty. Instead of death, William was to serve life in prison plus 21 to 42 years for murder, kidnapping, making false reports to police and aggravated indecent assault.

During the verdict, William cut the judge off by saying:

 "Listen idiot"

The Judge informed him that another outburst would result in him being removed from the courtroom. William kept on, saying:

"You can't hurt me mentally. I'm too strong for it. You, T-Rex and a 900 pound gorilla
couldn't kill me. A jury of 12 couldn't kill me"

It was at that point the judge told him he should have received the death penalty. The jury had deadlocked on that decision and that is how he escaped dying for what he did:

"You should have gotten the death penalty. You killed your own daughter"

After the sentencing, Darlene was very upset:

"She was upset, but the one thing she realized is she gets to go home to her children and sleep soundly knowing this manwill never hurt her children again. But he's going to bed tonight and sleeping with one eye open and that's the way he's going to sleep for a long time. I think from  his calculated behavior today, this is a man who is going to go out of his way to hurt anyone he can. He said he's going to fight every day. Well, he is going to fight every day because prison is not a place for men who sexually assault and kill their own children. So I would submit to he's going to fight every day, but not for his own innocence. There are certain crimes even other inmates have little tolerance for"
Mark Traquilli

Mark also said that William's outbursts were all about hurting Darlene who he felt had betrayed him.

Thank you to Jamie G. for calling this story to my attention. I pray for the day when no more will need to be added.

BELOW: Rankin Police Chief Ryan Wooten points out the area where Nyia Page died.

Volunteers Chip In For Memorial Garden For Nyia Page
May 3, 2008

PITTSBURGH- Volunteers of all ages came out saturday to create a memorial garden in the spot where Nyia
Page was found dead in February 2007. Page's mother told Channel 11 news that she's glad to see a negative
being turned into a positive. Her grandmother told Channel 11, "It feels good to know something beautiful and
special is going to happen for Nyia and she won't just disappear.

Nyia's father, William Page, goes on trial Monday in Nyia's murder. He could get the death penalty if he is

This is how the memorial looks:

To the left is a statue of an Angel which stands on the exact spot where
this little Angel was found. Above is a memorial plaque in her honor.


Having been sent many things, I find this to be disturbing. An audio tape of Darlene Robinson/Scott. saying:

"I just want everyone to bring their kids out to have fun, to, this, we're doing this for the kids to get em off the street, to stop the violence. Bring em out, let em help plant flowers, let em play, just let em come. It's, this is gonna be a beautiful thing, we don't want it to be negative. As soon as the playground gets built, I'm gonna have, me personally is gonna have a, try to do a little, a big community thing for the kids. I'll let everyone know when it's gonna happen, but it shouldn't be too long because it's coming along pretty fast. So, it'll be soon"

This all sounds goods, however, my attention was called to the Facebook page of this woman. Today, on May 26, 2012, and the activity on her wall disturbs me. I went there thinking I would see at least a picture or two of Nyia, in fact there are NO pictures of  Nyia, not even a mention of her every having been alive. What I DID find, is quite a bit disturbing to me. It's true what they say about Facebook, you find out a lot about a person by looking at their wall. I have deleted the links to the places she visited, only the names of the videos she watched have been left up, I did *** out any cuss words as well:

Darlene Watched My Lil Sis Beatin This Girl Up on XXXXX

Darlene Watched Fight Of the Day " I bet you, you don't know me" on XXXXX

Darlene watched McKeesport Fight on XXXXX

Darlene Watched Got In Ha A** and 6 other videos on XXXXX

Darlene watched Big White Girls Fight Big Booty Black Girls Naked in the Street and 5 other videos on

Darlene watched D****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B****GETTIN HER A** BEAT ON xxxxx

Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania

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