Logan Lynn Marr
October 14, 1995 - January 31, 2001
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Life for Logan had been one of moving in and out of homes, some of relatives and others only with their mother. Eventually, Christy, her mother, was told that if she wanted to keep custody of Logan, she was going to have live under a set of rules set down by DHS. Christy would have to cut all ties with her mother, which was a relationship
that DHS considered unstable. DHS also had been told that Kathy, Christy's mother, was married to a man who had been convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager, this information was not true. DHS said that as long as Kathy stayed married to Mitch, Christy was in danger of losing her daughter, Logan.

Christy tried to stay way, however, Cathy was one of only a few sources of emotional support that was available to her. At one point, Logan was left with a baby sitter at Kathy's apartment. Mitch had moved out by then, but, he showed up that day. A neighbor called DHS and they immediately tried to get custody of Logan claiming that
Christy had put her in danger.

Christy found out that DHS was going to take Logan, so she took her and left, heading towards Boston. Realizing that it was no good to leave that way, Christy turned around and went back to Maine. The next morning, two caseworkers came to her home and took Logan and she was placed into a foster home.

At this point, Christy was pregnant with her second child. Christy was told that in order to keep custody of her new baby, she would be required to cut ALL ties with her mother and she would need to go to several different counseling services which included one on one counseling, parenting skills classes and job training. Christy was also placed in a group home and was told to stay there until after the birth of her second baby and that she should then find suitable housing for herself and her children.

Christy gave birth to another baby girl and named her Bailey. After the baby was born, Christy moved into a new apartment. Kathy and Christy were in contact ONLY through video tapes that Christy sent to Kathy, which showed her the new baby and their apartment. Doing everything right, or the way DHS SAID was right, Christy was able to gain custody of Logan back from the foster home.

The price Christy had paid for gaining back custody of Logan, was to lose the relationship she had with her mother, the longest and only lasting relationship she had ever had. Christy was 21 years old and raising two children all on  her own. Christy decided to go to Florida and live with her father. Though Christy had accused her father of molesting her in the past, she eventually admitted it was not true. After about nine weeks, Christy realized that it was not working out with her father and his new family and she returned to Maine.

Having no job and no where to live, Christy moved in with her mother and once again had a boyfriend who was not good for the children. Though he was a convicted burglar, Christy married the man named Paul.

DHS eventually found out about Christy having moved to Florida and her new husband and they reopened the case. The new case worker was Allison Peters. Allison received a complaint that Paul had hit Christy in front of Logan and though the complaint was never confirmed, Allison showed up with two police officers and removed
both of the children from Christy's custody. After that, Logan would never live with her mother again.

Christy badly wanted to get her children back, she divorced Paul and was working two jobs as well as attending the counseling that she was ordered to take. Christy was transported by DHS vans to visit with her children in their new foster home with Mary Beth Anderson.

Mary Beth kept a journal in which she stated that from the beginning, Logan asked when she was going to be given back to her mother. Logan saw a therapist several times in that month and his notes show that Logan would play and the things she acted out were Mommy and Daddy fighting, Mommy and Daddy losing their baby, a big sister taking care of a little sister and how she had been taken away from her mother and didn't know why.

Mary Beth wrote that Logan began to have temper tantrums:

"Logan's outrage is still bad. The child has anger by the ton. Logan pushes and pushes 
and if I don't react, pushes further with whining and screaming and punching 
with closed fists and kicking"

Mary Beth started to believe that Logan may have been abused at one time in her past. Logan was brought to Spurwink Clinic, a clinic which specializes in child abuse cases. Nothing was found to substantiate Mary Beth's fears of abuse. It was recommended that Logan receive counseling to help her deal with not being able to live with her mother.

During this time a DHS caseworker name Sally Schofield was thinking about adopting a baby girl. She already had two boys and now she wanted a girl. Though DHS tries to discourage their workers from adopting children from the system, Sally enrolled herself and her husband in mandatory training classes for adoptive parents, she then began the process of trying to get approve to adopt a child.

Some kind of physical incident took place between Mary Beth and Logan, though DHS would never say what it was. Logan and Bailey were moved into another foster home, the home of Sally and her husband. Allison Peters told her that the move would only be a temporary one though the department was trying to terminate the
parental rights of Christy and the girls would be available to be adopted. Sally says that she saw signs in Logan that pointed to neglect of Logan. Logan seemed to have a need to take care of Bailey and she quickly grew attached to her new caretakers. Sally says that she fell in love with Logan and Bailey the first weekend they were in her home.

Christy's visit with her children were cut back by DHS, during that time, Sally was working on bonding with the girls. DHS said that Christy would have to provide her own transportation to and from her visits with her children, Christy had no car. Christy was also not given the last name, address or occupation of the woman who was raising her children. DHS claimed this was for safety reasons and that it was required by them.

Christy became discouraged with the situation. She began to miss her classes and counseling session. She remarried Paul and at one point, she walked out of a meeting with her caseworker and therapist. The therapist reported to Allison Peters:

"Christy's progress the past five months has been slow at best. She has missed several 
appointments blaming transportation and oversleeping, our appointments are 
at 2 p.m.. Recently when cut off from seeing her daughters Christy 'fell sick' not leaving 
the apartment or calling me for help. Christy has on a regular basis blamed others for 
her problems. Can't pay the rent -- no job. Can't get GED -- have to be available for my 
girls. Can't get a driver's license -- no one will lend me a car. The bad guys have changed 
since the beginning of her counseling, but little else has. I hate to think that her 
relationship with her little girls will be on this yo-yo schedule for so long"

Logan and Bailey were getting used to living with Sally. Sally had been able to give Logan things that she was not given while living with her mother, due to financial reasons. Logan was taking swimming lessons and dance classes, however, she didn't see to be happy. Logan's rages continued and got worse. Sally claimed that the fits were worse when Logan came home from visiting with her mother. The notes from a visit with DHS in October were as follows:

"Logan kept telling mom throughout the visit that she was her favorite person in the 
whole world. As the visit was ending, Logan ran to mom and said, 'I want to go 
home with you.' At one visit, Logan asked Christy if she knew what Sally looked like. 
Christy said, 'Yes, I've seen her,' and Logan responded, 'I don't like her"

Logan continued to get worse in her behavior and Sally was at a loss as for what to do. Logan would throw a fit, screaming, kicking and she became so violent that Sally was afraid she would hurt herself. Sally suddenly found herself doubting her parental and DHS case worker abilities:

"I was supposed to be trained. was supposed to be educated. How come I couldn't 
help her? How come I didn't know what to do"

Christy continued to have supervised visits with her children and she could clearly see that Logan was not doing very well. DHS had been discouraging her from talking to Logan about what was making her so unhappy. During a taped visit on December 18, 2000, a DHS supervisor was watching a listening during the visit. At that time, 
Logan told Christy that Sally had hurt her. Logan stopped opening her Christmas gifts and squeezed her cheeks together with one hand while saying:

"She did this to me, and I cried, and it hurts me. She 
did it to my sister, too" 

Christy wanted to find out more about what had happened to her children and when she tried to talk to Logan, the DHS supervisor shook her head and wouldn't allow to her ask Logan more about the incident. In January of 2001, Logan told her mother about another incident where Sally had handled her roughly and wrapped her up in a blanket. Once again, Christy was not allowed to ask for any more details about how her daughter had been treated. Though DHS rules say that caseworkers are supposed to visit foster homes on a regular basis and to investigate ANY allegations of abuse immediately, Allison Peters didn't do either of these things. 

In January, Sally had quit working as a caseworker and that opened the door for her to adopt the children. Though Sally had so much trouble with Logan, she still wanted to adopt  her. Christy had started to believe that she would never get her children back and on the night Logan died, Christy had written a letter to give to her daughters at
their scheduled visit. A snow storm on that night, January 31, 2001, prevented the visit from taking place. The letter would never be given to her daughters and Christy would never see Logan alive, again:

"Dear Logan and Bailey, my sweet little ladies. I think of you so much and often it seems 
hard to believe you girls have been gone so long now. In a month or so from now, 
I stand the chance to lose the both of you forever. And it's been no picnic, but this is 
not your fault. It's mine, and mine alone. I want the both of you to know that no 
matter what happens, I love you, and will never stop fighting for you"
Read the entire letter, here

On January 31, 2001, in Chelsea,  Maine, Logan Marr died while restrained in a high chair by being taped to it with duct tape.  Her mouth was also taped and this caused her to die by suffocating.  Her murderer was someone who should have been protecting her. Logan died at the hands of her foster mother.

Sally claimed that on that afternoon, Logan was throwing a fit:

"I asked her if she needed to scream and she said yes. 
I said, 'OK, well then let's put you some place where 
you can scream"

Sally claims she put Logan in a high chair in the unfinished basement. She said that she left Logan there for an hour, though she did check on her several times. Sally said that she started dinner and then went back down to the basement and found Logan, still tied into her high chair, lying on the floor and she wasn't breathing. Logan was taken to Maine General Hospital and she was pronounced dead.

An interview with police, later that night, sounded fishy. Sally said that Logan must have knocked herself over and that she had not been belted into the high chair. Police did a search of the house and turned up evidence that was going to prove different. Found in some boxes in the basement was 40 feet of duct tape, in little clumps. Tufts of
hair were sticking to the duct tape. An investigation revealed that the duct tape had been wrapped around Logan's body, head and around her mouth. The official cause of death at her autopsy was listed as asphyxiation.

When police returned to her home with the new evidence, Sally tried to say that Logan had managed to tangle herself up in the duct tape. It was an obvious lie and Sally was arrested and charged with depraved indifference, murder and manslaughter. Sally waved her right to a jury trial and UNBELIEVABLY the judge decided that Sally had not intentionally killed Logan. Sally was found guilty of man- slaughter and her RIDICULOUS sentence was only 28 years in prison. Apparently it's okay to abuse a child to death, as long as you don't mean to do it.

The judge had this to say:

"A person is guilty of manslaughter if that person recklessly or with criminal negligence causes the death of another human being. The defendant's conduct was unquestionably reckless." 

When being lead from the courtroom, Sally hid her face as she had done many times before. The press asked two questions of her which she ignored:

"Do you have anything to say to Logan Marr's family?" 
Would you have done this to your own child?" 

In October of 2005, a judge ruled that Sally should not get 28 years for what she did to Logan. She was later sentenced to 28 years with eight suspended, by Judge Thomas Delahanty.

Following her death, Logan's younger sister was removed from Sally's home along with her own two children which she lost custody of.

The foster care worker who was witness to Logan saying that Sally had abused her and was supposed to be looking out for Logan spent about a month off of work, with pay, and then returned to her job. Allison Peters was in court and testified, she was never asked about her own failure in the case of Logan Marr. She was placed on leave and returned after a month. She has since left DHS. 

There was no formal disciplinary action taken against ANY DHS employees related to the death of Logan. The case did prompt the State Legislature to initiate two investigations of the department.

Bailey was moved to a THIRD foster home after the death of Logan. Christy fought with DHS for a year in order to get Bailey back. In February of 2002, she was given permanent custody of her daughter.

Logan's mother said the following:

"All I have are memories but no Logan in the future" 

Logan and Bailey

I would like to give my sincerest appreciation to Logan's Grandmother for sending me the following pictures and to Logan's sister for sending and allowing me to use her message about Logan for this page.


 We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us the opportunity to tell you and your viewers about our Logan. Logan was a very bright and beautiful little girl, her favorite color was purple, her favorite cartoon was Arthur, her all time favorite movie was Babes In ToyLand. Logan had a deep desire to know the who, what, where, when and why of everything. She loved her mom, and baby sister, Bailey, as much as any child could love.

  I told Bailey about your site, and asked her if she could tell the whole world one thing about her sister what would it be, she thought for a moment and said, I miss my sisters voice, it is so hard to listen to an almost seven year old have to talk about her big sister in the past, instead of the present. We have learned so much about what goes on behind the closed doors of D.H.S. It is very scary, that at any given moment your child or grandchild could be taken away and never seen or heard from again and no explanation needed.

   I am sending three pictures, one is of Bailey at age 5 and a half, when people see this picture, they think it is Logan, we have to show them, its not, Bailey and Logan look so much alike. I am also sending you the front view and the back view of Logan's head stone, it is very beautiful, it reminds us of her, Logan had a thing about water, she loved it, her head stone rests, with a stream running on the other side. Bailey, has had her hair cut since then and is quite the young lady, more grown up then any almost seven year old should be. Bailey is back with her mom and has been for almost four years now, she is very much a mommas girl and she is the light of my daughters life, if ever a mom and daughter belong together, its them

  I want to thank you, for taking the time to listen to a still grieving grandmother, and a very proud grandmother of two beautiful little girls, and a very proud mother.


When I asked Logan's Grandmother about the phrase "Talk To The Hand" on Logan's headstone, here is what she had to say:

" Talk To The Hand" was something Logan used to say to her grandpa, my husband in a gentle way would say what a cute little boy she was, and she in turn would say" I am A little girl", her grandpa would then tell her he was getting old and he forgot and said he was sorry, they did this every morning, until one morning Logan put her little hand up and said " Talk To The Hand Grandpa, cause I am not listening any more" she tossed her little head backed and laughed, my husband had tears in his eyes and said " yes Logi Bear you are a very beautiful little girl" ( Logan called him gampa, because she couldn't say grandpa, her nick name was Logi Bear and we all called her that. It became their thing about talk to the hand, they were very close, very where he went, you could bet Logi Bear was only a couple of steps behind him, she adored her gampa and he adored his Logi Bear. I hope this helps, and again many thanks for your support.

Baily 5 1/2 years old. She does look exactly like Logan.
Both are beautiful little girls.

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