Yolanda And Theo Molemohi
 - October 14, 2009

In a video which was titled "Daddy, Yolly And Theo -The End Video", two beautiful children were told to tell their mother good bye and they did. As they waved good bye to their mother, Yolanda, four years old and Theo Molemohi, two years old, had no idea that they were really saying good bye to her and that their father was going to kill them.

Petros Williams, who was 37 at the time, made a video of his children and left it for his wife, Morengoe Molemohi, after she left him and he found out she was using an online dating service. Morengoe, known as Mo, had left her husband in September, though she did return to their home every day to send Yolanda off to school and take care of Theo while Petros went to work.

On Tuesday, October 13th, Mo left the children at home with their father and went back to the hotel where she was living. On October 14th, she returned to the home to help Yolanda get ready for school and found the door was locked so she climbed through a window to enter the home. Mo found Petros lying on the bed with their two children, she thought they were asleep. After reaching over to wake them up, she saw they both had cables tied around their necks, she screamed and called 999 and told the operator that her husband had killed their children.

Andrew Thomas who is the QC prosecuting the case said that the use of the cables to strangle his children was apparently some kind of symbolic punishment for Mo having used the internet to meet men. Around the home were notes, which appeared to be suicide notes which said good bye to his wife and friends:

"If the defendant had intended to kill himself, he had not got very far. He was still very much
alive though he appeared unwell. The defendant killed his two children. It was a spiteful and selfish
reaction to the breakdown of his marriage. It was a deliberate act and the prosecution say it
was murder"

Manchester Crown Court was told that Petros left a message on the computer for his wife: "Mo, use the internet as much as you like, luv Petros". Mo and Petros had married in 2002 and by 2009, Mo had called Woman's Aid after Petros had tried to strangle her:

"By September, Miss Molemohi was actively looking for another men on dating web sites. She
wasn't secretive about that. On occasions, she deliberately left the sites visible on the home
so that her husband could see what she was doing. The defendant was not
prepared to let her start
a new relationship while she was living in the same property
and at the start of October, asked her to
move out of the flat"
Andrew Thomas

The court heard testimony of how Petros had been in contact with some of the men his wife was talking to online and told them to stay away from her. Petros denies that he murdered his children and there was no emotion to be seen as they jury and members of the court were shown the video. A note found in the home by the video said:

"Play the video we made for your memories. Thank you, Petros"

In court, Vivian Mwashita, a relative of Petros told the jury that he had been devastated by the deaths of his children after he denied strangling the two children. Petros claimed that the last time he saw his children alive was when his wife, Mo, had put them to bed the night before and he says when he went to bed and was sleeping right next to them, he had no idea they were dead with cords around their necks. Asked by Barrister, Jeffrey Samuel's QC if he had killed his children, Petros said:

"No, I did not kill my kids. I was devastated. It was heart-breaking. Up to now I have not come
to terms with it"

Petros said that he had come home from work that night, exhausted and had decided to take the rest of the week off. Petros and Mo ate dinner together and then he walked to her to the bus stop about 9:30 and then at about midnight, he went to bed and didn't wake up until the police woke him the next morning.

The video shown in court was of the two children being asked to tell their mommy good bye, we love you and we will miss you. Petros said that it was NOT a farewell video meant to show he was killing himself or his children.

Petros Williams was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 28 years to be served. Senior Investigator, Vinny Chadwick said:

"WIlliam is a cruel man who took the lives of two beautiful children. He sought to control his
wife and when she would not submit he took away those she loved most. He has continues his
cruelty throughout the trial, making false allegations about Morongoe and refusing to accept
responsibility for his actions. He will now have a long time to reflect on what he has done and
hopefully feel some of the hurt he has caused to others"

14th October 2009

Celebrating the short lives of Yolanda Molemohi, four, and her two-year-old brother Theo, who died on October 14, 2009.

The children were found dead at home in Whalley Range, Manchester, by their mum, Morongoe.

Originally from South Africa, Mrs Molemohi moved to the UK with her Zimbabwean-born husband Petros Williams in 2003.

Neighbour Sophie Partington told the Daily Mail: "The kids were so cute and they just played around and seemed to really love each other. The daughter was just finding her feet. She had just started school and she had a brand new uniform."

Another neighbour, Mussie Gebremariam said: "They seemed like a very happy family. The children were always smiling and laughing and they were often playing outside. I'm so shocked. As a Christian I will be praying for the family. It is a dreadful tragedy that two children so young should have their lives cut short like this."

Death occurred in England

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