Armaney Cotton
2010 - April 14, 2012
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When Brittany Cotton left  her two year old daughter, Armaney, with her the man she had been dating for two years, she trusted him to take care of her. Brittany knew that her daughter had a cold, other than that, she was fine when she left her and went to work. A few hours later when she checked her voice mail, she had a message from a friend telling her that Armaney had just been transported to St. Bernard Hospital and that she was unresponsive. Brittany would not make it to the hospital before her daughter died:

"Somebody tortured my child and they beat her to death. This was someone I loved and
trust to protect her, not harm her. I don't understand why this happened. It is eating me
up inside"

A coroners report said that Armaney died of multiple injuries she sustained during a beating. On her face, arms and chest were at least 20 bruises an scratches along with two bite marks. Brittany said that Devell Johnson, who was 23 at the time had taken care of her daughter several times in the past:

"He has never harmed my child, never. He has never disciplined my child, because I wouldn't
allow it. He wouldn't even ask to discipline her. So it's just eating me up inside because I need
to know what happened"

Brittany received comfort from family after hearing about her daughters death. Devell was charged with first degree murder in the death of Armaney.

Brittany, who was 19 years old at the time, lives with her mother, Denise who told reporters that she last saw
Armaney on Saturday morning when she was waving and telling her bye bye. Denise never imagined it would be
the last time she would see her granddaughter alive.

Armaney's biological father is Anton Milan

Devell was being held without bond and police say that he admitted to biting and hitting Armaney while he had her in the basement where he was watching her. Devell had told family members that Armaney had fallen and hit her head. The family members had not even been aware that there was a child in the house until Devell went down to the basement and carried her up the stairs and then 911 was called.

Cook County State's Attorney, Nyshana K. Sumner was at a bond hearing:

"The victim's death resulted from exceptionally brutal or heinous behavior indicative
of wanton cruelty"

If he is convicted, Devell faces life in prison, though I am sure by now we ALL know that it's not really life. Devell has pending charges of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in Skokie and a conviction in 2011 for misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon. Devell plead not guilty and was due to be in court on June 28, 2012.

Family said that Armaney was a bright little girl who loved to watch cartoons and her favorite color was pink:

"She was the joy of the household"
Demetria Cobbs - Cousin

"We will never see her pretty smile"
Thelma Moore - Cousin

"I can't kiss her any more"
Brittany Cotton