Riley Marie Ryon
  December 2011 - March 27, 2012
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What is the proper thing to do if you are trying to take a nap and there is a baby crying who is stopping you from napping? If your name is Christopher Scott Ryan, you punch your daughter, who is only three months and four days old, in the head that will shut her up and it does, then what do you do? You go ahead and take your nap. When Riley's mother, Kristine Bardell, returned home from work for lunch, Christopher was still asleep so she woke him him up an asked how the baby was, he told her fine. When Kristine later went in to check on Riley, she found her face down on the bedroom floor, her face was blue and she was not breathing. Kristine handed her baby to Christopher and called 911. The police arrived, started CPR and transported Riley to Winter Haven Hospital where she died.

Christopher Scott Ryon, who was 27 years old at the time, was unemployed and didn't have anything better to do than stay home and take naps, it's just sad that Riley had to get in the way of that. At first, Christopher told Police that he had dropped Riley from a height of about three inches, on to the bed. Yeah, that will cause the injuries that were found by the medical examiner, which included a skull fracture caused by blunt force trauma and cause that child to die. Christopher later told police the truth and said that the screams coming from the baby were like bullets that go right through him. Telling police that he had not felt he had hit the baby very hard, he said on a scale of one to ten, he had hit her at about a six or seven. Christopher said that after he hit her, she cried for about five minutes and then stopped so he thought she was fine when he checked on her. SERIOUSLY? A baby that is face down on the floor and not breathing? She's fine? Christopher referred to his precious gift from God as "it" when talking to police.

Christopher was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.

Sickeningly, when I searched for photos of this precious baby, one came up and most of the time, the mug shot of this so called "father" came up with it. Of course he looks appropriately sad about the situation. They always do!


Riley Marie Ryon

RYON, Infant

WINTER HAVEN- Infant Riley Marie Ryon age three months and four days passed away on March 27, 2012 at the Winter Haven Hospital.

She is survived by her mother, Kristina Bardell, father, Christopher Ryon and brother, Alexander Ryon all of Winter Haven; grandparents, Karen Vinyard and Bernard Posey both of Lake Wales, Margaret Ryon and Michael Forgues both of Winter Haven; great grandparents, JoAnn McAnally, Paul Goetz, Carol Sims and Frank Sims; aunts and uncles, Rachael Bardell of Winter Haven, Travis Ryon of Winter Haven, Stephanie and Matthew Lane of Ocala and Celeste and Matthew Hogan of Winter Haven; cousins, Autumn, Dominic, Tyler, Emily and Landen.

A visitation will be held on Monday, April 2nd from 6-8pm at Whidden-McLean Funeral Home 650 East Main Street, Bartow, FL 33830 with funeral services on Tuesday, 10am at the Funeral Home. Burial will take place at Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens after the service.


Today is June 15, 2014 and while searching for updates on Riley's story, I found this information:

In December of 2013, Christopher Scott Ryon, who was 29 years old at the time, plead no contest to aggravated child abuse and manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ten years of probation upon his release from prison.

Condolences may be made to the family at

Death occurred in the state of Florida

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