Scott Wesley Buchholz - Sanchez
July 1, 2009 - July 26, 2009
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When Otty Sanchez refused to take her medication for postpartum depression, no one could imagine the horrible
thing she would do her son. Otty suffered from Schizophrenia and had been in and out of the hospital, even as
recent as since the birth of her son, for counseling. Otty was 33 years old when she was found in her home with
the body of her three week old son Scott after she had killed him with a knife and swords. In the home at the time
were her sister and two young nieces. Otty supposedly tried to commit suicide after kill her son and was sent to
the hospital and would tell police that the devil made her kill Scott and eat parts of his body.

Scott W. Buchholz, who is Scott's father, had met Olly about six years prior when they were both studying to be
Pharmacist Assistants, at that time, she appeared to be a stable person. Olly had not told Scott that she was
Schitzophenric. After she killed their son, Scott said he wanted her to face the death penalty:

"She killed my son. She should burn in hell"

The details of Otty's medical past are not clear. Gloria Sanches, Olly's Aunt, told police that Olly had been in and
out of the psychiatric ward and in May of 2008, Olly's mother had called police to report her missing and to say
she thought her daughter was into drugs and that she wasn't suffering from any form of mental illness. Scott, who
is also Schizophrenic said that Otty had been suffering from postpartum depression though she had been in
counseling to help with that, he said she seemed like a good mother:

"She held him, she breast fed him. She did everything for him that was nice"

On July 20th, Otty had been taken to the hospital suffering from depression, but was released less than one day
after that.. It was then that she revealed to Scott that she was Schizophrenic and was going to move in with
parents. Scott was supposed to have a visit with his son, however, Otty became angry with him when he asked
for a copy of the birth certificate and other paper work. Scott called police when Otty drove off angrily without
properly restraining the baby in his car seat and says he might have told police that she was depressed, though he couldn't remember. The incident was investigated as a disturbance:

"If this guy had given us an indication that she had postpartum depression, or mental
defects she was suffering from, we may have addressed it differently"
Sheriff Chief Deputy - Dale Bennett

A mental evaluation of Olly would reveal that starting days before she killed Scott, she was feeling paranoid that people were planning to take him away from her. Voices began to talk to her and they told her that he son was the devil and she was a harlot for committing adultery, she said she had a demon in her stomach and that the voices told her that if she killed and ate her son, the demon would come out of her. The voices also told her that her own mother had been the one who killed President John F. Kennedy as well as Marilyn Monroe. Olly was afraid that if she would looked at her sons eyes, she would see the devil.

After being arrested and taken to the hospital, Olly heard voices telling her that she was going to get a heart transplant and she would be hurt by it. Doctors Sellers and Puryear agreed that Otty was suffering from mental illness:

"It is my medical opinion that Ms. Otty Sanches was incapable of telling the difference between
 reality and her delusions"

Dr Puryear

"It is my opinion, based upon reasonable medical evidence that Ms Sanches had a severe mental
illness, Paranoid Schizophrenia at the time of the alleged crime"
Dr Sellers

In July of 2010, County District Court Judge, Raymond Angelini found Otty Sanches not guilty by reason of insanity. Otty waived her right to a jury trial and a plea deal kept her out of prison. Submitted to the court were mental evaluations which all confirmed that Olly was insane at the time she killed her son, Scott. Olly was to be sent to a State Hospital for only 30 days before she would be returned to the Judge where he would decide how long she would be kept in the hospital. Judge Angelini would then see Olly at least once a year and if he decides at any point that she is sane, she would be released.

In court, Olly showed very little by way of emotion though her attorney claimed she was drained by the events:

"She misses her son tremendously but she can't explain why or how it happened"
Ed Camera - Defense Attorney

Manuela Sanches, Olly's mother hugged Scott Buchholz and when asked if she thought the court had done the right thing, she said:

"I think so. Yes. No doubt about it. I'm glad that my daughter gets a second chance at life. I'm sorry
my grandson did not get that chance"

As of today's date, June 13, 2012, I am unable to find if Olly has been released or not.


Today is June 15, 2014 and I while searching updates about Scott's case, I was unable to find any new information.

Death occurred in the state of Texas

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