Randall Dooley
- September 25, 1998

Before he died, Randall Dooley had shown signs of being abused and it was reported. On April 14, 1998, Gloria Robson, Randall's first grade teacher, rolled up his sleeve and saw that he had been beaten. Marks were criss crossing his arm, which had been the same arm that had been broken only two months earlier. Gloria comforted Randall:

"I took his hand. I told him it was going to be okay"

Gloria first took Randall to another class where another teacher viewed the marks and then she took him to the Vice Principles office to show him. Randall had the same marks on his back and the two immediately called the Children's Aid Society and the police. On that day, a visit was made to the home where Randall lived with his step mother, Marcia Dooley and his brother Teego. At that time, Randall's father, Tony Dooley was out of the country and would not be back until after Marcia gave birth to their son. At that time, no charges were filed against her.

Six months after the incident was reported, Randall would be dead. In court, the Prosecutor, Ria Zaied, said that Marcia had told detectives that Randall's injuries had come about while he was playing a game of lickim, in which children play hide and seek where the children tag each other by hitting with a tree branch or a belt. Marcia had refused to allow the police to talk to Randall out of her presence.

In court, Gloria Robson took the stand and told a story of Randall and how he had first come to the school in November of 1997. Randall and Teego had been sent to Canada from Jamaica, by their birth mother, Raquel Burth, to live with their birth father, in hopes they would have a better life, even though they had not seen him since they were toddlers. Gloria described Randall as a sweetheart of a child who was popular at once with his classmates as well as being a wonderful athlete. Teacher and student liked each other from the very beginning. It wouldn't be long before the teacher could see that there  was something wrong.

In January of 1998, Gloria saw Randall in the hall and he was very upset because he had lost one of his mittens and insisted that he needed to find it. Randall said that if he didn't find the mitten, his mother was going to hit him.
The next day, Randall had a mark by his eye that he said was given to him by his mother, with a slipper. At that time, Marcia told the principle who advised her to keep a close on Randall. In February, Randall came to school with his left arm in a sling when she asked Marcia about it, she said that Randall had slipped on the ice. When he didn't show up again, Gloria found Teego and asked what about Randall and later, Marcia yelled at Gloria for asking Teego about Randall and accused her of pressing Teego for details about his arm.

When she noticed that Randall's jacket had a torn left elbow, Teego said in court, that Marcia had broken Randall's arm when she was trying to force it into the arm of his jacket. Gloria said that she had also heard Gloria telling Teego he had to make sure that Randall ate his lunch. The jury was told about Randall vomiting and having accidents as a result of the brain injuries or out of fear. Randall had been absent from school for the morning and came after lunch. That was the day that Randall didn't seem like himself and Gloria had found whip marks on his arms and back.

Dr Charles Smith, the pathologist in Randall's case said in court that Randall had the worse injuries covering his body, that he had ever seen, as he showed slides of the injuries to the jury and people in the court. Dr. Smith said that only Randall's palms, soles of his fee and scalp did not receive injuries:

"I think this is as bad as it gets. It is hard to see where one ends and another begins"

Teego said in court that Marcia had punched, elbows, stomped on and whipped Randall. In court the jury heard a tape of Tony Dooley saying he had whipped Randall with a belt just weeks before he died. Dr Smith said that on Randall's body were injuries that were hours old, days old and some were weeks old. Tony Dooley, who was 36 at the time and Marcia Dooley, who was 32 at the time, were charged with second-degree murder in Randall's death.

Tony would later tell the police that Randall had killed himself by burying his face in his pillow:

"I think honestly, I think my son never want to, my son just deliberately suffocated himself.
that's my belief"

Tony said if that wasn't the cause then it might have been heart failure. An autopsy showed that Randall had 14 fractured ribs, a lacerated liver and four brain injuries and his body was covered with bruises and welts. During the court hearing, Tony and Marcia both sat without talking and looked down at the table. A tape was played of the interview with Tony in which he admitted to hitting Randall only one time with the belt:

"Sometimes a lick is the only thing that straightens you out"

Tony claimed he never saw Marcia hit Randall at all and that is broken arm was caused by a fall on the ice. Tony also claimed that Randall would make himself vomit and have accidents in the tub because of jealousy of his baby brother and the fact that he didn't like Marcia. On the night before he died, Tony says that he was told that Randall had fallen out of bed and he told Marice to leave Randall alone because they were going to get into trouble because of him. Tony said that he felt that because Randall was accident prone, they might get accused of hurting him.

Tony Dooley was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after only 13 years. Marcia Dooley was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 18 years. Both would later appeal their sentences and ask for new trials, the requests would be denied by the Supreme Court..

I find it gutsy to ask for a new trial after what they did to this handsome young man. Why is it that people are willing to do so much to these children by way of hurting them, beating them and killing them and then they expect NOT to be punished for what they do? How can ANYONE think this behavior is normal or okay? I look forward to the day when killing a child during abuse means a person goes to prison for the rest of their life and LIFE means they NEVER get out of prison alive. I can dream, right?

Death Occurred in Canada

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