Mikkah Aramis Theodore Brown
December 13, 2010 - January 30, 2012
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It is never easy to lose a child, I can only imagine that it is much harder to lose a child when you have to make the decision to remove your child from life support. Toni Brown had to make that decision for her son, Mikkah, who was barely over a year old at the time.

Toni said that she never expected anything such as this would happen to her son. Ryan Edwards, who was 34
years old at the time, was the cause of the pain Mikkah had and for what his mother was going through. Ryan
had been accused of beating Mikkah and was now charged with child cruelty and aggravated battery. Toni had
taken Mikkah to an urgent care facility who then transferred him to Children's Health care of Atlanta Egleston. Toni was told that the prognosis for her son was not good.

"He had suffered a severe brain injury, fractured skull and severe brain damage.
If he did recover, he
would be severely handicapped. He would not speak.
He would not walk"

Toni said that she had never had trouble with Ryan in the past and that now she was having good moments and
bad moments. Ruby Huntley, Mikkah's grandmother was trying to make sense of it:

"For him to take my grandson. I'm mad, I'm very, very mad"

In February of 2012, Ryan Edwards was charged with the murder of Mikkah. Ryan also faced charges of child
cruelty and aggravated battery. Ryan remained in jail and was not given bond. In that same month, Ryan was
given an extension of the time he would be given to build his defense and was given two weeks to hire a lawyer.
Ryan had wanted to hire a private attorney instead of using a public defender. A prosecutor in the case said that
in the last 19 days, Ryan had plenty of time to hire a lawyer. The judge in the case asked Ryan to provide him with proof that he had been looking for a lawyer and Ryan's wife, Lakesha, talked to the judge about it. Toni said she has nothing against this woman:

"That's his wife and I guess as a wife, good or bad, when you take take marriage vow,
I guess
you have to take them seriously. I know he will never walk up out of here. I know
that in my heart
of heart, so that's okay. They can take however much time they need"

Toni had attended the hearing and told reporters that  she and her family were devastated over the death of Mikkah:

"I haven't stopped crying. It's been three weeks and I cry every day.
My children cry. It's hard"


In May of 2103 a jury took about two hours to find Ryan Russell Edwards, who was 35 years old at the time, guilty of killing Mikkah.

Ryan chose not to speak on his own behalf and the Public Defender had no evidence to show the jury. The Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Katie Powers had shown a video taped recording of Mikkah's brother, Malakai, who had been 12 years old when Mikkah died. Malakai had gone down the stairs to get a drink of water and to find out what the noises were that he was hearing. What he saw was horrifying. Mikkah had something around his neck and Ryan was swinging him around like a rag doll, though Malakai could not see what was around his brothers neck because he was being swung around too quickly.

Malakai said his brother looked to be choking and when Ryan noticed him watching he told him that Mikkah was alight, but the look on Mikkah's face was of a child who was scared and begging for help. When Toni got home, Malakai told her what happened. Malakai said:

"I was scared of him. I was afraid of what he might do to me. He punched me once
but that was because I didn't to the dishes. That was a couple of years ago"

Toni said in court that Ryan told her he was trying to toughen Mikkah up so he wouldn't be a sissy momma's boy, she admitted that she felt he played too rough with the child. Malakai told the Detectives that he believed his father was very rough with Mikkah and that he would ram his knuckle into his temple, if Mikkah cried he would tell him to shut up.

Judge Albert Collier sentenced Ryan to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 120 years. He will never leave prison alive:

"It feels good. I'm glad for that little boy"
District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson

UPDATE: May 20, 2016

I was contacted by Toni who let me know that I had several things wrong in my story about her son. I apologize to Toni for those mistakes and I have corrected them.

Death Occurred in the state of Georgia

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