Justin Mitchell Oaks Jr.
February 21, 2007 - May 30, 2011
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Jessica Hunt started her car and put it in reverse. Jessica Hunt, who was 25 years old at the time, was under the influence of several drugs when she got behind the wheel of her car that day. Jessica Hunt, ended up backing over her four year old son. Justin Oaks was taken to University Medical Center, where he would die from his injuries. At first, police would not say for sure if Jessica had been under the influence, eventually, the truth would be told:

"Because of being under the influence and being negligent and backing over her child,
she was charged with second-degree murder and child abuse"
Sgt. Diana Lopez - Tucson Police Department

Jessica called 911 at about 5:00 p.m. shortly after she backed over her son. Neighbors said that Jessica was not
inside the car when it backed over son, that she had just put the car into reverse and then realized the car had backed over her son and she began to scream and call for 911. When they arrived, she kept yelling at them to hurry:

"He was knocked out. A couple of seconds after it happened, he lifted his head, looked around and
just put it back down. And he was in a puddle of blood"
Christian Gonzalez - Neighbor

Sgt. Diana Lopez said that being under the influence makes this a crime as opposed to when a family member
accidentally runs over a child:

"When you're under the influence, it's just different, it's against the law to be behind
the wheel under the influence. And when that leads to the death, especially of your own
child, it's even more tragic"

Jessica was charged and booked into the Pima County Jail though she was later released on $250,000. bond.

Justin's best friend, is also his cousin, Saphira, her father said:

"I just, I didn't know how I was gonna break it to my daughter that her best friend was gone.
She heard everything and she brought it up to me, you know, Jr. got hit by a car, said he got
ran over, she was gonna miss him. But she hugged me of a little bit. Don't take anything for
granted, cause you never know when your kids are gonna be gone and it's just gonna be you.
Always pay attention"
Derek Oaks - Uncle

Derek said that his brother, Justin, Justin Jr.'s father, was devastated:

"What would you go through if you lost your child, your reason for living, your best friend"

Derek said his family has a strong belief in God and they know Justin Jr. is in Heaven and his brother has forgiven Jessica for what she did.


In June of 2011, Jessica admitted that she had been on Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Methadone and Xanax on the day she backed over Justin. That same month, the Pima County Attorney's Office dropped the charges against Jessica, though they were dropped without prejudice, which means Jessica could face charges at a later date if they decide to charge her. No explanation was given as for why the charges were dropped.

This makes no sense to me, a mothers does ILLEGAL drugs, backs a car over her son and he dies and she walks away free? No justice for Justin Jr., that is what that means.

I found these online posts of Jessica's:

December 21, 2008

Hey Everyone im just passing through of this day of December 21, 2008. Im sitting at home right now with my son Justin Mitchell Oaks Jr. that will soon be 2 years old on February 21,2009! He already acting like he is in his terrible Two's though LOL! He is growing u so fast I quote on quote SOMETIMES wish he would always stay this cute and little for a bit longer. Im a stay at home mom that is trying to get back into school to get my GED. Then start working again. Im Living in Pheonix right now. I have my friends and most of all my Family  and mom in Tucson who i Love very much. This is been a really CONFUSING and Stressfull Month. I have so much on my mind but No one i can trully let my feelings out to. I havr done wrong in my life but i have done good. I plan ii chnaging my life around cuz it's time i really grow up and take care of my son. Im a  type of woman who loves to be independant like my mom taught me and she is compeletly right. Only you can take care of yourself.  Well everyone,  you got to hear what is going on this month of my life and i promise to pass by more often PEACE JESSICA HUNT

Jessica changed her life alright, permanently by taking the life of her son!

Jr's 1st Birthday Coming up!! 2/21/08

Current mood:happy

My beautiful Baby Boy Justin Mitchell Oaks Jr will be having his first Birthday Febraury 21, 2008!! He will be 1yr old. Im not sure what im planning for his first birthday or what im going to get him for that matter. I know that i will probably going for an Elmo theme. I thinking of having a little family get together at either Peter Piper Pizza or my house. As long as my son has cake, food, and toys he's happy as can be!! He is just shining with personality more and more everyday! He gave me his first kiss the other day when i was leaving to work. I bent over to kiss his head as always before I leave and he puckered up moved his head toward me and gave me a goodbye kiss! I want to cry it was so cute! Im think about getting him a baby Guitar. I will let everyone know what i plan on doing within the next week or so!

That was February 9, 2009...Then two years and three months later:


Justin Mitchell Oaks Jr.

OAKS, Justin Mitchell Jr., four years old, was taken from us too early on May 30, 2011. Loving son of parents, Justin and Jessica, Justin Jr. was loved by everyone he touched. Funeral Service will be held at EAST LAWN PALMS CHAPEL, 5801 E. Grant Rd., on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Interment to follow at East Lawn Palms Cemetery.

I am unable to find any postings from her about what she did to him just three years later. I may seem to be cold
about this, however, this boy is dead because his mother selfishly chose to do illegal drugs and he ended up being the one to pay the price. She basically got away with killing her son. I am sure some will say "She's going to suffer for the rest of her life", I highly doubt that, though I could be wrong.

CPS Report

Information for Release    8/12/2011

Date of the notification to CPS: 5/30/2011 


 The date the child suffered the fatality: 5/30/2011

 Child’s name: Justin Oaks

 Age at time of incident:     4 Years

 Perpetrator(s):  Jessica Hunt, Justin Oaks
 Age:  25, 27

City, town or general location of residence of the child and perpetrator(s): Both child and perpetrators were residing in Tucson, Arizona at the time of the incident.

 A.  Circumstances of the fatality or near fatality that indicate it was the result of abuse or neglect:
       On May 30, 2011 Justin Oaks Jr., 4 years old, was run over by a vehicle in the driveway of his home. Both
Oaks and Jessica Hunt neglected the child, Justin Oaks Jr., when they both failed to provide proper
       supervision of
Justin. Jessica Hunt was impaired at the time of the incident and Justin Oaks failed to provide
       supervision of the child,
Justin Oaks Jr. by allowing him to be cared for by Jessica Hunt, knowing she had a
       history of substance abuse.  The
child, Justin Oaks Jr. was transported to University Medical Center where he
       was pronounced dead. 

 B.   Whether CPS has received any reports or past cases of child abuse, abandonment or neglect
the child and the current alleged abusive or neglectful parent, guardian or custodian* :
  CPS had received one prior report on September 3, 2010 alleging abuse of Justin Oaks by Jessica Hunt. It
reported that Justin had been slapped leaving marks and bruises in the past.  No injuries were observed
       and the
report was unsubstantiated.

No prior reports have been received alleging abuse or neglect of Justin Oaks Jr. by Justin Oaks.

 1.    Actions taken by CPS in response to the fatality or near fatality of the child including:
        CPS conducted a joint investigation with the Tucson Police Department.   

 2.    Actions taken regarding the child and/or other children in the home:
        There are no other children in the home.

 3.    Whether the agency is or intends to provide direct services or service referrals to the family:
        The family was provided with a list of community resources and was offered grief counseling and classes to
address the needs of the family.

*Posted information provides whether there have been reports or any current or past cases of child abuse, abandonment or neglect involving the child who has died or suffered a near fatality and the current alleged abusive or neglectful parent, guardian or custodian pursuant to A.R.S. § 8-807(F)(2)(a)(iv).

Information, if any, regarding other family or household members and the child or the alleged perpetrator is not posted on the Web site. Calls to the Child Abuse Hotline that do not meet the criteria of a report because they do not contain allegations of abuse or neglect (or because there is no information provided to locate the child or family) are not posted.


Today is June 13, 2014 and while searching for information about Justin's case, I have not found anything to say that is mother ever paid for killing him while high on illegal drugs. Very sad, no justice for Justin.

Death occurred in the state of Arizona

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