Melanie Biddersingh
- September 1, 1994

Melanie Biddersingh was only 17 years old when a Policeman stopped to investigate a strange fire. Wedged
in-between two burning tires was a suitcase and inside that suitcase was the body of Melanie. It was September
1, 1994 when Melanie was found. It would be 17 years before the people responsible for her death and for the
attempt to burn her body, were discovered. Det Sgt Steve Ryan reported that Everton and Elaine Biddersingh, Melanie's father and stepmother, had been arrested on March 5, 2012 in connection with her death, both had been charged with first degree murder. Melanie had 21 broken bones and weighed only 50 pounds when she died.

Melanie, her brother Dwayne and a half brother named Cleon had moved to Canada from Kingston, Jamaica so
they could live with their father. There were six children living in the home and times and none of them ever went to school. A tip that came into the Police department, prompted the investigation of Melanie's death to begin all over again. Apparently, Melanie's biological mother was unaware of the fact that Melanie had died until she was called by authorities so they could obtain a DNA sample to compare to Melanie's so that she could be positively identified.

Steve Ryan said that during her time in Canada, Melanie had been kept away from everyone and only her family
knew how she was being treated and that information he had been given showed that she did not have a good life there. During a forensic examination after her remains was performed in 2004 and it was revealed that she had been through terrible abuse causing injuries to her lower back and ribs and were probably caused about three weeks to six months before she died, which would have left her unable to move and since they injuries were untreated, Melanie had been in great pain.

It was also reported that Dwayne, Melanie's 15 year old brother, had fallen from their 22nd story window, and died in 1992. Dwayne's death was called a suicide at that time, though the facts of Melanie's death would now bring about an investigation into if he was killed as well.

In March of 2012 Everton Biddersingh, who was 56 years old and Elaine Biddersingh, who was 50, were arrested in Welland and charged with the murder of Melanie, 17 years after her death and neighbors were shocked:

"We were really tight. He seemed like a normal guy"
David Houser

David said that Everton had always seemed like a religious man and that Everton had always wanted him to go
for a bike ride with him, though he had never gone. The Biddersingh's had moved into the duplex only the Summer before and they were said to be a quiet couple who mostly kept to themselves.


Dwayne can be seen on the right in the picture of him with his brother Issachar.

In January of 2013, it was reported that Dwayne Biddersingh's remains were going to be exhumed in an attempt to figure out if he really committed suicide or not.:

"We don't want to miss anything. So in the name of thoroughness, we've
arranged to
have Dwayne's body exhumed at the end of the month. It's a
tough thing to do, to disturb
a little boy. But just so we're sure we haven't
missed anything, we're going to have him
Sgt. Steve Ryan

Even though his death has been ruled a suicide, and Steve Ryan agreed that there was no reason to suspect different, they were still going to dig him up because they feel they need to have a "fresh" look at what happened after finding out about his sisters murder. I find it disgusting to dig up this child's body when they say they KNOW he died of suicide.
Let Dwayne rest in peace while prosecute his parents for the death of his sister.

A family friend said:

"I never believed he killed himself and I told police in Toronto at the time they need to
dig deeper"

As of June 6, 2014, Everton and Elaine Biddersingh were still awaiting trial.

Death Occurred in Canada

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