Shakeil Boothe
September 5, 2000 - May 27, 2011

On May 27, 2011, Shakeil Boothe was found in his home, without any signs of life, he would be dead not too long after that. Shakeil was another child who was brought from somewhere else, to live a better life, in Canada. It seems these children end up dead, rather than living a better life. At first, Garfield Boothe, the father of this handsome boy, was charged with failing to provide the necessities of life, that change was later changed to second degree murder. Nichelle Boothe-Rowe was, at first, charged with manslaughter and then that charge was changed to second degree murder.

Shakeil was only ten years old when he was found dead in the home he shared with his father, stepmother and his eight month old sibling. At the time, police were not giving any specific information other than to say that it appeared that Shakeil had been beaten to death and that he had sustained injuries at least two days before he died.

Neighbors were shocked because Garfield had been bragging to them about he had gone to Jamaica to get his
son and bring him to Canada where he was going to get a good education and live a better life. Dan Greig said
that Shakeil was a sweet boy and even though he was shy, he was getting better about it and it had good manners, showing he had been taught well. Dan said it was very odd that he had not seen Shakeil in over a month since he knew that someone had given him a bike in April. He was never seen outside riding he bike. A few months before that, Shakeil was seen outside in the driveway wearing shoes that were very big on him, no gloves and no coat, he was shoveling the snow off of the driveway all alone.

Dan said that Garfield had spoken of how Shakeil would be outside in Jamaica, playing in the jungle in the river.
Garfield said he was having trouble getting Shakeil to go outside in Canada and talked about the video games he had bought him. Neighbors also said that while Shakeil had been to school the previous year, he had not been to class at all this year. Garfield had told school officials that he had gone back to Jamaica to live with his mother.

In May of 2012, the charge against Garfield was again changed, this time to first degree murder.

In June of 2011, the community was in shock and mourning the death of Shakeil. Shakeil's name means "hand-
some" in Arabic. Soccer was his favorite sport, he loved what is commonly known as Jamaica's national dish
which consists of rice, peas and chicken. It was Shakeil's hope to be a Scientist some day.

After a memorial, a relative from Jamaica and others in the community were still wondering why this had happened to this handsome young man. An hour long memorial had taken place at the Pentecostal Church and the woman had traveled to Canada for the service with Keneisha Moore, Shakeil's mother. Though she had told reporters that she might be able to talk later, Keneisha was unable to comment.

Keneisha had a hard time even standing as her sons casket was loaded into the hearse. Friends and family had
gathered at the church to celebrate the time that Shakeil had been alive and mourn his death.

"We live in a cruel world. What was done to him, what was done to him, is not right. But I
thank God he doesn't have to go through that pain any longer"
Andy Miller - Pastor

As soon as it was possible, Shakeil's mother was going to fly him back to Jamaica where he would be buried in
the Orange Bay Cemetery in Portland, Jamaica.


Garfield Boothe and Nichelle Boothe-Rowe were each found guilty of second degree murder in April of 2014 and each of them was sentenced to life in prison. Justice Fletcher Dawson said:

"Anyone who would repeatedly whip a ten year old boy with a belt to the point where
blood was drawn and spattered about would certainly be inclined toward other forms of
physical violence against the child"

Justice Dawson said that it had been Garfield who chained Shakeil to his bed but Nichelle had gone along with it and didn't bother to help the child. In his ruling, Justice Dawson said that Garfield would not be eligible for parole for 18 years and Nichelle would not be eligible for parole for 13 years.

Death Occurred in Canada

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