Gavin Jordan
March 18, 2004 - October 4, 2005
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On September 3, 2014, I received an e-mail from a man who said he is Gavin's grandfather. I would like to respond to you, however, you did not leave a response e-mail for me to reply to. Please contact me again and give me your e-mail so that I can respond to you. Thank you so much :)

Dustin Jordan never expected there would come a day when he would need to be testifying in a case that would involve the murder of his son. Sadly, that is exactly what he would happen. Dustin told the courtroom that he had
noticed his son changing his behavior in the Spring of 2005. Gavin became shy and would get upset if he was
scolded or if a voice was raised around him and physical punishment was not used by Dustin or his parents:

"He was a baby so he didn't need much correcting. No no was usually enough"

Come Summer, Jordan began to notice bruises on his son's face. Jordan and his parents reported the bruises
to the Division Of Social Services and DSS decided there was nothing going on with the child after talking to
Jennifer Harvey, Gavin's mother.

Jennifer began dating Joseph W. Haslett, who was 26 years old at the time, in April of 2005. Jennifer and Dustin had broken up in December of 2004, right before Christmas. Jennifer and Joseph dated for about six months before the death of Gavin and though he never moved into her home, he did stay with her at times. Joseph helped Jennifer take care of Gavin and though he was very strict and Jennifer became suspicious about marks left on Gavin, she never did anything about it. Gavin had bruises on his back and in August he sprained his ankle and Joseph told her Gavin had fallen out of his crib. When the Children's Division worker come to talk to her, she said she didn't know how he had been hurt and would later say she was in denial about the abuse.

On the day that Gavin died, Joseph had taken him to his parents house. Joseph claimed that Gavin had drowned in the tub while they were there. Later, Joseph would admit that he was wrestling with Gavin after he got out of the tub and that he didn't believe he had hurt him though the child had fallen of of the bed when he jumped on it:

"He was almost doing a backwards somersault"

Joseph said that Gavin landed on the floor, on his stomach but had hit his head on the bed on the way down to the
floor, so hard that he had felt it hit the bed. Joseph said that if he had done anything to hurt Gavin, he did not know what it could have been. When Joseph was again interviewed, Sgt. Jim Farrell prompted him to give the truth about what had happened that day.

Joseph said that Gavin had been fussy after his bath so he started joking with him to make him happy. Joseph said he put Gavin in a headlock under his right arm and was holding his ankles with his other hand to fly him around like an airplane:

"I kind of carried him like that to the bathroom. I was just playing with him. His head was kind
of squashed between my arm and my side. I was kind of airplaning him and started to poop.
I heard a little fart. I don't know if I squeezed too hard and I snapped his neck or cut off his air,
I don't know. I was just trying to put him in a good mood. I wish I never would have taken him
with me that day"

Joseph said he put Gavin on the toilet and it was then that he noticed he was not responsive. Video tapes of his
interviews would be played in court for the jury to see. In the interviews, Joseph was slumped in a chair, crying and threatening suicide. He said he wanted to talk to Jennifer and that he had not hurt Gavin.

Joseph was charged with second-degree murder. Two days before Gavin would have turned three years old, the jury convicted Joseph of second-degree murder. As Judge Calvin Holden read the verdict, Gavin's family shouted  "YES". Joseph was facing only 10 to 30 years for what he did to Gavin.

Jennifer Harvey did not speak to reporters as she left the courtroom. Jennifer was facing felony charges of
endangering the welfare of a child after doing nothing to protect Gavin from Joseph. Jennifer had testified in the
trial of Joseph and she had previously said she hoped her testimony against him would help in her case and lead to a lesser punishment, though prosecutors had not lead her to believe it would. Jennifer later plead guilty to the charges.

In June of 2007, Dustin was in court asking the judge to give the maximum punishment to Joseph for what he did
to Gavin:

"There's nothing that can bring my son back. I will never be able to hear his voice"

Joseph W. Haslett was sentenced to life in prison for what was called the intentional suffocation of Gavin.

Rachel Goodman, Joseph's sister told people that her brother was a kind, loving man who should have a shorter
sentence and that she was afraid her niece would grow up without her father:

"The love that this little girl has for her father is unparalleled"

I think Rachel's comment is cold and without feeling for the loss of Gavin. I am sure her niece loves her father, I am equally as sure that Gavin loves HIS father and that Gavin's family loves him just as much as the niece loves her father. I think the sentence fits the crime and I think ANYONE who kills a child due to abuse, should NEVER get out of prison. Rachel, your niece can visit her father in prison, she can see him, talk to him even hug him. Gavin's family doesn't have that luxury. I agree with Tim Davis!

Tim Davis, Gavin's paternal grandparent didn't agree as he tried to understand what happened:

"There's something horribly wrong with having to visit your grandson at the cemetery"

Gavin's Law went into affect in 2012 and it would change the way Children's Division caseworkers handle child abuse calls. Some changed made included:

Caseworkers were no longer allowed to leave a business card if someone is not home. Hotline workers will now have to tell callers to call 911 if a child is in danger. An initial case review must be started if a child dies or is seriously injured and the initial review must be complete within three days after the child's death.


March 2014

I received an e-mail from someone who said she is Gavin's mother and was upset and said she was going to take legal action against me, she claimed the page was ruining her reputation and it was libelous. I asked her to let me know what statements were untrue and informed her that the information on my pages come directly from news stories online. I got a response from her. She gave me some information and said I could do whatever I wanted with it.

When I posted it here, she got upset and asked that I take down her "explanation" and what she said was "the truth". She claims that I and MANY online news sources are lying about her and that we ALL need to take down our stories about her son. It seems to me that given the opportunity, she would want to have her "side" printed.  Not this woman, she says to do what I want and then asks me to remove it, I told her I would remove it and that she should NEVER contact me again.

In her last e-mail she said...and I quote her here: "I did not give you permission to use my email, as well as you have no proof as to whom I am as you are claiming on your web site"

I changed the top sentence in the update from: "I received an e-mail from Gavin's mother", to what it is now. Shame on me for having no proof that she really IS the mother of this little Angel. Why would someone lie about something such as that? In the future, I will be sure to put that someone is CLAIMING to be who they say they are, when they send me a nasty e-mail and I quote them on the page of a child who has been abused to death.

I did get quite snide in my e-mail back to her, but she asked for it and not being in the best of health, I was quite irritated about her wackiness and changing her requests. I have read a transcript from court that shows I am not printing anything that is not true, shows what she testified to in court. She informed me that she plead guilty for a reason, all I can say is that if I was NOT guilty of anything wrongdoing in the death of my child, NOTHING and NO ONE could make me plead guilty.


On September 3, 2014, I received an e-mail from a man who said he is Gavin's grandfather. I would like to respond to you, however, you did not leave a response e-mail for me to reply to. Please contact me again and give me your e-mail so that I can respond to you. Thank you so much :)

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