Barbara Tinning 
May 31, 1967 - March 2, 1972
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Joseph Tinning
January 10, 1970 - January 20, 1972
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Jennifer Tinning
December 26, 1971 - January 3, 1972
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Timothy Tinning
November 21, 1973 - December 10, 1973
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Nathan Tinning
March 30, 1975 - September 2, 1975
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Michael Tinning
August 3, 1978 - March 2, 1981
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Michael was buried with his grandparents...

Mary Tinning
October 29, 1978 - February 22, 1979
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Jonathan Tinning
November 19, 1979 - March 24, 1980
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Tami Tinning
August 22, 1985 - December 20, 1985
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Tami was buried with her grandparents...


Between May of 1967 and December of 1985, Mary Beth Tinning gave birth to eight perfectly healthy children and adopted another perfectly healthy child. Between those same years, Mary Beth Tinning murdered eight of those children. The one child who she didn't "technically" murder, was Jennifer though Dr. Michael Baden stated in his book, "Confessions Of A Medical Examiner", that Jennifer was the victim of Mary Beth wanting to give birth on Christmas day so that her father, who had died while she was pregnant, would be happy. Mary Beth used a hanger to bring on the birth of Jennifer and in the process caused Meningitis according to Dr. Baden. Jennifer had lived for nine days and never left the hospital while alive.

For 14 years, Mary Beth Tinning had managed to fool people into thinking that her children died of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome or some kind of "Death Gene". Mary Beth's friends and neighbors also suspected something was not right with all of these children dying. Each child's death was ruled a SIDS death so nothing was done. Mary Beth's luck would run out when a man named Michael Baden, a Board -certified, forensic pathologist, heard about the case.  Dr. Baden became suspicious after learning that one of Mary Beth's children had been adopted. 

Dr. Michael Baden

Police started an investigation and Mary Beth kept denying that she had killed her children. After several hours of questioning, she did confessed to her husband that she had killed their children, though she said she had not killed all of of them:

"After 5 or 10 minutes Marybeth said I killed Tami very low. She had to repeat it. I had 
withdrawn into myself. I was  hearing but I wasn't reacting"
Joe Tinning

In a 36 page statement, Mary Beth would talk about how she had killed three of her children, including Tami Lynn. Mary Beth would continue to deny any wrong doing in the deaths of all but three of her children:

"I was about to doze off when Tami woke up and started to cry," Marybeth said. I got up and 
went to her crib and tried to do something with her to get her to stop crying. I finally used 
the pillow from my bed and put it over her head. I held it until she stopped crying. Then I took 
the pillow and put it on the couch to convince Joe she had been sleeping. I screamed for 
Joe and he woke up. I told Joe Tami wasn't breathing. I did do CPR, stupid as it sounds, 
but I knew that she wasn't alive anymore." 

Mary Beth said she killed Tami because was always crying and that she, Mary Beth, couldn't do anything right. She said of the other children who died:

"I did not do anything to Jennifer, Joseph, Barbara, Michael, Mary Frances, Jonathan," 
she said to Barnes and Karas, "Just these three, Timothy, Nathan and Tami. I smothered 
them each with a pillow because I'm not a good mother. I'm not a good mother because 
of the other children"
Mary Beth Tinning

Mary Beth was supposedly suffering from Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome.

On October 2, 1987, Mary Beth was brought to court to face Judge Clifford T. Harrigan, the Judge who would sentence her. Prosecutor John B. Poersch had asked the court for the maximum allowed, 25 years to life:

"This woman knew the consequences of all her acts. She is a wicked woman" 
John B. Poersch

Mary Beth's defense attorney, Paul Callahan requested the minimum of 15 years. Judge Clifford asked Mary Beth is she had anything to say and she read from a written statement:

"I want you and the people in this courtroom to know that I am very sorry that Tami Lynne 
is dead. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I miss her very much. I just 
want you to know that I played no part in the death of my daughter, Tami Lynne. I will try to 
hold my head high and accept the punishment that society and the court requires for the 
crime I was convicted of. I did not commit this crime but will serve the time in prison to the 
best of my ability. However, I will never stop fighting to prove my innocence. The Lord 
above and I know I am innocent. One day the whole world will know that I am innocent and 
maybe then I can have my life back once again or what is left of it"
Mary Beth Tinning

Disgustingly, Mary Beth was convicted of the murder of only one of her children and is serving a 20 years to life sentence. She would be eligible for parole in March of 2007. Marybeth Tinning, inmate No. 87G0597, is living
at the Bedford Hills Prison for Women in New York.

You can read the full story by purchasing this book:

"From Cradle To Grave"


On March 29, 2007, Mary Beth was up for parole and she had a supporter that shocked people. The same man who had been the one to get Mary Beth to confess, State Police Investigator, William Barnes spoke on her behalf in an effort to get her released:

"She is no danger to society at that age. What harm is she to somebody and how much
are you going to get
from her by keeping her in"

Nine children died at the hands of this woman, William, THAT is what is gained by keeping her in. NINE CHILDREN, that's nine, WIlliam. She should NEVER get out for the simple fact that she has already killed nine children. If she is a threat to society or not, she owes a debt of life in prison for the deaths she has already

William Barnes supposedly wrote a letter of recommendation to the judge, Clifford Herringbone, to try to get Mary Beth released. Thankfully, Mary Beth's parole was denied by the the Parole Commissioners who sited her obvious lack of remorse for what she did and her insistence that she does not remember what happened to her daughter, Tami Lynne:

"You were found guilty of causing the death of your infant daughter by asphyxiation. The victim 
was vulnerable and totally reliant on you for love, care and safety. You stated that during the 
interview that you could not believe that you would harm your child but could not recall exactly 
what occurred. You appear to have little insight into your crime and display little remorse. 
You have absolved yourself of responsibility."

Parole boards will take factors such as the inmates understanding of the crime they committed, their own willingness to accept their part in the crime by accepting responsibility and their rehabilitation. This parole board hearing showed that Mary Beth lacked all of these:

"Your depraved indifference to human life leads this panel to conclude your release is 
incompatible with the welfare of society. To release you would deprecate  the serious
nature of this crime. Parole is denied."

March 2009 would be her next scheduled parole hearing.

In January of 2009, Mary Beth went before the parole board again and this time she said:

 "I was going through bad times," 

Speaking of when she killed her daughter. Thank God she was denied parole again. The parole board said that at best, her remorse was superficial. Mary Beth will be eligible for parole again, in 2011. Let us all hope and pray that she is denied.


Mary Beth was denied parole in 2011 and will become eligible again in 2013.


In January of 2013, Mary Beth Tinning was up for parole again. Mary Beth told the parole board that while she was being held in prison by the state, she was also being held in prison by her memories, in a letter she said:
"My actions and memories hold me in a prison every day, weather I'm awake or asleep.
My heart breaks every day and I grieve every second. No matter where I am, I will live with my actions and continue to pray for forgiveness and nothing will change that. It is both the loss of an innocent life and the suffering endured by my husband for my
actions. I am very sorry"

Schenectady County District Attorney, Robert Carney, is the same man who prosecuted Mary Beth all those years before. Robert thinks that Mary Beth's comments as far as her memories go, indicate that she is holding something back. Mary Beth had admitted to killing Tami Lynne in her last parole hearing, which was a switch from her first parole hearing where she said that she could never hurt her child. During her second parole hearing she said that had been going through some bad times when she killed her daughter and her third parole hearing found her saying that she is a messed up person.

January of 2013 was the fourth time Mary Beth was in front of the parole board and when she was asked about the death of Tami Lynn, Mary Beth  said she had killed her and when asked about what lead up to her death, Mary Beth answered:

"I just, I can't remember. I mean, I know I did it, but can't tell you why. There is no reason"

Robert Carney said:

"On the one hand, she tells them she can't remember what happened, on the other hand,
her actions and memories put her in a private prison. That seems to indicate she knows
more than she's admitting"

Mary Beth was denied parole and her next parole hearing was set for 2015.

Deaths Occurred in the state of New York

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