Alex Nathan Murphy
- November 6, 2007

Anita Ridenour described her grandson as a good boy who everybody loved and said that he had been well care fore and was a happy child. Nathan was mild mannered and very easy to keep entertained, he loved to swim and eat hot dogs on their back porch. Though he wasn't really her grandson, Anita had been in the delivery room when he was born and she considered him to be since his mother, Melody Murphy had been married to her son at one time. Anita and her daughter, Jillian Bogue were remembering how Nathan had loved to play with his toy cars and also love Spider Man, they were trying to make sense of the death of this little boy:

"We don't want him remembered as the baby killed by a boyfriend. You hear about this stuff going on in the world, but when it hits your family, it's different. I have an eight week old and when you have a baby, you do anything to protect them"

Nathan had wanted to go trick or treating in his monster costume,  Nathan did not get to do that.  Nathan was shaken so violently on October 27, 2007, that his head snapped forward and backward many times. Instead of getting him medical attention, Allan and Melody got a baby-sitter and went to the movie and out for some drinks. Nathan was not taken to the hospital until October 28, when his mother and her boyfriend Allan took him, unconscious and where he would remain in a coma until he died on November 6 . Allan claimed that a mountain bike had fallen on  Nathan and then police later learned that in an attempt to wake Alex up, Allen had shaken him very violently.

An autopsy done on 
Nathan showed the cause of death was blunt force trauma caused by shaken baby syndrome. Melody Murphy, who was 28 and Allan Delusso, who was 39, were both arrested. Both of them were charged with first degree reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor, for not getting medical attention for her son the day he was injured. Both remained in jail on charges related to the death of Nathan. When athan died, the charge against Allen would change to first-degree manslaughter. Melody's charges were not changed after Alex died.

Allan was represented by a public defender when he originally entered a plea of not guilty. In September of 2009, Allan changed his plea to guilty and was facing a LAUGHABLE seven years in prison for the violent death he caused. Melody was still in prison at that time waiting for trial. In November of 2010, Melody plead guilty to risk of injury to a minor child, a crime which can end in a person spending ten years in prison, though Melody is said
to have "agreed" to serve up to three. AGREED to serve up to three? Why was she given a choice? 
Nathan had no choice in what was done to him! Allen was eventually sentenced to only seven years after pleading guilty to negligent homicide.

In April of 2010, Melody was given a RIDICULOUS sentence of time served and was going to be released from
prison, into a sober house. Melody served only 29 months for her part in the death of The sentence is ten> years suspended and three years probation and Judge Susan B. Handy said the if at any time in the three years Melody tests positive for drugs our alcohol, she will go back to prison:

"I cannot imagine what you were thinking. You were the child's mother. A mother is supposed to
protect her child. It was as senseless death that never should have happened"

Bruce McIntyre, Melody's lawyer said that she was too emotional and could not speak at her sentencing. Bruce
claims that the punishment Melody gives herself is worse than anything the court could do. Cry me a river Bruce.
Melody is free to live her life after helping someone else take the life of an innocent child. Melody plead guilty
under what is known as the Alford Doctrine which means she does not agree with what was claimed against her,
but she didn't want to risk a longer sentence. I personally find it sickening that she would allow her child to be
abused to death and then think she had any right to expect something easier for herself.


As part of a plea deal, in November of 2009, Allan Delusso, who was 41 years old at the time, was sentenced to only seven years in prison. Insultingly, his Lawyer, Mark S. Solak asked for a lesser sentence saying that an autopsy had not shown that Mark had caused Nathan's injuries, though he admitted that Allan should have brought Nathan in to be treated. State Prosecutor John Gravalec-Pannone said that Allan had tried to play the victim and that his claims of a conspiracy against him were ludicrous.

Allan said in court that he didn't cause injury to Nathan:

"I didn't mean to blame anyone else. He was in my care. I just didn't realize the serious
nature of his injury"

It makes me so angry when people say the child was injured, the child is DEAD, get that straight, DEAD, not injured, DEAD!

Death Occurred in the state of Connecticut

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