Kendall Layton Hunt 
February 10, 1998 - September 1, 1998

On September 1, 1998, Kendall Hunt was held under running water by an 18 year old man, Gary Layton Shadron, who was the boyfriend of his mother. Kendall was held under the water in the bathroom sink until he drowned. Kendall was only six months old at the time of his death.

The Brunswick, Georgia Child Protection Services had been investigating this case. Kendall had been treated twice by a pediatrician for suspected child abuse, he said state agencies could have prevented Kendall's death. Kendall's mother, Mindy Jean Hunt, who was also 18 at the time of his death, was living with Gary Shadron at time the child was murdered.

Frances Owen, a pediatrician asked for an investigation of the state agencies that left Kendall in the home where Devena Lee, Kendall's Grandmother had been documenting incidents of abuse on the child. Several times she attempted to do the right thing.

May 15, 1998 - Devena brought Kendall to Owen's office to examine bruises on his body. The bruises on his  stomach resembled fingerprints.

June 9, 1998 - Devena brought Kendall to Owen's office with suspected burn marks that were supposedly accidental. Kendall was first taken to the Department Of Family And Children's Services and had them take pictures of the burns as documentation. There were three round burns on Kendall's right hand and it was obvious that they had been put there on purpose.

''Somebody took a cigarette and held it against this child's skin long 
enough to make three perfectly round holes"

In the Spring of 1997, Mindy started dating a man she met at the restaurant she worked at. Charlie White was already married and soon returned to his family, that left Mindy alone and pregnant. Mindy told her family in July of that year that she was going to have a baby. In October of that year, Mindy was five months pregnant when she met and began to date Gary Shadron. At that point, Mindy and her family were not aware of the fact that Gary had a very violent criminal record that included stalking, threatening and assaulting his own family as well as other young girls. Gary was sent to boot camp for things like pulling a knife on his stepfather.

Gary made it clear that he loved Mindy and her child and eventually he moved into the home of her parents. Gary was in control of Mindy and her friends stopped visiting and he wouldn't even allow her to talk to anyone unless he was there with her. At one point, Gary Lee, Mindy's father, told Gary to get a job or move out. Mindy decided she would rather be with Gary and would move out if Gary was not allowed to live there.

At that same time, Mindy decided to give power of attorney to her parents, over her child and it was decided that the baby would live with the Lee's until Mindy was able to raise him on her own. On February 10, 1998, Kendall Layton Hunt was born. Gary decided it was too much for him and left the hospital only to return and demand that Tom and Devena leave the hospital. For five days after that, Tom and Devena did not see their grandson or their daughter, at all. The Lee's decided to talk to a judge and were told that Mindy was of legal age the decisions she made were her own to make. After telling the judge who she was talking about, the judge sent the Lee's to Julie Shadowski, the Director of Social Services. Julie talked to Mindy and it was decided that Mindy and Kendall would go home to live with her parents and that a weekly visit would be made to their home to help Mindy with Kendall. Gary was no longer allowed to live in the home with them.

Just a few days after that, Gary had a run in at their home and the police were called. The police came to take the baby, but the power of attorney prevented that from happening. Mindy went back to work and she started to see Gary again. Devena would end up having to explain to Julie why Mindy was missing her appointments with the Healthy Families worker. Devena didn't know that Mindy was saving up money to take Kendall and move in with gary.

In May of 1998, after moving in with Gary, Terri Davis, who was with Healthy Families, went to their home to take pictures of some bruises that had been seen on Kendall. Kendall was taken to see a doctor at that point. Gary told people that the bruises had been given to Kendall by his nephew who had accidentally hit him with one of his toys. Dr. Owens said that the bruises looked like fingers to him. In June of 1998, Mindy called her mother and told her that she and Gary had been arguing and that while she was feeding Kendall, he had knocked a cigarette out of her hand and was burned, though it was not an emergency. Since Mindy didn't smoke, that story was not believed by Devena who thought that it must have been Gary who burned her grandson.

Devena took Kendall to Child Protective Services as well as the doctor. Pictures were taken of the burns and she was told that when a decision was made by the doctors, action would be taken. Devena was told the next day that Kendall was going to be placed into a foster home since the doctor had decided the burns were intentional. Devena was also told that even with a power of attorney, she had no rights to Kendall, though she was allowed to keep him for a little while.

Gary started harassing Devena at work and had charges filed against him and he was arrested and put in jail. A custody hearing for Kendall was held and even with Kendall's biological father there and all the proof that Kendall was being abused, an  IDIOT judge, Judge Manning said that Kendall was to go back to his mother and she was not to leave Gary alone with the baby. YEAH...we all know how often that REALLY works! I think if the law changed and Judges were to be held accountable for their IDIOT decisions, more children would be alive today. That same day was the hearing for Gary's harassment calls to Devena at work, Gary was placed on probation.

The history of women LYING and saying they wouldn't leave a man alone with their child repeated its self when Mindy left Gary alone with Kendall and on September 1, 1998, Kendall died at the
hands of this monster who never should have been allowed access to this child after the abuse he had given to him in the past. To blame, in my opinion, are:
Gary, Mindy and Judge Manning. The only one of the three to be punished would be Gary.

Kendall's Grandmother said:

"Negligence and indifference also killed Kendall. My grandson was betrayed, by the people
entrusted under law and paid by taxpayers to protect all of Glynn County's abused or
neglected children. The public will never be fully aware of that betrayal because people
responsible for protecting children hide behind state laws. They'll cover it up and they'll lie
about it. The most glaring weakness in Kendall's case is that people didn't act on obvious
abuse and that nobody listened to me. There were so many times I took Kendall up there,
to children's services department. I've told I don't know how many people. I've told cops.
I've told judges. Everybody acts like it's nothing. I implored one caseworker to keep Kendall
out of the home. I begged that lady to not let Kendall go back in that home. I knew my
grandson was going to be killed. I regret not taking that baby and running
somewhere with him"

She made a promise to Kendall:"Your grandmama promises you nobody will ever, ever hurt you again. I broke that promise to that little boy because he's dead"

Tony Kreimborg, director of the state Department of Family and Children Services in Glynn County, said he feels his agency did NOTHING wrong in this case and also had the following to say"

''We did everything by the book and provided a great deal of services to Kendall's household.
I'm comfortable with the way this
agency handled this case.''

He also stated that he has investigated the case and plans no action. Of course not, because that would mean you would have to admit that mistakes were made a child died. You make me sick!

Kendall's pediatrician said:

''That's totally unacceptable. They're covering their tracks,''

In court, Gary rocked back and forth holding a doll and said that he had held Kendall under running water for about 1 1/2 seconds and several times, in the sink. Gary claimed that he had taken Kendall and laid him on the changing table and left him alone thinking that would calm him down and when he checked on him, Kendall was no longer breathing.

Chief Medical Examiner, Chris Sperry said:

"Just putting a baby briefly under a stream of running water would not drown him. The
child would have to be held under the stream of running water to drown"

Chris also said that if Kendall was alive when he was removed from the sink that he would have been able to cough and NOT able to cry. Based on medical and toxicology evidence, Chris had ruled Kendall's death a homicide by drowning.

On February 18, 2000, Gary Layton Shadron was sentenced to life in prison for the felony murder and an underlying cruelty to children charged merged together. Mindy Jean Hunt was not charged with anything even though she had been ordered by the court not to leave Gary alone with Kendall.

Death occurred in the state of Florida

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