African Albinos
Past, Present, Future

A woman named Linda Murray Findlay brought to my attention, the killing and abuse of children in Africa, simply because they were unfortunate enough to be born Albino. Below is part of their story.

In Tanzania, East Africa, children as well as adults are called "The Living Ghosts", due to being Albino. What is worse is that these people have a price on their heads because Witch Doctors say that the blood and skin from a person who was born Albino, enhances their spells. Fisherman have been known to weave the hair of Albinos into their nets, believing that it will attract more fish. It is said that the parts of Albino's are being used in Satanic rituals, black magic.

In Mwanga, a mother dressed her Albino baby in black and left her alone in their hut. This child's throat was slit, her blood was drank by the very men who cut off her legs. A man was caught trying to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the head of an Albino child in his luggage, the man said that he had been offered a lot of money for what was being called a trophy. In the Province of Shinyanga, a 13 year old, Elizabeth Hussein, who was Albino, left her home to see a movie about Jesus. When Elizabeth was walking home, she was taken by a mob and cut apart. A Witch Doctor left his home after he was tipped off the police were coming and they would find parts of this little girl in his home.

The stories go on and on, Albino's being killed for rituals and what people believe to be true about them. Albino's have a hard time getting jobs and their children have to have bodyguards in order to get to school and back without being killed.

There is some hope in the form of an Island. Alphonce Kajanja lives on the island, Ukerewe, on Lake Victoria and being Albino himself, says:

"Life is better on the island. People here don't believe in this Satanic campaign"

Ukerewe is said to have the highest population of Albino's in the world. The Tanzian Albino Society was formed in hopes of fighting the beliefs about Albinos. Albinos have to be buried and then covered with massively heavy stones because even after death, their body parts have value to those looking for them:

"They're cutting us up like chicken. Our biggest fare right now is the fear of the living.
If you leave work at night as an Albino you are unsure of reaching home safely. When
you sleep, you are are unsure of waking up in one piece. In the streets you hear people
plotting. They say "Look at the Zeru (the Swahili word for ghost) we can get him". We
are terrified to go outside or get into our beds at night"
Zihada Msembo - Secretary General of the Society

Al-Shaymaa Kwegir, Tanznia's Albino MP, would like to see the campaign against her people, stopped and was happy that there had been 170 arrests, as of December of 2008. Unfortunately, there had been no successful prosecutions and she was seeking tougher responses from President Jakaya Kikwete and other Government officials, she said:

"In October we staged a demonstration in the city of Dar es Salaam to raise awareness of our
situation. Many people were brave and supported it. But that same evening one of the

demonstrators was followed home. She was grabbed and the assailants cut off her arm. They
tried to hack off the and it was left hanging and later had to be amputated. The attackers ran away.
Now she is living in terror because she won't be able to fight back if they come after her again"

"The people who are killing us are Witch Doctors or agents for them. What is happening is
mad an horrible, but we need to stand up to it. We need money to pay a lawyer. The Govern-
ment has ordered police to carry out a census of Albinos so we know how many of us
there are. They have been told to protect us and escort children to school. It's a big step
forward, but we urgently need prosecutions to begin so that more Tanzanians hear of
this injustice"
Ernest Kimaya - Chairman Of The Society

My friend

I asked God for a special friend, who would be kind, faithful, and true,

then I left my request in his hands, knowing…He had a work to do.

One never knows how the Lord will work but we may be sure that He will,
for God hears all prayers lifted up to Him, yet, there are times when we must be still.

I knew to wait on God’s timing whether it appeared soon or late,
for He doesn’t always move quickly, sometimes, in his love, He says wait.

But always during those silent times when the road seems rough and long,
If we will trust that He knows best, He will place in our hearts, his song.

Then when the cloud passes over and the purpose of waiting is learned,
He gives us the light of the rainbow, where once, only darkness burned.

I knew that my Father heard me for I saw his work in the storm,
and during the times I waited for Him, His love kept me safe and warm.

Tho’ I could not imagine how God would work in answering this need of mine,
I knew He had chosen just the friend who would be faithful, true, and kind.

So I waited and trusted, while praying too, for his perfect will to be done,
and I rested in faith that in his time He would send me - his chosen one.

Well, I never expected God to work in the way that He seemed to do,
But in his time…and in his way…He gave me, a friend like you.

Author: Linda Murray Findlay
Copyright ©1992 
All rights reserved

Please visit Linda on her Facebook page to learn more about her and her fight against child abuse.

    "My passion/vision/mission is globally promoting and campaigning for child abuse
awareness,  prevention, safety, action, and well being for all children. Within this campaign is
a 100% dedication to the fight against child trafficking and exploitation"

    If you are unaware of the world of incomprehensible darkness and bondage that enslaves the lives of children sold into human trafficking - PLEASE take a moment and watch the short video BEAUTIFUL SLAVE Song About Child Slavery And Human Trafficking TAKE NO GLORY @

    "I encourage you to consider if there is anything you can do to help reach, rescue, and restore life and 
freedom to these precious children"
Linda Murray Findlay

    Mark 10:16
    Luke 18:16

    “To know what to do and not to do it is the worst cowardice.” ~ Confucius


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