Hana Grace Rose Williams
June 19, 1997 - May 12, 2011
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Hana was a pretty little girl who was adopted by Larry Williams and his wife Carri who had also adopted her brother, Immanueal. Both children had been adopted in 2008 and were brought to live with the family in Washington. Life was supposed to get better for both children, instead, it worse than anyone could have imagined.

Not for the first time, the death of a child has been linked to a book that was supposed to show parents how to raise children properly. Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz were also said to have been killed by parents using the advice in the book written by a husband and wife team of  IDIOTS who, IN MY OPINION, should be thrown into jail for even thinking that the methods they suggest for raising children are even CLOSE to being okay.

On May 12, 2011, Carri Williams called the Skagit County Sheriff to report that her daughter was not responsive or breathing and had killed herself:

Operator: What?s the emergency?
Carri Williams: Um, I think my daughter just killed herself.
Operator:  Why do you say that?
Carri Williams: Um, she?s really rebellious, and she?s been outside
refusing to come in, and she?s been throwing herself all around,
and then she collapsed.?

Carri stated that her daughter was being rebellious and had removed all of her clothes while walking around in the back yard for most of the day and that she had been falling down quite a bit and was found face down in the mud. Carri said that her husband had come home and was doing CPR on Hana. Police reported that the temperature that day was around 42 degrees. Help arrived and Hana was transported to Skagit Valley Hospital and pronounced dead. Police were called in to investigate and immediately noticed marks on Hana's body that did not look right as well as noticing that Hana's hair was very short for her being a teenager and she was very thin. Hana had a large bump on her head and on her hips, knees, elbows and face, were what looked to be fresh, bloody marks. On the backs of Hana's legs and thighs, were bruises and scars that showed that she had been hit with something other than a hand.

An autopsy showed that Hana was abnormally thin and that her head, body and legs all had injuries and the initial autopsy report showed that Hana had died of Hypothermia, Malnutrition and Helicobacter Pylori chronic Gastritis. The report states that Hana was at great risk for losing heat since she was so thin. The Coroners report stated that after reviewing her weight and health condition upon arriving from Ethiopia, Hana had lost about 25% of her weight, or about 30 pounds and she was in worse health than when she had come to America even though when she was first examined upon being adopted, she had ring worm and Hepatitis B. the doctor said that the fact that Hana had taken off her clothes and was being clumsy and falling down, were signs of advanced Hypothermia. Hana's medical chart showed the following from the time she arrived and the time she died:

76.5 lbs
56 inches
10-8-2008 89 lbs 55.5 inches
11-184-2008 90 lbs 55.5 inches
12-1-2008 94 lbs 55.5 inches
2- 24-2008 105 lbs 57 inches
4-1-2008 108 lbs 57 inches
5-13-2008 106 lbs 57 inches
6-26-2008 106 lbs
5-12-2008 78 lbs 60 inches

It was decided that Hana died from chronic starvation which was intentionally done by her parents who had restricted her food intake, severe neglect, physical and emotional abuse, Hypothermia and stunning endangerment. William and Carri told police that for the last year, they had been having problems with Hana's behavior, that she had been increasingly disobedient and that on the day she died, she had refused to come inside and get out of the rain.

Police checked the home where the family lived with their eight children, two being adopted and six biological. The house was so clean that it was hard to believe that eight children lived there as well as being home schooled there.

On May 12, 2001, Child Protective Services tried to do a safety check on the remaining children in the home and Larry would not allow them to enter the home. That same day, Police were at the home and speaking to Larry when several of the children were seen outside playing. At that time, there were no bruises or marks on the children that could be seen. Larry told police that when the children are disciplined, it was with either a spanking or a object that he had bought at a plumbing supply store. Police were given the "stick" and found that it was a flexible, white piece of plastic with a round ball on the end of it that was about 12 inches in length. Larry also said that when a child misbehaved they would be expected to do more chores.

During questioning, it was also revealed that Hana was not allowed to use the family bathroom because of her sickness and that since June of 2010, the only bathroom facility she had been allowed to use was the port a potty behind the barn and records would show that it had not been serviced or cleaned out since September of 2010.  Larry also told police that more work was created for the family because Hana had lice and other skin issues.

On May 24, 2011, CPS workers and Police did interviews with the remaining children in the home, Larry and Carri had insisted that they be allowed to be there while the children were being questioned since Carri said that she was able to communicate with Immanueal through sign language she had been teaching him. One child at a time was brought to a back room and interviewed. Each of the children told of being spanked and hit with the white stick, how the family ate meals together at the table, they told of how much they were allowed to play and that they were given snacks. All of the children told the same story about Hana that their parents had told police, that she was rebellious and disrespectful and did not do what she was told. Each child told of how they had rules to follow and that they had a daily routine.

Police noticed that the children were looking at their parents before they would answer the questions they were asked and it was suspected that they had all been told what to say and received smiles, hugs and a pat on the back for the right answers to questions. Immanueal was interviewed with a certified interpreter who later said that he was delayed in sign language and his vocabulary was limited. When asked about his last birthday, he said that all he could remember was getting a card, to which Carri said that he had not wanted to celebrate and only wanted to watch the others celebrate. Larry stopped the interview when
Immanueal said that people who acted like Hana were spanked for lying and they would go into the first of Hell. Carri, who had so "lovingly" taught Immanueal sign language, would stomp on the floor at times and punish him because she said he was faking being a deaf mute. The following is a health chart on Immanueal:

46.2 lbs
50 lbs
50 lbs
52 lbs
52.8 lbs
49.6 lbs
60 lbs
(after being in foster care for a week)

An anonymous letter to CPS complained that the two adopted children were being treated differently than the six biological children of Larry and Carri. It was said that Immanueal had a problem called Enuresis, which caused him to leak urine and that he was hit when he would have accidents and that the other children were not allowed to play with him because of his sickness. Also stated was that Carri had admitted that she did not like Hana and when Hana didn't like the clothing that was picked out for her, Carri made her wear only a towel and at times made her stand outside in the cold. In the letter the person spoke of how Carri had given them the book "How To Train Up Your Child" and when the book was read, it was discovered that the idea for the plumbing pipe had come from the book. The book used many forms of punishment such as cold water baths for toilet training, putting the children outside in extreme weather conditions, withholding meals, sleeping on the floor and sleeping outside.

On July 15, 2011, the remaining seven children in the home were removed and placed into State custody. Interviews of the children without their parents being there, were finally allowed to take place. It was revealed that punishments included eating outside at the picnic table, spankings with a paddle and at times, with a belt, by Larry. Hana was punished by being locked in a closed, in the shower or sleeping in the barn as well as eating cold leftovers with frozen vegetables on top instead of the hot meals the family ate together.

On the day of her death, two of the other children had been told to bring Hana inside and when they tried, she did not come in and she began to take off her clothes even though it was cold and raining. One of the girls went outside to check on her and found her laying face down in the mud.

Larry, who was 47 years old and Carri, who was 40 years old, were arrested and charged with homicide in the death of Hana and first degree assault for what they did to Immanueal. They both had the guts to plead not guilty when they went to court. If they are found guilty they will only face between 20 and 29 years in prison. In October of 2011, both Larry and Carri were released on bail and were court ordered to not have contact with each other or any of their children. In April of 2012, Carri was arrested for breaking the no contact order with Immanueal by trying to pass messages to him, she was being  held on $300,000. bail.

In August, a remembrance vigil was held for Hana with more than 100 people who didn't know her attending. Peoplesaid they were broken hearted over what happened to Hana and they wanted to remember and keep her alive:

"We don't know what happened, so we are hoping we will find out. It's about finding out
the truth and we want to do that for Hana"

Mulu Retta - Ethiopian Community Mutaul Association



Hana was born on July 19, 1997 in Ethiopia and came to join the Williams family on August 16, 2008 at the age of 11.

Funeral Services will be held on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:00 PM at Lemley Chapel in Sedro-Woolley. Share memories of Hana and sign the online guest register at www.lemleychapel.com


Today is June 16, 2014 and while searching for updates on Hana's case, I found the following information:

In September of 2013 Larry Williams was found guilty of first degree manslaughter and assault. Carri Williams was found guilty of homicide by abuse, manslaughter and assault, both were facing life in prison. Homicide by abuse charges depended on Hana's age since a child has to be 16 years or younger. Tests were done on her teeth and boned after her body was exhumed,  however, experts could not agree on her age. With no records available from Ethiopia, it was believed that Hana was 13 years old.

In October of 2013, the couple were back in court for sentencing where Larry was sentenced to between 27 and 28 years and Carri was sentenced to between 36 and 37 years, they were both crying as they were sentenced.

Death occurred in the state of Washington

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